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Monday, April 27, 2015


Time for a Nap

Lucky had a long morning playing with her friends and Jackson. Since they 're napping Lucky is too.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Changing Plans

Even here in the middle of the desert-weather makes it necessary to change plans:

Friday, April 24, 2015


Time to Celebrate!

Time to Celebrate

It’s that amazingly busy time of year!  At least it is for us.  Adam is turning 31 as you are reading this entry.  So hard to imagine that the little preemie I brought home from the hospital is a very healthy married man and father.

Of course next week our Sarah turns 33.  It’s also hard to believe that our first born (also a preemie) is a mom of two.

But wait, that’s just not all there is besides our family having about 6 other birthdays, Sam and Adam’s 5th anniversary, my sister-in-law’s anniversary (#30), Mother’s Day and our niece is graduating from Brooks Institute this weekend. Yes that little girl I diapered and fed is graduating college.

We won’t make the ceremony but she’ll be out with my sister and parents in a couple of weeks and I’m sure we will be doing a lot of “make shift” celebrating for all of the family’s important events at that time.

Especially since my dad will be here and about to be 86-I’m sure we’ll all do something special for both him and my mom for Mother’s Day.  Albeit a few days ahead of schedule-but why should that matter.

That information shared-I bid you all a quick hello and good-bye this week.  I have a birthday dinner to start preparing and lots of lists to create on what it is I’ll be needing in the next few weeks.

One more piece of HAPPY, HAPPY NEWS!!!!!  I’m so glad I’m allowed to share this because I’m practically bursting with JOY!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Birthday Bar Dinners

It's almost the start of birthday season around here!

This year-it's all about the bar:

Friday, April 17, 2015


Dylan's bugging out  

Aidan's 1st Big Jigsaw  




As a former teacher it has always been my belief that we should learn SOMETHING (no matter how small) every day. 

Not only does it serve to keep our egos in check (who wants to be around a “know-it-all”, really?) but it makes life interesting. 

I don’t really care if it’s something as mundane as realizing that your local library has a couple of different areas to stash your favorite genre-or something as vast as realizing you won’t be the same person at 60 that you were at 20.

That’s the reason when I decide to do something with the grandkids I try to make it as fun as it is educational.  Hence taking them to the local Science Center for their birthdays.  They had a blast and learned about building dams, weather changes, how to build a house so that it won’t be destroyed in various harsh weather formations and all the things their bodies can do!

It’s also the reason I have them help in the kitchen with food preparation.  I must admit-I did the older boys’ mom absolutely no good by not letting her try her hands (literally) with using safety scissors, kid knives and yes, I wouldn’t let her consider using a veggie peeler at age 6!

Why?  I was so afraid that she’d get hurt I just wouldn’t let her do it.  I swear that even today at nearly 33 our daughter still isn’t up to Mario Batali’s knife skills in the kitchen.  It’s definitely my fault.

Lesson learned-I insist that the boys help me!  Dylan is quite capable with the said veggie peeler and loves to do carrots for me.  Aidan is fantastic at measuring items for whatever dish it is that we’re creating.

This is also a great way to teach kids about the importance of measuring correctly when baking and discussing that it is a science where cooking is creative.

Another thing I’ve gotten them involved with thanks to the lovely lady (Teacher Pam) who was in charge of the craft class that I had been taking them too-is a game called BLOKUS.  It’s basically a logic skill game.  The boys have to decide what goes where on the board and think about the other 3 people they’re playing with or they will wind up with “bloks” that  will go against their score at the end of the hour.

Dylan is in heaven-as he loves puzzles.  Aidan told me that “I won when I played this game on my own grandma.  Now I lost.”

I let him know that it was just the first week and that no one was keeping score. Plus, “the game is meant to be played with 3 other kids so that you all have a good time and learn how to fit the pieces in to the best of your ability.”

That was what the boys learned this week. 

Steve learned that when you “catch” a stomach virus you shouldn’t keep eating.  I’m sure that this is more than enough said on that this subject.

Me?  I learned that when you have an hour to wander in the library that you find out that for whatever reason the mystery section is NOT altogether.  Nope, not at all.

I’ve been reading all of Sue Grafton’s letter mysteries (Kinsey Millhone, I love your spunk) and for whatever reason the area I was finding most of them in had several missing.  So I went and ordered 3 from the main library.  They’re sitting in the great room now.

However, while I was waiting for the boys I did wander around the non-fiction area and realized that the mystery section had an entirely different stack a couple of rows back!  Woo Hoo!

I found letter B and started reading it right then and there.

All in all, we all learned a few things-none major, but enough to fill my “learn 1 thing daily” quota!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


With Spring Comes Great Food

While I'm not enjoying the various pollens in the air-I'm loving the produce hitting the markets!

Friday, April 10, 2015




Spring, while beautiful in temperatures, plays havoc with our family.

This past week alone we have:

Sam sitting up and sleeping because she can’t breathe.

Dylan no longer allowed out in the yard because of the tree next door being in full “bloom”.  He starts sneezing and can’t stop.  You can only imagine what happens around sneeze 5!

Little Jackson has watery eyes and the typical toddler snot coming out so fast and furiously that his poor little face is chapped and his nose cracking to the point of having bloody noses.


Then there’s me:  running nose, watery eyes, sneezing and my throat is scratchy from the severe post-nasal drip.  Plus-the sneezing and coughing have had the added effect of blowing out my lower back, neck and shoulder.  Lovely.  And oh, add the dark circles under my eyes and I’m sure you have quite the “visual”.


HOLD ON!  I’m not done!


Nope, poor Lucky is having a time with her “reverse” sneezing.  Poor Pepper is about the same as Dylan!


We’re all taking our choice of allergy medications-except for Pepper.  I stopped by the vet and asked if I could let him share Dylan’s Benadryl.  Yes.  One very big problem-Pepper in all his 12 years and 3 months has NEVER let us give him any meds.


But I went to Wal-Mart (my home away from home) and got a syringe.  Steve swaddled him and then I tried to feed it to him.


Should’ve seen the look on that cat’s face!  “Really mom?  Do you think I’m going to let you feed me what’s in there?”


This not enough of our “Spring” for you?  The other night Pepper’s nose dripped onto my face.  Of course that woke me up saying “ewwwwwww”.  Then the little guy sneezed in my face about a half dozen times.


Not to be outdone by her brother, Lucky came out from the bottom of the bed and started sneezing in my MOUTH.


Why is it kids never think to do these things to their father?


I know it doesn’t sound as if I enjoy this season-but it is just the perfect temperature for sitting out and enjoying my morning cup of coffee on the patio and having dinner outside as well.


As much as I hate the allergies, this is the perfect time to enjoy Arizona.  Temps’ ranging from the mid-70’s to just fewer than 100.  Breeze is still delightful and lets us enjoy the outdoors.


The only thing the Nadel clan can do is take our bevy of antihistamines, buy a bulk package of lotion-lined nose tissues, get a seasonal package of cough lozenges and barrel through until we can stop sneezing and complain about the “dry heat”.

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