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Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Pirate time

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Just Pass Me My Coffee

Coffee lovers have found me on Twitter and that got me to thinking:  Just Pass Me My Coffee!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Kids Ask the Darnedest Things

Kids and Interesting Questions

As many of you know our older 2 grandsons are now 7-1/2 and 8-1/2.  Kids always ask a bunch of questions-some easier than others to answer but now-wow!  Dylan and Aidan have been coming up with some doozies!  Some I can hypothesize and others I find myself thanking the internet and Google/Yahoo for helping me get the boys the information they desire. 

Other questions leave me wondering as well.

Dylan, 8-1/2, came in one morning this week and announced, “Grandma, did you know that there are people who can touch their eyebrows with their tongues?”

I shook my head and said honestly, “No, no I did not Dyl.  But I’m pretty sure that this trick is not possible unless you are either part lizard or snake.  But let’s check out Google.”

Per Yahoo! I found no real definitive answer, but there were some rather disgusting references that I was glad the boys couldn’t see!  Let’s just say that if your kids and grandkids ask you this same query-don’t let them near your computer/tablet/phone while you look up the information.

Both boys, due to monsoon season, asked me how much do clouds weigh?  Google let us know that the average cumulus (rain) cloud weighs approximately 1.1 MILLION pounds!  The same as 100 elephants. That was pretty interesting for even me to find out.  I also clicked on a Boy’s Life magazine cartoon for them explaining about hurricanes.  It was 3 minutes and the boys really enjoyed learning about these storms.

Then came some of the week’s more surreal questions:

When am I going to be a grown-up and get to do what I want?  I told them that in reality, not even grown-ups really get to do what they want.  There’d always be something that life made necessary for them to do, whether that was working a job to pay their bills, take medicines to help them make it through the day or helping someone they love on a daily basis because that was just part of life.  Being grown-up did not mean you get to do what you want-quite frankly, just the opposite.

Why should we read books when watching TV is so much easier and more fun and easier on our brains?  I pointed out that if all they did was watch TV that they’d wind up with no brain and in grandma’s home reading came first.

Maybe not the best answer but trying to get them to read is akin to my wanting to learn more about math.

Then came the heart-breaking question of this week.  I was looking through the local pet rescue (yes, we’re still toying with the idea of adopting another canine child) and there were just so many that were being rescued out of high kill shelters because they were old and their families weren’t “into” being there for them in their time of need.  Breaks my heart and I die a little bit with every view.  I’d still give anything to have my Sunshine for even another week and she’s been gone for almost 4 years.

How dare these “people”?  Evidently the boys also couldn’t fathom this horrible decision.  “Why grandma, why would they do this to their poor dog, it must be so sad and scared?”

I agreed.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Something new for Snacks or Dessert

Due to an over purchasing of both blueberries (and several other berries) and zucchini, I decided to try this new combo of both into a delicious quick bread or cake!

Friday, July 17, 2015


Everybody's Hometown

Everybody’s Hometown

Prescott loves that logo.  I mention this because this past week Steve and I finally took a day trip up there.  It’s a very cute mountain town with a couple of community colleges, a flight school and a lot of retirees.


I know this for one reason:  Right out of college my first job offer was at one of the 2 (that’s from memory) radio stations in the area.  It was not to be and wasn’t exactly the highlight of my first days as a college grad with a degree in broadcast journalism.

Since that fateful fall of 1978 the city has grown by leaps and bounds.  It’s filled with history, art galleries, antique stores, 3 museums and of course the famous Whiskey Row.

Steve had wanted to go for a while, but the closest we have gotten was the day trip to the neighboring area of Prescott Valley when we took the boys to the zoo.

Not knowing how dog-friendly the town would be we dropped off Lucky to Adam, who had the day off, and went to start our latest adventure. 

We live in this perfect spot to make these day trips happen.  An hour from Sedona, Prescott, Prescott Valley and about an hour and a half from Cottonwood and Jerome.  All beautiful, historic and make for a nice trip to get “out of Dodge” for a day.

What started this trip out was a travelogue on our local cable station.  Now we had a destination in mind and some places we wanted to see for ourselves.  We didn’t get to the 3 museums that we’ll save for another trip. But we did spend several hours walking around the town square, peeking into the famous Matt’s Saloon, The Palace saloon, the historic Hassayampa Hotel, a few art galleries and local shops and a really fun gourmet herb, spice, honey store. 


As Steve said, “If we had the money, I could easily have spent a few hundred bucks in there!”

Instead, we went with some cute tee shirts for the 3 boys and one for the future Princess Bryce.

We started our day with breakfast at the Sweet Potato Café.  It was definitely a place you’d find the locals.  Small, very unassuming, everything homemade and most items had something in the way of sweet potato in them.

If you’re wondering, Steve had the meat-lover’s omelet with hash browns and a side of sweet potato pancakes.  As usual for me, I found the heart healthy entrees and went with an egg white omelet with all the veggies in the kitchen, salsa and even soy cheese with fresh fruit and a slice of, what else, sweet potato bread.

It was a nice day and we enjoyed being by ourselves for even those few hours.  Every couple needs that now and then.

Upon getting back Adam told us that Lucky cried for quite a while and then, as if to “show” us for leaving her behind, she peed on the play room carpet.  We were definitely back home.

Monday, July 13, 2015




Sunday, July 12, 2015


No Power, No Problem

We had a power outage here, first to come in the monsoon season-got me to thinking about how to make dinner:

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