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Friday, February 22, 2019


Weather Record of the Most Unexpected Kind

I did NOT move to a desert to have freezing cold.  I realize that many of you are living in snow that is in the "foot" level and the smattering here is a joke. But it isn't a joke to us here.

Sharing a few photos with you has proven a challenge!  My phone keeps telling me, "Can't find location".  Let's just say it's been literally freezing!  Our weather reporters keep telling us that the last few days we've actually broken records.  These are the coldest days for the calendar dates in recorded history!

Sunshine, our bad weather hater, has decided that unless her bladder is about to bust, she's wearing her puffy coat and hiding under her blanket in her bed.  Her other favorite spot is under the dining room chair.  I'm guessing the sound of the hard rain, hail, snow, winds and thunder is on par with having a fly in the house.

Lucky has found that if she goes under the breakfast nook table I can't easily get her to push her outside.  Yesterday she kept moving just far enough away from me that I had to circle the table several times before I could catch her!

The funniest thing is Pepper.  He's always been a complete indoor feline.  He watches the girls and probably wonders why they get to explore a whole new world while he has to make do with the house.  This morning however, there was a slight hiccup.

While I was circle dance with Lucky and Sunshine was crying about being outside, I inadvertently left the screen door a tad ajar.  You see where I'm going with this I'm sure.  Well, just as I caught my six pound wonderdog, Pepper pushing the door open enough to slink through.

I put Lucky next to her sister and called him.  He actually looked at me and started to step onto the rocks!  Then he realized something-hail hurts, it was very wet and he was freezing his tush off.  So he backed up and ran back to the land of the warmth that he's probably appreciating more than ever before.

Meanwhile, the girls are not coming out of hiding.

My friend, whom I walk with, said her dogs are as scared as mine, but are whining about not having seen their friends and walking.  One goes out only when necessary-while the other is very curious and sits out on the patio and just watches what's coming down.

If I had to choose between this extreme cold and what will certainly be the usual extreme heat we're going to have in less than a month, I've got to say, I'll choose the heat every single time.

Monday, February 18, 2019


Where'd the Weekend Go?

Weekend two of being "Parent" for the older grands.  I'm so out of practice on how to feed pre-teenage boys.

I swear to you all, the reason there was no post on Friday was because I had errands galore all morning, followed by early release of the 3 boys.  Picked up Jackson and took him to the library and to pick up some more blueberries for the weekend.  Then we picked up Dylan and Aidan.  From there we went to Sarah's to check in on the cats.  (She's on vacay in Australia and New Zealand)

After those tasks were done, it was back to our home and the feeding began.  Literally.  I fed them all lunch.  Then after Jackson went home, I made dinner for the older boys and myself (Steve worked late).  By the time the master of the house got home, I told the pre-teens to brush their teeth and go to bed.

It was a wet and cold weekend, so it wasn't as if we could actually go somewhere.  Spent the day trying to get them to do something other than break the outlet protectors and re-charge their kindles. Which, by the way, weren't being used to read anything.

Thankfully, Sam came to the rescue to give me a couple of hours of respite and had the boys come down to keep the little ones busy while she somehow managed to food prep for the week!

Can't say Sam didn't warn me and highly recommend showers, but as soon as they came in, I sent them off to scrub off the layers of "teen stink".  Meanwhile I prepped and got dinner for the four of us into the oven.

Saturday also included:  3 loads of laundry, sweeping the floors, cleaning Pepper's various points of vomit as well as litter boxes, 2 dishwashers full of dishes and I have no idea how many sinkfuls of pots and pans.

Sunday came around and I was again up at 7 for the dogs/cat and making breakfast for the four of us.  The boys had the actual nerve to say they "didn't want to get up this early".  By this point, I was on the testy side (tired, no coffee) and told them their choice was to get to the table or I'd get a bucket of ice and toss it on them.

Thankfully, they believed me.

Then the shorter Nadels arrived so Sam could visit with a friend.  Here came round 2 of breakfast, followed by snacks, snacks, lunch, more snacks and lots of boredom.  Rain makes us all cranky.  Even the dogs and Pepper weren't too pleased with the day.

Sam invited the boys to dinner and said they'd take the boys back to their dad.

So it was with both great sadness and delight that I had them gather their clothes and leave Steve and I to a nice quiet dinner.

This was just week two, I think there are two more to come-but I'm not all that sure.  What I do know is that at this point in my life, I make a much better grandma than full time parent.

Friday, February 08, 2019


Ack! I've Been Hacked!

Why or why do bad people think that it's okay to steal?

It started off with my FaceBook account-the security department asked if it was me logging in at 3:30 a.m. on a certain morning?  I assured them it was NOT!  The only thing I do willing at that time is go to the bathroom!

So I changed passwords, told everyone if they get something from me-it was NOT me and went on about my day.  Problem was, I went back on my page about 8 hours later and found that EVERYTHING was now in FRENCH!

 Since I took Spanish in high school and haven't had even a class in that since 1972, it took me almost 20 minutes of icon clicking to find my way back to having my page in English.  Grrrr.

Then I started getting emergency alerts in other languages from Amazon.  First off, I don't have an Amazon account, but Steve does.  I forwarded those to him.  He changed the passwords and had Amazon delete the trouble-causers there.

After that, I received numerous requests for me to "verify my information" at banks that I had NEVER heard of-so I just kept pressing delete.

Then came the BIG alert:  Cox sent both Steve and I alerts asking us if we had just added not one, but two new e-mails?

Guess what I spent my day doing after that notice????

Yep, first I called Cox and waited 5 minutes for someone to get on the line.  Then he sent me to fraud control-where I now waited for another 25 minutes for a live person there to answer my pleas for help.  The nice woman helped me change the initial password and security question, but said Steve was going to have to change the PIN.

Seems that if we didn't change that, the hackers could still cause us endless problems.  There went 2-1/2 hours of my "me" time on Sunday.

Luckily, Steve took the change I made and was able to change the PIN from work while he ate his lunch.

It didn't end there either.  Nope, we now had to change passwords/PINs on all of our devices.

If you're wondering what else this hacker(s) did?  Seems that one of my survey sites, where I've been saving up to get some Denny's/Starbucks cards was part of this disaster!  Yep, the thief spent $145 of my tediously earned money and bought themselves game cards and Itune cards!

Thankfully (albeit, they weren't very nice about it) the site cancelled the gift cards and put my money back.  They chided ME for not using that amount of funds and said to change my password because they wouldn't do that again.  I wrote back just as nice a note telling them I had already changed the password AND if they had looked at my activity they'd have noticed I've only used these funds for Starbucks and Denny's and had NEVER purchased gaming cards or iTunes.  I said the only reason I hadn't used what was there was that for some stupid reason they only allowed me to "purchase" those particular gift cards was once every 3 months.  If I had been able to use what was there-I would have!

If you're wondering-other things to use the points on were magazines, discounts on airline tickets and other things that I have no use for at any point!

Any wonder why I hate technology?

Friday, February 01, 2019


Is This a Real Glimmer of Hope?

Honestly, I do NOT care what it is that's causing this very slight improvement in my body, just very happy to say, "I actually feel some bit of less pain".

This is so recent that at first I wasn't even sure what difference it was-but I was able to do both my TRX class and then meet up with my friend and her dogs for a 50 minute walk after I got home!  I can't remember the last time I could entertain doing two hours of anything in a row without needing a generous rest in between one and the other.

Even Tuesday, after a 45 minute physical therapy appointment, I was able to make breakfast, do the shopping with Steve and even give the dogs about a half-sized walk!

Amazing!  No????

Even our hairdresser said it looked as if I was "perkier".

I will admit that soon after all of that activity I did collapse on my recliner and take a couple of catnaps-but you'll have to admit, this sounds as if I'm having a fairly decent week.

Obviously, I have no idea if this slight improvement is due to PT, my TRX classes, my rather horrible encounter with side effects of the "only drug I can give you" for my RA or even, quite possibly, the CBD oil I've been ingesting every morning for the last month-NOR DO I CARE!

What I do know is that I hope this upswing will keep going.  I'd hate to think that this is some kind of a joke that will soon go away.

And with this reported to whomever comes here-pray just a tad bit for me that this continues.

Saturday, January 26, 2019


It Figures

Our fur babies are so funny!

I wrote a good while back that we bought actual dog beds for the girls and tried to get Pepper to use one-Sunshine immediately did the "Chihuahua" dig in one and created numerous cuts into the fabric and the foam!  Lucky is a lot smaller, so while she did the dig-she didn't add to the holes.  Pepper stiffened like a kid in their first winter coat and ran!

We still have the two pillows on the leather sofa by the slider and we have two blankets on the reclining sofa.  The most expensive of the beds was the one that had the holes (figures).  So we threw a blanket on it.

If you know anything about small dogs, it's that they love to "bury" themselves.  Even if they're wearing jackets.  It should be of no surprise to you for me to say that the girls kept throwing the blanket around until they covered themselves and then slept on the tears.

The other beds?  Sometimes they'll sit in them, most of the time-NO.

The same holds true for the rest of our pet room (i.e. the family room where we mostly live).  It looks like we run a pet hotel.  3 beds on the floor, 2 big pillows on the one side and numerous blankets on the other.

And where or where do they spend most of their time?

If I'm not otherwise busy with whatever it is I'm doing and I actually sit down-all three animals find a way to sit on me.  They do the same at night in bed.  Steve gets an entire 1/2 of a king size bed to himself while I am surrounded by the adoration of my own personal posse.

Not that I'd trade a single minute of it for the world.

But here's the kicker-with all I just described, guess where Lucky likes to lay when not perched on her mother?

I use a stroller for our walks (its a two fold use:  I get the use of a "cane" and when Lucky gets tired, she has a cart) and I put yet another throw blanket in the seat for Lucky.

When I leave the house,  she actually uses her paws and pulls that blanket out of the stroller and with the help of her sister, they spread it out in front of the laundry room door.  That's where I come in from the garage!

So whenever I come home, they're just getting up and uncovering themselves and run to me.

Amazing.  All these padded comfy beds and they'd rather be on the floor sharing one blanket and stare at the door awaiting my return!

Is there anything better?

Friday, January 18, 2019


Ennui-Come and Find Me, PLEASE!

Another week of life has been going on here.

Thankfully, I finally saw the ENT on Monday morning.  I will tell you now, it did help (hasn't quite cured, but I'm hopeful) and it was NOT pleasant.

I really liked this doctor.  He got right down to things, he doesn't believe in using IPads instead of looking at his patients and he actually gave me my prescription written on an old-fashioned pad!!!

Anyway, he agreed with my primary doctor's assessment that my nose was in bad shape and immediately numbed up the entire appendage's inside and cauterized it as well as used silver nitrate.

Then he told me this whole problem wasn't due to my meds disagreeing with each other-nope, it was due to one medication.  That med?  The only one that I can take for my RA.  Wonderful.  So I've been unable to breathe, blowing my nose and having this awful time for almost 3 months because of one medicine???

Called the rheumy who said to stop taking it (really, doh?)  and call him in 2 weeks.  Does he actually think that if by then this episode is over I'm going to re-start that stuff?  It didn't work the first 15 years without added medications, so why oh why would I go through all of this again?

Then later that afternoon, I went to the PT about my troublesome foot.  I'm doing all the exercises twice a day as I was told.  So far, my foot STILL HURTS.

Moving on, last night my poor sister called to inform me that she was at the ER with our dad.  Seems he wanted to move to another chair to hear the live entertainment at his "home" and tripped and fell over someone's legs and cane!

I won't bore you with the all-night goings on, except to say my sister got 10 minutes of sleep, and drove from the one ER to his insurer's hospital and in the end he had a nasty gash on his head and he agitated a very important disc that had previously been fractured.

As I'm typing this, she was taking him home, settling him in and letting his care-givers whatever instructions are needed and removing the cane and only leaving the walker for him to use.

Whoever said that getting old isn't for sissies, never said truer words.

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Sunday with Grandma

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