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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Baby, It's NOT Cold Outside

Baby, It’s NOT Cold Outside


I’m lucky enough to have a social site that about 14 or so of us put together after the Lady’s Home Journal magazine site shut our boards down.   For whatever reason, all of us “clicked” and decided that even without the magazine-we wanted to stay in touch.

We even decided that since the magazine just “cast” us all aside-we’d name ourselves the very appropriate, “The Castaways”.  It’s been several years now.

We did have a wonderful woman who set it all up for us; we all adored her (her name was Diane).  Unfortunately she passed on due to a horrific accident shortly after we set up our “island”.  We miss her.


Back to the reference of this week’s entry-with the exception of yours truly everyone else lives in the eastern part of the country.  Meaning that they are still experiencing snow, rain, freezing temperatures and wishing that the Spring weather would start NOW.


I feel very guilty-as while they’re trying to get out for a walk or just go shopping without putting on several layers of winter wear, I am sitting here writing this blog in a pair of gym shorts and an exercise tank top.  I also slathered on the sunscreen before walking Lucky this morning. 


The pooch and I were out before 8:30 to get the walk in because it was already showing a rather warm 83 on the thermometer.  If I’d waited longer the cement would certainly be too hot for my little baby’s paws.  She’s not much for the booties I tried to get her to wear last year.  No “Chihuahua” sandals available at the stores around here.


By the time I got to Qigong class-we were all asking the head librarian for a second fan in the room.


Yet all my friends in the East are freezing and keeping a pot of coffee heated and ready for drinking just to keep warm.


Of course, about a month from now, they’ll finally see flowers and their grass will be green while I’ll be keeping the blinds almost fully closed, the fans going and the doors shut in an effort to keep our newly sealed and insulated home as cool as possible.  I’m pretty sure our temps will be cracking the 100 mark in about 2 weeks.

It was actually so hot that last weekend the community center turned on the spigots for the splash pad at the renovated main park.  Our pool is always opened and in full use-but now the residents wanted the water park opened early to enjoy the beginning of our “summer”.  The usual first weekend in Memorial Day so we’ve got a bit to go.


Either way-while my dear friends from Ohio to New York are bundling up I’ve been making sure I actually have enough tank tops and shorts without stains to wear because it’s too darn hot to wear my yoga pants anymore!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Pup Day

A bit late but a new photo of Lucky to  celebrate Pup Day.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Spring has Sprung

I know a lot of you are still knee deep in snow-but we're eating outside before it just gets plain too hot!

Friday, March 20, 2015


Is Going "Green" Still a Thing?

Is Going “Green” Still a Thing?


I’m not talking ecologically-although I try to buy green and do the “3 R’s” as much as I am able.


What I’m talking about is the actual idea of wearing green.  This week was St. Patrick’s Day and according to tradition we are supposed to “wear green or be pinched”.  I don’t know about you, but I really hated this as a kid.


I have olive toned skin which has a lot of yellow in it.  When I wear anything green I look sickly.  Someone once asked my mom if she had had me checked for hepatitis!  I kid you not.


Green is NOT in my wardrobe.  But now as an adult, I dare someone to try and pinch me. 

Tuesday I expected to be the only one in Tai Chi not wearing a drop of the Irish green in class.  But guess what?!  Out of the 18 of us there-only one person wore anything with green!  After class I went across to Fry’s to get some grapes and blueberries that were on sale-honest to Pete, I didn’t see anyone in the entire produce section look as if they were worried about not hanging on to this particular tradition either!


Is it just in our little rural town or is this happening everywhere? 

Just in case you’re all wondering, I really did try to at least put something on that had maybe a little trim of the color.  I took out an Ed Hardy tank top with roses on it figuring that it would have a leaf or two-nope.  I had pink, red, yellow and blue outlined in black, but there wasn’t even a dot of green to be seen.


This is more than okay by me-just having the few yellow roses on my top was enough to make me wonder if anyone was wondering if they should “back away from the sick woman”. 


This is a rather silly post but sometimes I just wonder about the little things.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Our handsome boys

Thank you Enzie Shahmiri!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ribs, "Dump Bars" and Spring

There's nothing better than Spring in the great South West.  We get to enjoy eating on the patio, using the fire pit and having a great meal of grilled ribs, cole slaw and "dump bars"

Friday, March 13, 2015


Birthdays and Museums

Birthdays and Museums


This week we finally took our older grandsons, Dylan and Aidan, on their long anticipated Hanukah and Birthday celebration.


We made the date about 3 weeks ago.   Since the boys have more toys than they know what to do with and the same goes for books-we opted to do the same thing we did last year:


Kidnap them from a day of school! 

This year we went to a great new breakfast spot first-Eggstasy.  Very different menu that even the boys were impressed with-really.  Dylan opted for a dish he had on our cruise a couple of year’s ago-crepes with Nutella and bananas.  Aidan heard that they made s’mores pancakes and chose that dish.  Steve went for a chorizo and cheddar omelet (one of the normal dishes) with hash browns and a side of their banana and macadamia nut pancakes.  I broke my steadfast rule (well as much as I ever do!) on healthy eating and had an egg white omelet with fig compote and goat cheese with a fruit kebab and multi-grain toast.   Not a peep about my need to have no butter either!

Coffee was needed.  Before we sat down, Dylan told our server that she’d better get me a cup REAL FAST.

A fact I did nothing but confirm.

After a huge breakfast that both kids demolished along with helping me with mine we went off to the Arizona Science Center.

This is a fabulous library for all ages.  Very hands on-everything from learning and trying all different experiments about your body and exactly what liquid nitrogen is and what it can do to building your own dam and taking part in a weather display that had everything from rain to hurricanes and earthquakes.


We were there for about 3 hours.  We could have easily spent more time but the boys were quite wet from building dams and we had to consider Lucky’s pea-sized bladder!

Once all of the pottying and clothes changing took place-the boys wanted to go to a local and award-winning BBQ place for dinner.

The pulled pork sandwiches were delicious and the fries were perfect and seasoned with their award-winning rub.

That was the end of our very busy day.  We dropped the tired kids off to their father and went home to both collapse and enjoy a repeat showing of The Jersey Boys.


Below you can see a couple of photos that decided to upload-I tried 4 times to share them all but only these weren’t being stubborn.  One is of Aidan learning to use a pulley and lift himself up with grandpa’s help and the other is of Dylan taking a much earned rest on a bed of nails.

Amazing how the boys have grown during the last 3 birthday kidnappings!  Our first we only made it to the kids’ museum (which they have now outgrown) and now we’ve made it from just a quick lunch and an hour of “cruising” to a full day’s event.

The best part-we enjoyed it as much as the boys AND we came home to no “piddles”.  Woo Hoo on all accounts!

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