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Thursday, October 08, 2015


Dad & Big Bro watching Mom  

Mommy and Bryce  

Keeping Things Clean and Funny

This lady just wanted to have an evening out with her mom that was fun and entertaining-here's what she came up with!

Sunday, October 04, 2015


Family Dinners

It's not so much what you serve but who you serve it too:

Friday, October 02, 2015


Interesting Questions and Responses

Our older grandsons come up with some very interesting questions.  Most of the time we have some sort of answer.  Luckily the one up for discussion this week was one of them.

Aidan was asking me if I suddenly became rich-what would I do?

Without hesitating, I told him I would hire a housekeeper so that grandpa could have that "taken off his plate" of weekly activities.

Dylan said, "Grandma, I thought you wanted that dirt plot in the yard finished or your floors re-done.  Even your bathroom that you hate.  What about those?"

I said (honestly) that he was right, but that if I were rich-those would definitely get done, but I'd like to make something a bit easier for grandpa since he had to work so hard and then come home and do nothing but chores and help me with the shopping.

Both boys wanted to know if there was anything else I'd do?  It didn't take long to say, "well, if money really were no longer an object I had to consider, I'd love to help all those sad dogs and cats that have been abandoned and abused and help them to have a place to feel safe and loved."

They were satisfied with my answers.  So was I.  I also sighed about the fact that there would be no sudden "wealth" to accomplish any of those ideas.

On the other end of the question scale is Jackson, a mere 25 months to his cousins 7-1/2 and 8-1/2 years and just really getting started on this talking thing, has only eyes for grandpa (once I've given him a stream of grandma kisses and one "explosion" fist bump) asked, "poppa, eat it?"

For those who don't know-Jackson has a bit of grandma in him, he's just not much for protein coming from an animal.  We were having breakfast with Adam and Jackson when our son ordered the little guy some chocolate chip pancakes.  It came with bacon and sausage.  He thinks the pancakes are actually a slice of cake, so those get tasted first.

His mood decides on how much he'll eat of those.  Sometimes only a bite, sometimes half the plate.  But the bacon and sausage?  More often than not he'll say, "daddy, eat it".  And then he asks poppa to have some.

Not wanting to hurt his feelings, both men eat the meat.  Even if it's already been in Jackson's mouth.

He thankfully has NOT asked me to share his bounty.  You've got to admit though-getting two grown men to eat sort-of pre-digested pork means there's a whole lot of love going on.

And that's it for this week-interesting questions and responses.

Thursday, October 01, 2015


Mitzvahs Toward the Young & Old

Here's a story about two young people in AZ who decided to help two vastly different age groups for their bar/bat mitzvah projects.  These are young people who will not doubt offer so much to their generation as role models and to those they help as well.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Lucky Loves her Temperpedic

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Pumpkin Donuts, yum!

Pumpkin foods have arrived and I found a baked donut that sounds good enough to even please Steve!

Friday, September 25, 2015


Steve 's Feeling Caged Up  

Pincushions of the World, Unite

I think those of us who must endure needles on a regular basis should form some kind of a social club.

Let's face it, even if your family participates in seeing you get the "routine jab" that fills your personal timeline, they just don't get what it's like to be a human pincushion.

For me the worst one is my bi-monthly acid-filled vial of Humira.  You'd think after 6 years on the stuff I'd just let Steve shoot it into whatever part of my body we're "on" and move on.  But that shot is literally worse that having one of my all-too-often endured epidurals.

The epidurals do NOT have an acid base.

I have a pretty high threshold for pain but that shot I find myself wishing there was a WHOLE lot more I could do that rubberband an icepack to my body part for 20 minutes.  Any idea how much help that is in making acid going into your arm less painful?  It isn't. 

Steve is very good at doing this shot, but no way can anyone make acid feel "better". 

I practice slow breathing, I do my best to relax, I pretend I'm doing something outside my body.  It does not help.

No one but another person on Humira can identify with what it is I'm going through.  And then there's the blood work every 6 weeks-if all of them come back "stable", I don't have to go through the syphoning in between.

This month wasn't a good month for that-first there was the extreme vitamin D deficiency.  Then there was the liver enzymes that were way up.  Then we had flu shots.  I still have to get my osteoporosis infusion and a Tdap. 

My back and neck are truly "killing" me, but with all the other needles-I'm just trying to hold off on the fourth epidural of the year.  I won't tell you about the toradol shots that were done to help that stretching theme.  Toradol hurts too.

There are plenty of us who endure all this and definitely some of you out there that endure way more, but I'm serious-let's all get together for some coffee and commiseration.

Just name the time, send me your Skype invitation, tell me some handy hints to lesson the pain-let's form a club to help each other out!

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