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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Tough Life

A lap, a devoted set of parents,  loving BFFs and a home.

Friday, February 17, 2017


1st Walk

It may have been short but I guess it was tiring.  

Ants in Their "Pants"

As I related last week, Poor Sunshine had quite the ordeal with her dental surgery.  A total of 5 molars and a cavity ridden tooth were all removed.  A mouth full of stitches and a whole new understanding of some of her quirks were revealed.

Our vet was in tears thinking of all this little pup had endured and not only lived through but managed to be 99% loving and wonderful.

Our hearts broke for our newest addition and gave us more tools to use in training.

Six days later we took Lucky in to have her teeth cleaned.  We held our breath!  Even though we've had Lucky 4 years now, there hadn't been any tartar or black marks/red gums, etc. to put her through anesthesia.  Even this time was a "you might want too, but her teeth look great!".

So on Valentine's Day we took her in, went to see "Hidden Figures" and waited for some news.

By the way, if you haven't seen the mentioned movie, please do!  It is a really great piece of not only education but entertainment.  Unfortunately it also still proves we have such a long way to go in equality!  Their was a young couple sitting next to me and the man actually leaned over to his wife/girlfriend and said, "I thought you said this was a docudrama?  No one would actually treat people like that!"

OMG!  Shows that our schools are NOT giving enough lessons on the subject of prejudice and what the 60's were really like!

Back to Lucky.  During the previews Dr. Young gave me a call and said Lucky's back teeth looked great but that she had 4 front teeth that were so loose that she didn't know how they were still in her mouth-so out they came.

At pick-up I was told that our itty-bitty did fantastic but was milking the experience so her favorite tech would hold her until she heard my voice.  Kind of figured-when we had her spayed she whined and cried on my lap for about a week.  Maybe little tiny bodies feel pain more than larger ones.

Fortunately, because they teeth to go were the tiny front ones Lucky isn't having her dry food turned to mush the way her sister is still having to eat her meals. 

Once Steve and I got her home we were practically ambushed by both Pepper and Sunshine!  We had a feeling that it would happen.  Both were kissing her head, smelling her and whining/meowing and probably asking her all sorts of sibling-related questions.  She didn't seem to mind the attention.

Both are doing much better, in fact once this is posted Dr. Young has approved of taking them both on a shortening version of our walk.  I did take them with to the part with the boys yesterday afternoon so they could enjoy the neighborhood grass spot.

But wait, that's not all!  On our way back to the house after their "dig to China", we found some neighbor kids standing on the block wall!  I asked them to please get down right away as I didn't want anyone to fall and get hurt (plus, our wall is booby-trapped to prevent another burglary).  The kids said they were following BEES!

Yep, a swarm of bees are back there right now deciding whether they'd like to build a hive to leave for more preferable grounds.  The bee inspector just left and said to give them another 48 hours and then if they stayed to either have them come back and kill them or try vector control to see if a beekeeper might want to take the rather pesky problem out of our yard.

And that is life for us here in the desert.  Have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Spring weather

Since the boys had a half day of school they decided to take advantage of our early spring weather and dig a hole to China.

Thursday, February 09, 2017


It's Been a Tough Week for Our Newest Baby

Poor Sunshine!

We knew when we adopted her that Sunshine was in bad need of a good teeth cleaning but the vet at the rescue and our own beloved Dr. K. Young said it could wait until "February discount" to get it done.

What we all did NOT know was that the horrible excuse for "people" who had her had abused our little girl to an unimaginable amount. 

Let's just say that Dr. Young was astonished that Sunshine could eat, that she has the very loving personality that she has and that she wasn't constantly writhing in pain.  "If it were us, we would've been begging for sedation and not be able to keep anything either fluid or edible down being in that kind of pain!"

Yes, our poor little long-legged lovely had 3 molars cracked from side-to-side, two upper teeth with bad roots from being hit and a front tooth that was (small favor?) riddled with cavities.  Plus, she had never gotten several teeth.

Final count?  Double anesthesia, 6 extractions and lots of pain.  Because of the extra time involved, an emergency surgery and a poor old pup that had to have help crossing over the rainbow bridge, Lucky and two other dogs had to have their cleanings postponed until next week.

Felt sorry for Lucky who didn't get to eat until we got both girls home at around 4 in the afternoon, but it was a very good thing for Sunshine.  Once Sunshine woke up and was doing better the techs put her into the same "room" as Lucky and Lucky curled up next to her and took care of her the way a good sister should.

After we got the girls home, I made sure to get Lucky some food while Steve distracted Sunshine in the yard (she couldn't eat for a couple of hours).  Dylan and Aidan sat down and both dogs begged for some extra love and petting.

Sunshine had some wet food and some pain meds and then went right back to her spot on Dylan's lap until 9:30 when I took the pups out for a last potty break.  Considering what she went through, the night wasn't too bad.

Although Sunshine did get up and down a few times and her paws kept pulling my arm in closer to hold her she did sleep.  Her siblings right next to her-they kept looking at her with every toss and turn.

This morning I soaked her dry food in some warm chicken broth, gave her wet food and disguised another pain pill-all of which were gladly and quickly eaten.

It's a great week weather-wise here in New River, we're in the mid-80's and the sun is glorious.  The girls are in their favorite cushioned chair and sunbathing with Pepper leaning against the security screen door enjoying the same.

Steve and I are appalled that there is someone out there still roaming the state that would treat an innocent puppy this way and hope/pray that they aren't parents to human kids (what would/are they doing to them????).  It's a darn good thing we don't know who or where they are-if we did, we'd make sure that what they did to our precious girl they'd get back 100-fold.

Next week we do the whole thing again-hopefully with less painful results.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Tool Time Fun

Jackson showing Bryce his new tool table.  First project is a rocket ship!  

The Grandkids Wall

Thursday, February 02, 2017


I'm So Cute  

Ha Ha  

It's Hard Being a Big Bro  

We Should Teach a Class

I've come to the conclusion that Steve and I should teach a class on how to stuff a freezer.

No sooner than my darling husband says, "Here's the deal..."  I know we won't be able to see the back of the freezer AGAIN.

I realize we save a ton of money shopping the way we do, but I think it's just a tad bad for our fridge to be that full on one side.  If the wall on that side weren't there, I truly think the entire box would lean.  I'm sure it's internally groaning.

Steve loves a deal.  So do I, but I figure that grocery stores go in either 6 or 8 week cycles and that we have enough in that freezer to last us (easily) a half a year.  We're not supposed to eat red meat but Steve combs those food ads in Wednesday's paper as if he's looking for a long lost sibling.

"We have to go to ______, they're having a sale on ribeye.  And while we're at it, we might as well buy some of the coho salmon that's on sale-the price is too good not to stock up."

Really?  Because you said that about two weeks ago and we bought 6 pounds of salmon in one pound packages and the ribeye we bought in that huge roast size and had butchered for us is still filling up the unit.  I can't even buy tater tots or freeze some of the overload of various berries you bought on sale because I can't fit a single Ziploc in there!  We ARE FULL TO THE BRIM-THE OTHER DAY MY ICE PACK FELL AND NEARLY BROKE MY FOOT!

"Well, you have to admit we're saving a ton of money."

Yes, yes we are-but there's a limit.  We're two people and we rarely have anyone over for dinner except our kids/grandkids about once a month!

Take this week.  We went to get the large shrimp on sale-$3.98 a pound.  Too good to pass up.  But while there Steve found 3 packages of top sirloin wrapped in bacon in the clearance bin.  They were $5, but these 3 were also on their last day of sale and were discounted $3.  So he took them.  $2 for serving both of us is a darn terrific deal, but really?  Also whole chickens were on sale for a mere 57 cents a pound-we bought two.  Put one in the fridge for dinner later this week and somehow, Mr. Savings found a place for:  the other whole chicken, 6 individually wrapped pound packages of salmon, the 3 steaks and two bags of those 2 pound bags of shrimp!

That was the reason the needed ice pack I use to freeze my arm in anticipation for my bi-monthly shot of humira fell and nearly broke my foot!

I'm truly all about the deal and saving money-I really do think we should garner our talent and hold classes, but what I really need is someone to show me how to curb my darling husband's need to play tetris with our freezer.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


From EW to AAH and Back Again

I wasn't sure I wanted to share this story with all of cyberspace who choses to come here and scan my musings but it's part of my life, so here it is:

We had our carpets cleaned. 

I know-how boring is this?  But wait, here's the back story:

As you know we have three pets.  One 13-1/2 year old perfectly house trained tabby (unless he gets very upset about being overwhelmed with house guests of the 4-legged kind), an almost 5 year old Chihuahua who is (for the most part) house-broken and our latest adoptee Sunshine.  She's a year old Chihuahua-grayhound who is as adorable as they come but is still really working hard on her house-breaking skills.

Thanks to my high school friend Sue Haley, who has rescued probably hundreds of strays, she gave me lots of good advice with moving Pepper the tabby from CA to AZ, what to do with a tiny dog who has no idea what good bathroom etiquette is and now with the long-legged lovely who also has no idea why she should use the yard when her "brother" gets an indoor toilet.

Steve and I decided that it was high time to get the master bedroom/master walk-in closet and the "boys' bedroom" carpeting done.  We had already rolled up and thrown out area rugs that the 3 animals had overly anointed with the leftovers of life and smells and all the carpeting left was in the guest rooms and our suite.

I posted on Facebook to our community page:  Please I need a suggestion for someone to come and clean our carpeting. 

Our community is wonderful about sharing and they all sent over the name of a wonderful neighbor who had his own business in the area for 14 years.  So I made the appointment.  Not only for us, but for Adam and Sam's master bedroom as well. 

Remember our unplanned trip to CA at Christmas?  Well, Sunshine was so upset that she "went" all over their bedroom which caused their new rescue to join in on the rather poor behavior.

So there we were with an appointment made for carpet cleaning!  I was doing the Gumby version of a happy dance to rid our room/closet of stains and putrid smells.

Next on our list was to prepare for the event.  For those of you who can't imagine what we had to do-we had to clean and prepare for the cleaning.

Now the boys' room we simply put their bean bags on the beds and called it ready.  Our bedroom was pretty much the same.  Just had to move a sub woofer from the floor.  Steve vacuumed both rooms.

Then came the work.  Our master closet houses not only our clothes but our laundry sorter gizmo, Pepper's litter box and for some unbeknownst reason-lots of bags and boxes!

Boxes that once held stereo equipment, boxes that held phones we no longer own, gift bags that we had saved for "in case" we needed to put a gift in and these were both pretty and in good shape.  We also had bags for groceries that I never seem to remember to put in my trunk to actually use when I buy food.  Then there was a huge storage box that held, amongst other things, all the anniversary, birthday and valentine's day cards that Steve and I had given each other and every card our kids and grandkids have given up over the course of our almost 36 years of marriage.  It also had some photo packets with negatives, 5 hot wheels and a beautiful photo of our beloved first Sunshine. 

No kidding this was NO SMALL BOX.  I think it's about 3x3x3 FEET.  And there was another plastic storage container of receipts from who-knows-what year in there. 

So Steve took it all out and said, "I'll vacuum but you have to go through those 2 boxes and see what we can rid ourselves of-maybe we can cut down to one box."

Yeah, right.  I did manage to part with cards from people we haven't heard from in years and from relatives other than our kids.  It hurt, but I did it.

We also had a LOT of shredding to do from the "receipt" container.  We had some from Y2K.

Once our carpets were clean and everything put back in we were thrilled with the now sweet smelling rooms UNTIL we got our January cold snap.

Sigh-it started raining, the wind howled and so did our youngest fur baby.  She absolutely hates doing her business in bad weather.

It took 4 days before A) Pepper threw up on the area rug under the bed and over the wall-to-wall
B) Lucky threw up on the edge of the carpet and border of ugly bamboo C)Sunshine got spooked and both did #2 by the carpet by the door going out to the patio and did #1 in the closet right by the litter box.

You can't see me, but I'm shaking my head and re-signing myself to the fact that I'm first and foremost a parent and parents need to realize that their kids (no matter how many feet they have) will have accidents and I will always be needing to clean up after those mishaps.

Still we love them all and wouldn't trade them for all the new carpeting in the world.  We're a tad nuts.

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