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Friday, February 16, 2018


Tummy Aches Abound

Not sure which one started it, but somehow all three furbabies have had a case (in this case, several) of the mean greenies.

Pepper tends to toss his cookies at least once a week, but it was a surprise when Sunshine both stopped eating and then left us "ponds" here and there throughout the bamboo.  Yuck.

Lucky oops on the bed-of course it was the day after Steve had done the linens, so he wasn't thrilled.

Then came a recurrence of my vertigo.  It's better today, but still feeling a tad "green".

Back to Sunshine.  She refused to eat.  Played fine, walked fine, ate her greenie fine and drank normally-just didn't want her food.

Called the vet.  I was informed that sometimes dogs do that to have a "test of wills".  However, if it went on more than 3 days to call back and bring her in.  On the morning of the fourth day I called and made an appointment for the following day.

Then Sunshine decided to eat.  She also ate her dinner and breakfast.  I called and cancelled the appointment.  Right after that, she puked again.  Then refused to eat, again.

Called back and asked to drop her off the next morning.  That was Valentine's Day.  Poor Sunshine, she looked so sad.  One of the rescue cats was walking around the office and she didn't even notice!  Back at home, Lucky was so upset about both Sunshine and I leaving her behind that she puked, hopped up onto my recliner and whined until I came home.  I know this because Steve said that's what she was doing.

When he left she was whining away-not even Pepper could console her about the absence of both her sister and her mom.

Upon my arrival she cried and greeted me as if I had been gone a week!  It was quite a welcome home for Sunshine from both Lucky and Pepper.

The problem?  Seems our attempt to serve the "best" food to our dog wasn't the best for her tummy!  Lucky adjusted just fine and is enjoying it.  For Sunshine it caused her stomach upset and then some!

Funny, we started out giving them 1/4 new food and increasing it every 4 days and we weren't even up to a full replacement as yet!  Either way, Sunshine now has to have an antacid before she eats and special digestive friendly prescription food for the next few days.

I guess Lucky will be enjoying the "fancy" gourmet food while Sunshine will dine on the "step below" gourmet fare once she goes back on her regular diet.

She's feeling much better and even enjoyed our walk this morning with our friends-even walked extra!  I wish I could say I felt that good after a 2-1/2 mile walk in the cold and wind.

Now I'm the one sipping on the "tummy tamer tea".

Friday, February 09, 2018



This is going to be a great day!  I know this because it's all do to my son and daughter by marriage, otherwise known as the younger Nadels.

For my birthday they took advantage of the local Hand and Stone day spa and treated me to a BOGO!  I had to wait until I was over the crud last month, but while I was there-I made an appointment to enjoy my second massage for today.

I've been off my RA drugs since mid-June and I hurt.  Valley Fever pain, the osteoarthritis and the herniated discs do NOT help my pain level either.  Since steroids will advance the growth of those nasty spores in my lungs-I'm no longer a candidate for epidurals.  It's been almost a year since the last one, so I am truly SORE.

Nothing says "challenge" quite like making it through a day in pain from literally my C2 vertebra down to my feet.  There's not a joint, knuckle or bone that isn't screaming at me.  The massage breaks up the various knots that have formed due to my moving in ways that try to limit the advancement of more pain.

If it were possible, I'd get a membership.  But that's a moot point, so I'll just enjoy these 50 minutes and know that I usually find I benefit from it for about a week or more.

It's been a fairly busy week.  Besides the usual walks with the dogs and having the boys in the afternoon, Steve had a corporate meeting so I had to do the grocery shopping by myself.  Bless that wonderful bagger at Fry's who helped me take the stuff out of my cart and put it into my trunk.  I came home and put the refrigerator stuff away, but waited for Steve's return to get the rest out.

I also had to take Lucky in (solo) for her yearly bordatella shot.  She loved the ride until she realized that it ended at the vet.  The crying and mewling was worthy of an Oscar!  We have also been having an issue with Sunshine of late.  We don't know why, but she's refusing to eat breakfast!

Called the vet.  Was told that many dogs will self-regulate or stop eating for a couple of days and as long as everything else was A-OK, not to worry.  I made an appointment on Day 4.  That night, she went back to eating-but for only 2 days!

Presently, she hasn't eaten breakfast.  I've tried the following: wet the dry food (maybe another tooth hurts?), switched the wet food (I guess Blue Buffalo was only good for the first 3 days), I mashed the wet into the dry.  I've switched out to a different bowl.  Vet said she might just be in the mood for a "battle of wills".

Okay, what Sunshine doesn't know is that her human sister is the poster child for "strong-willed" and we pretty much were still in charge of that outcome.

Once a parent, always a parent.

Sunday, February 04, 2018



Somehow I have to fit in here too. You'll notice that Steve's side is clear and ready for his sleeping comfort.  

Superbowl? No, Birthday Party

Happy birthday to our favorite oldest grandsons!

Friday, February 02, 2018


Rolling Into February

Wow! We're in the second month of 2018!  Don't know if you believe it, but it's hard for me to think that Valentine's Day is literally around the proverbial corner.

This next week is special-Aidan is turning 10!  Yesterday, Sam signed Jackson up for kindergarten.  In a couple of months, Steve and I will be off celebrating anniversary #37.  Seems as if we were just getting started and figuring out this thing called "marriage".

Yet here we are, empty-nesters with 4 grand kids and muddling along at the beginnings of our "golden years".

There are days when I definitely feel as if I'm more than a senior citizen.  Others, not so much.  Things have changed throughout the years, especially this last one.  I don't see me ever dancing the night away again.  Last effort was at Steve's company party and I realized my feet were made of not just clay but cement.

Today, we went and did a bit of a Costco run.  We no longer need to store up on foods to feed teenagers and day care kids though.  Our bill today?  Filled with the joys of being old:  generic miralax, q-tips, high fiber bread (which went immediately into the freezer), eye drops (my dry eyes) and the much needed "anniversary" gift to ourselves-a food saver machine and a box of bags.

Almost embarrassing, no?

It's okay.  At least we're here to moan about all of these pesky things.

Saturday, January 27, 2018


I'm Late!

It happens every now and then-I didn't post yesterday because we were BUSY!

Steve had an unusual day off-he never gets Friday off, but this month is special.  He'll be back to his regular days off in a couple of weeks.

This week was pretty  special!  Dylan, our oldest grandson turned 11.  How in the world did this happen?  Seems just yesterday that he was born at a little over 4 pounds and was in the NICU.  Today, he's just about 5'7", skinny as a rail and his talent for trying to convince me that he knows everything is reminding us of his mom at the same age.

Too bad for him though, we've got more experience for bologna than he can imagine.

Besides the birthday celebration, the usual errands, walking of the dogs and doctors appointments, Steve and I actually did something fun.

Yesterday, in between the trips to the various grocery stores we went to see The Post.

It's a wonderful film that reminded me why I wanted to become a journalist.  Not what you hear on the various slanted news channels today or the print/internet versions.  Unadulterated pure news and the guts of both Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee.

I don't recommend things often, but this is a very worthwhile film.

Next up-Aidan, our middle grandson, will be having his 10th birthday!  Don't know how that happened either.

We usually do a "kidnap" with the boys.  This includes taking them out of school, breakfast at our favorite place that has their favorite Nutella/banana crepes and a trip to the Science museum.  We started with the local and wonderful kids museum, but then they got too old for that and moved on up.

After 4 times and their mom purchasing a membership, we told them that they needed to decide on a new activity.  They've been to both of our fantastic zoos, both aquariums, the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum), the Odyessea (houses a dolphin thing-strange for a desert) and a host of various sporting events.  We just didn't know what to do next.  Uncle Adam, Auntie Sam and the little ones are taking the boys to Top Golf-so that too is out.

Aidan mentioned something about Laser Tag.  Uh, no.  Pointed out that his grandparents would NOT be doing that or paintball adventures.

We'll see what they come up with-Adam suggested that Steve do what he did for him when he got to this age-a guys outing at a sporting event.  We're thinking maybe the Cubs spring training?

It will be interesting to see exactly what the boys decide.

Friday, January 26, 2018


Dad's Feeling Loved

All 3 wanted Steve's attention.

Friday, January 19, 2018


It Was Fate

Thank goodness!  We have the landscaping finished.  Finally.  And it only took 5 years and 2 months.

For those who weren't aware (because it really seemed to only matter to Steve and I), when we moved in this house we had a 20 x 23 foot plot of dirt in the backyard.  We had intended to do something with it right away and then, well, I got hit by truck #1 and truck #2 and it took over 4 years to get the law suits rectified.

Once that was done, we found we had to "burglar" proof the house, add insulation and sealing up of certain areas, followed by the exterior painting.

You must get it, we just kept saying, "the next thing we do..."  Also, I actually did have about 4 people come in to look at said dirt plot and none of them wanted to do anything to it.  About a year ago our water bill began to get out of hand.  I quite accidentally found the reason-a tree in the yard had roots that basically suffocated the piping.  We did have our home warranty company come out and fix it several times, but Steve got tired of paying the fee and the extra that wasn't covered and he turned off the system!

Plants began to die.  Steve kept saying, "well, it's monsoon season that will take care of it."

Problem-we didn't actually have any rain this year!  So we had a LOT of dead plants.  Steve still maintained that they'd be fine as soon as we got some rain.

I, in turn (and even practical), told him, "Dead is dead.  And the HOA is going to fine us if we don't re--plant and fix things up.  The catalyst for getting things done was the house painting.  Steve didn't want the dirt getting onto the fresh paint.

Personally, I didn't care what motivated him but I took it as a sign when our neighbors had a landscaper re-doing their drip system  next door and told the young man, "This is fate!  Would you do a small job?"

He came over, actually gave us an estimate right there and then and we set it up to be done this week!

We now have 19 new plants, including 3 desert roses and a rosemary hedge for me, a new drip system (front and back) and the dirt plot has pea gravel in it for the dogs pleasure and use.

Honestly, the dirt plot doesn't look all that different, but it is small rock and the dirt will no longer be able to be kicked up everywhere.  Eventually, Sunshine and Lucky might even do more than smell it.

Now comes the next thing to save up for:  I REALLY HATE BAMBOO FLOORING.  That needs to go.

But we've done quite a bit lately and we're still paying off hospital bills (amazing what insurance won't pay for) from my stay in July.  So, I'll be content for the time being!

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