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Friday, December 08, 2017


Not So Hot Anymore

To be clear-while I'm not overjoyed about July/August days of 120 degrees, I prefer them over what we have now.

Most of you have no sympathy for me because you have snow on the ground and freezing temperatures, but I do not like the cold.  I really hate the wind.  I've learned that not only does it affect my joints and bones, my impaired lungs really hate the gales that have hit our area.

This morning the dogs, even with their coats on, didn't want to potty in the 30 MPH winds with the temps in the mid-40's.  Tuesday, my friend, her dogs and me with the girls didn't go out for our walk until 1:15 and were still wondering why?  I had to put a Thunder jacket on Sunshine because the thought of going out in that gust is overwhelming to her.

The sun felt wonderful-until that cold wind joined in!  I was going to go yesterday morning before I went to an appointment but bailed when I heard the howling and saw a branch blow by.

Right now the sun is at a beautiful 63, but the wind is calm.  We're going to try a walk in a while.  The dogs may not like bundling up anymore than we do, but at least they get out and tired.

The worst was yesterday!  I had to drive to the airport to pick Steve up and every single "billboard" was warning drivers to "drive with care:  High wind and high fire".   I hate driving, I hate driving on the freeway and I really hate doing both in traffic with questionable weather.

By the time I found Steve, my back hurt, my cheeks were sucked in and my teeth were almost ground down to nothing.  I practically jumped out of the seat and let him take over the driving chore to get home.  Which, by the way, took us about 2 hours because now there was the end of the day parking lot to contend with-yuck.

So glad I only have to go there once a year.  So glad our "winter" only lasts 6-8 weeks.

It always seems longer though.

Thursday, December 07, 2017


Getting Big

Jackson and Bryce sharing a moment at school.

Sunday, December 03, 2017


5 Years for Both Nadels

Friday, December 01, 2017


Cute Cat Alert

Just had to share our handsome and distinguished Pepper.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Coming Down to the End of a Very Hard Year

I have a dear friend, also a writer, who has had a really hard year, again.  Then again, so have I.  In fact, I think this has been the "hardest" year because of being so ill.  Some family members have lost fathers, step-grandfathers and friends all within a week of each other.  Same actually happened to some friends.  Both parents gone within a week of one another.

It seems that every year comes with challenges.  Every year we all seem to rise above and move on with life.  Some events (obviously) easier to overcome than others.

Last week was both Bryce's second birthday and Thanksgiving.  Sam and Adam hosted this year's dinner.  Mainly because it was both two celebrations and that just getting through that much of a day would wipe me out.

Thanks to grandson Aidan, our budding chef, my portion of the meal got done.  He helped by scoring the potatoes and then ricing them for me.  He also helped make the pumpkin streusel pie.  Kid is a natural in the kitchen and is always looking to learn more techniques.

We had dinner at 4 and everyone was on their way home about 7:30.  I was so exhausted that I literally crashed for the night by 8:30.

This week I missed what is probably the last of my water aerobic classes for the year.  Tuesday morning had me opening the door for the pups to 55 degrees and a gale!  No way could I go.  I waited until 9:30 but the wind/cold persisted.  So I took a hot shower, got dressed and then went to let the dogs out again. Guess what?  At 10:25 the wind left us and the temps were now a wonderful 72.

I was pretty mad.  But I really can't breathe well in the cold and certainly not the wind.  I took the dogs for a walk instead.

Usually people like to verbalize what they are thankful for this time of the year, so here's mine:

1-My parents are still doing okay.
2-Kids are all in good health.
3-Sister and niece were part of the survivors of the Vegas debacle.
4-My husband is a wonderful, patient and caring man.
and last but certainly not least, 5-That I am still here and living. While still weak and not that well, I'm not the same amount of "sick" that I was in June.  

2 & in Charge

Obviously, Bryce has more than daddy wrapped around her little finger!

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Our Thanksgiving Wonders

Thursday, November 23, 2017


PJ Masks Rule

Happy thanksgiving!

Yesterday are Bryce turned 2!

Buy this picture, you can see that both the younger Nadel are firmly into being both owlette and gecko from PJ Masks!

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