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Tuesday, August 04, 2020


Even Spiderman Needs to Read!

Friday, July 31, 2020


Kid Programming is Mind-numbing

What happened to fun kid TV?

Until recently there was plenty to keep Jackson busy: work books, kid novels, park time, etc...

However, between record heat breaking days and the two cement blocks on my feet only some of those activities fill our time together.  Jackson asked to watch 2 of the most Mind-numbing shows ever produced:. Power Rangers and Teen Titans.

Teaches nothing, bad acting, horrible plots and my head's exploding. I keep trying to switch to better shows but after about 20 minutes I hear, "grandma, now can I watch _________?"

Yesterday I did manage to get him to watch Hamilton and showed him pictures of the real founding fathers and discus the times and reasons.

We also found a NatGeo documentary series with Bob Woodruff and his son about 3rd world countries and their remarkable ways of life.

But this morning it was right back to Hulu and drivel.

We've done 5 pages in a grammar book, read and discussed 3 chapters of a kid book by Matt Christopher and he helped me at the market.  Jackson also helped bring in the food and make his lunch.

I realize my almost 7 year old grandson (6 days) is too old to enjoy Blue's Clues, Sesame Street and similar programming but can't he stay little a bit longer and enjoy something less mindless???

Next week, he officially starts school with daddy as teacher.  Here's to hoping that Bryce will be more open to watching educational TV.

Friday, July 24, 2020


40 and Counting

Through all of what's been going on my husband and I realized that a couple of days ago was the 40th anniversary of his proposing to me.

A lot has happened since we sat in the swivel rocker in my parents home and he said "How about it?"

Yep, that was my proposal!

I guess it was lucky for both of us that I didn't play coy and say "what are you asking?"

Otherwise we would not have are two adult children, a wonderful daughter by heart and for fantastic grandchildren. We also would have never enjoyed 13 years of our little white cat Snowy, the same 13 years of our first Lucky (a German Shepherd mix), our perfect Golden retriever mix Sunshine, are much-missed Pepper the tabby and now namesakes and Chihuahua mixes Lucky and Sunshine.

We would have missed all the good times as well as the bad times that made us stronger

The various homes, the remodeling and just life in general.
When you think about it those three words have spanned four decades! The most exciting part is what it is yet to come.

Friday, July 17, 2020


Let Me Repeat

I've said it before and I will say it again - 2020 you stink!
I'm sick and tired of dragging around these two cement blocks on my feet. one of them is meant to level me out so that it doesn't affect the rest of my body.

There's a problem! For whatever reason when these two items were on opposite feet it worked fairly well. In this order I am about a half inch off. Because of this, it's not just the pain in the broken heel and the chronically fractured bone in the opposite foot, it's also the spasms in my feet, knees, sciatic nerve and if that isn't enough my right hip.

And yes, I know that last bit was a run-on sentence.

I know everybody has had quite a challenging year. Our kids are contemplating their best choice on how to educate our grandchildren and still managed to earn a salary to pay their bills at the same time. they are happy that I am but a stone's throw away to help out with whatever their needs are. Except for the fact that no one wants me teaching anyone math of any kind!

While we had the coolest spring in history since moving here in 2012, our heat has finally arrived. Poor Jackson! he spends three days a week with a grandmother who can't really move around very well and no friends. And even if he had friends it's to blazing hot outdoors for him to enjoy.

No one knows at this point that we actually have a pool at our community center because we are not allowed to use it!

well it first we were fairly certain we were going to make that family cruise in April for our 40th anniversary we are now changing our Outlook and just hoping for the best.

Nothing says grumpy like a woman stuck in the house and in pain with nowhere to go to improve her mood.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


walking in the desert

When the ground is too hot but you wanna walk.

Friday, July 10, 2020


What Can I Possibly Add?

I'm beginning to think pass the normal amount that this year needs to end.
In the last week, I went to the dermatologist to have a spot on my arm Frozen since it showed signs of stage 2 skin cancer brought on by my medication for valley fever.

Once the blister has popped I had to start using some chemotherapy cream. now, I cannot say that my arm looks as bad as some of the photos the doctor showed me to expect, but it's not the prettiest of sights.
Then I decided it was high time that I went back to the foot orthopedic. While my right foot is no better or worse and still show signs of that stress fracture from a year-and-a-half ago, my left foot decided it was tired of being left out.

I am now using my boot and even up piece on opposite legs as seen below. it seems that my left foot has developed plantar fasciitis and I managed to get a stress fracture in my heel. I am beginning to think I can thank both my medical insurance company and Medicare for not approving the drug that would help improve the state of my bone structure.
Wearing two cement blocks on my feet is rather awkward. Plus, I was first excited by the fact that at least I could still drive. That was until I realized how much effort it takes since I cannot use the right foot without removing the "even up" addition to the shoe!

I can't feel the pedal.  If I want to go anywhere on my own I have to take a second right shoe so I can take off one put on the one without the additional platform drive take it off and then put the other shoe back on to go and do what I want!

I'm sure you can see since being told to put this apparatus on my lower extremities I still have not tried to drive. A friend and I are supposed to get together to walk the dogs. Yes, I am going to try to hobble with two dogs for about a mile. Any more than that and I have a very very bad feeling that my back and knees will give me grief until the boot has to come off in a month.

While I am not about to say I am depressed or sad, I can definitely tell you I'm disgusted and fed up. and if that isn't enough are stupid Governor is locking down the state again. I am feeling so bad for all the kids who cannot possibly understand why they can't see and socialize with their former classmates and actually have a teacher and class to go to. The parents here have been given three options and they are in the midst of deciding which one is best for their families.

Sarah has decided that homeschooling might be best for the moment. Adam and Sam are still deciding whether to go virtual and homeschool the rest of the time or to use the flex scheduling and have Jackson at least meet up with an actual small version of second grade come a month from now.

Right now, I'm guessing I'm in the majority of people who are tired of 2020.

Monday, July 06, 2020


Really 2020?

Yes, that's me again in the boot.  Opposite foot.  This time the stress fracture is my heel and planter fasciitis.  Grrr  

Whack a mole, again

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