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Friday, December 04, 2020



I don't know about all of you, but it's almost with a great relief that the last month of 2020 has arrived.

A good friend and I have said every single year at the end of the year that we hope the coming months would be an improvement. Let's face it, we all go through quite a bit of health issues, financial issues and just everyday life that we would just love it if it would be a bit better.

We used to say:  Well it certainly couldn't get any worse.

And then it did.

Besides the pandemic, I have had five broken bones, an ulcer, Steve was furloughed for three and a half months and we had record-breaking heat levels for the entire year!

Oh yeah, I also had a bit of skin cancer.

My sister and brother-in-law caught the dreaded covid-19! Thank God it was a mild case, but they felt awful for a couple of weeks.

Since I am at high risk, we did not go on our traditional anniversary Cruise. And due to circumstances beyond our control, are long-awaited 40th anniversary family cruise this coming April has been "lifted and shifted" to April of 2022.

Certainly, we cannot forget to mention how our country has been in a state of severe unrest.

Let's all hope that 2021 brings a sense of good health, improved moods and more good days than bad.

Friday, November 27, 2020


Tis the Season

Let me first start by saying that I hope everyone here had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Here in our corner of the desert, we had our usual potluck.

Now that I am officially out of the boot and have moved into wearing an ankle brace and stuffing it all into another shoe, I am working hard at gaining strength. I still have to take the walker with me since my ankle, while healed, is still quite painful and weak. Thankfully, Adam has been home since the kids have the whole week off.  He and Jackson have made sure to take all four dogs, themselves and me out for a mile walk around the neighborhood.

This year, since Sarah gave Steve a smoker for Father's day, he smoked our turkey. Must say, all of us agree that it was our juiciest and best tasting turkey ever!

I had prepped it the night before so it was nicely seasoned, looked beautiful and tasted really good.

We had two types of cranberry sauce. Jellied and homemade.  The homemade courtesy of Aidan. he also had quite the hand in making this year's stuffing and sweet potatoes. Of course, between Steve and Aidan, I was able to accomplish my mashed potatoes. We also had a string bean casserole that Sarah makes every year. Not the usual, she makes hers with roasted beets and toasted walnuts and tops with some nice goat cheese. Sam rounded out the meal with a delicious butternut squash and kale salad. Sam also brought the pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie and she made a tart with several types of berries. 

We were all incredibly full!

We were also very happy that we took that family Walk earlier in the day.

There was just enough turkey left for Steve to take for his lunch today with some of the sides.

Thankfully, there was also enough sides that I shouldn't have to stand on my feet for too long for several days! There is also enough turkey and vegetables left that I'm going to make a matzo ball soup.

Adam and Steve both had to be at work early this morning. I've already put up the second load of dishes that I had to stack last night.

Courtesy of Sarah, we played a very interesting game that she found on the internet. It was called Intent.  they were cards that had some very interesting questions that we could share our answers and hold some fantastic conversations! Then it came with little washers that we could stamp with one of the words that the cards gave as the subject. The kids enjoyed stamping their little washers. We all chose words such as: hope, dream, love and serve.

We were truly all very thankful.

Sunday, November 22, 2020


Tea party for a 5 year old

Friday, November 20, 2020


63 & Evidently Short

I will start this week by saying I turn 63.  I will also state that I am a mere 5'1".

Our youngest grandson, Jackson and Adam picked me up to take me to my birthday dinner with the rest of the family. Everyone else was coming from various ends of the outer Phoenix area and meeting at one of my favorite healthy restaurants True Food.

Jackson had not been over since the beginning of the week and in that short time got a haircut.  I swear he grew at least an inch!

I told him he suddenly looked almost like his teenage cousins. I teased him by saying do you think it's because Dad took you for a haircut and since you got all that weight off the top of your head it allowed you to grow last night?

He giggled. Right after that, he told me that I'd better go get myself a haircut!  The giggling continued until I asked him point blank, "if I do, do you think I'll grow?"

He just giggled again and told me probably not.

At 7, Jackson is already realized I am a shorty and I will not grow.

Auspicious beginning for my 63rd year.

Friday, November 13, 2020


Talk About a U-turn

One thing about living in the desert, weather is extremely varied.

Last week for a couple of days we actually broke heat records for the month of November! After those two days we plunged into freezing temperatures. Later in the afternoon we only hit 59°. Our mornings were literally in the thirties.

Until that first snap of cold weather Steve and I had only been using a top sheet. Suddenly we now have our winter blanket on the bed.

As usual, as soon as the bed had been freshly made and the blanket on-lucky decided it was time to anoint the new covers. Yuck!

She actually got more of me than the blanket and sheets. Nothing says wake up more than a six-pound dog deciding to throw up all over you. It was 5:00 a.m., so we just removed everything got the laundry started and began our day.

Facebook friends had posted this very true idea:. If you really want a good morning alarm forget the Bell, forget the song-make a tape of a dog starting to vomit.

I don't know about any of you but I can assure you that first sound had us both up like a shot. Unfortunately for me, since I can't do anything until I get the boot on my foot it takes me a while to get any farther than sitting up.

Good news! both girls went back for their post dental surgical appointment and we're told they could now have not only their kibble but they're greenies. Suddenly slowpoke sunshine is now eating as fast as her older sister-even without most of her teeth!

By this post, can you tell I'm bored out of my gourd?

Friday, November 06, 2020


Still Mostly Hot

Friends in the eastern part of the country are telling me that they have seen not only their first bit of cold weather but snow! They have closed up their pools, putting jackets on the pooch to take a walk and cranking up their furnaces.

Here in the state that lives on the face of the sun we have had some cooler weather as well! Yep, we actually had two days where I had to put the girls jackets on at 5:30 a.m. because it was too cold for them to consider going out for their morning potty.

After those two days however, we actually broke November heatwave temperatures! It was back into shorts and tank tops. As I am sitting here now on our latest cooling off-I am in one of Steve's old work t-shirts and my back doors open to get some air.

Normally, we are already enjoying temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. This year, we are still having temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. It's really not so bad. By now any of you who have read these little musings for any length of time know that I am not a fan of any kind of cold weather!

According to the weather channel, we are supposedly going to get some rain this weekend. Since we were supposed to get some last week and never did I don't have high hopes.

We sure could use some rain! My poor three desert Rose bushes are all but dead. Now I waited over 6 years for those three bushes and there they are staring at me totally Brown!

Here's hoping that by Thanksgiving we could all be thankful for better weather and better circumstances.

Friday, October 30, 2020


Me vs TV

By now, anyone who has read any of my little blogs here knows technology and I do not get along.

When we did our huge remodel last year Steve had to have the latest and greatest smart TV. All I wanted was one I could point the remote at, turn on and choose what channel I wish to watch. Well Steve got his wish and we have some 60-in TV in our brand new entertainment unit. But it doesn't just turn on!

First off, he added a sound bar . Evidently it does not exactly mesh with the TV since they are of different manufacturers. While most could probably say this isn't a big deal, that is not the case with me.

part of the problem is that I could be watching something and the sound goes mute!  Steve has shown me numerous times with a different remote how to go through all of the various little things on the soundbar till I can turn the sound back on . You would think that after 40 plus years with the same woman he would know this isn't as easy as he makes it sound!

Take yesterday, I was watching a documentary on Netflix. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back and the stupid TV said I was no longer online.  I pressed the retry and it still told me I was offline.

Next step, I turn the TV off let it rest and turned it on again. Went through the stupid motions of mute, d i n, a r c, etc.

I was still told that I am offline!

I tried in vain two more times. I failed.

By this time I was pretty fed up with our smart TV.  I took the dogs and me to the bedroom. There at least I can point, aim and get the TV to work.

Steve came home about 3 hours later and told me that somehow I had managed to put it on a different HDMI. Obviously, I don't know what that means!  What I can tell you is that all I want in life is not to have to need a degree in engineering and computer science to work a TV!

That TV knows I am incompetent and takes every advantage to prove to me I will never get along with it.

Just so we're clear, I hate TV.

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