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Friday, April 28, 2017


I'm Stuck

I'm stuck with a subject for this week!

I actually have something to share with you all, but I'm sworn to secrecy for the time being!

So here I am, wondering what to write about this week.

I suppose I could tell you that a friend of mine and I tried out a Yoga class.

That was quite the epic failure for this former dancer.  I learned in one hour just how much my RA has robbed me of in the last 20 or so years.  Sigh.  Yep, first I learned my joints don't want to actually go in any particular direction that I am willing them to go.  I wanted to go into a pose where I sit back on my feet and stretch my arms and torso out in front of me.

My body did NOT.  Getting on the floor to even begin was painful.  Fortunately I brought a nice thick towel to make into a pad for my knees.  But once I got them there, they wouldn't let me bend  to even get my hips on my heels.  Nope.  Knees and hips made sure I had no way of getting into a pose resembling what everyone else was doing.

So I laid down with the rolled towel under my stomach and did the "cobra" stretch until my neck wanted to snap off.  Then while everyone else was able to stand up and do numerous other stances that not only had me gasping in pain for them-I decided to rollover onto my back and do some of my PT exercises to work on releasing what was left of my hip flexors.

I also did my "dead bugs" (core work, totally) while others around me were twisting and turning with ease.  Okay, my girlfriend did fall on her tush a couple of times, but I was the only one who was looking a tad green with nausea when I tried a certain pose where you turn your head.

At the end, the teacher said I should come back because I could only get better (she politely encouraged me by saying she had definitely seen worse).

As we left, my girlfriend said she was going to at least try the class at least one more time.  I said I might go with her just to see if there's any hope that Yoga may help my frozen and painful joints.

Another thing that happened, remember I said I was feeling green?  That persisted for about 2 days.  I was thanking the pharmaceutical world for the invention of Zofran to keep the feeling stifled until my vertigo and sick feeling went away.

At the end of it all I've pretty well decided that even after next week's second try at this class that "everyone can do", it will be my last.  However, being first timers, the owners of this practice gave both of us a much needed gift-a 30 minute massage.  I may not ever be able to have my dancer's body back, but I sure have a body that will appreciate this unexpected pleasure.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Arsonist in the wash across the street.

Our afternoon went from calm to near evacuation thanks to an arsonist!

Ruined the wash,  risked 1st  responders, killed wildlife and risked our homes and for what reason?  

Making a Difference

Everyone wants to make a difference in the lives of others-on whatever level is comfortable to them.  At least that's my personal hope.  That said, I thought I'd talk about making a difference in the lives of my kids-those who walk on 2 feet and those who walk on 4.  Hopefully this doesn't get to maudlin as I bring up why I decided to write about this subject.

Let me throw in the lives of my grand kids-for those who haven't kept count, that would be 4.  3 boys and a girl.

In the lives of my kids, what I hope I've accomplished on some level is:

The importance of both standing up on your own two feet and knowing that sometimes you need to ask for help.  Know that if it's possible, I'll be there to cheer you on and do my best when you're losing balance and need someone to hang onto.  I can't promise that I'll be able to be everything you need/want-but I'll do what I can, even if you don't see it when it's happening.

To the grand kids-my goal is to love you, help your parents when they want and/or need it and do what I can to see that you're lives have good health and as much happiness as I can contribute too.

Now that Steve and I are (theoretically) empty-nesters, we take our responsibility as pet parents as seriously as we do as being human parents, we didn't give birth to you, but you're ours and we love you from the first day you entered our lives and we will NEVER do anything mean, unthinkable or hurtful to you.

There's way too much of that being done lately to children of any kind.  I mention this because I'm active on Face Book and find way too many stories and links sending me to articles about children being mistreated and animals being dumped unceremoniously in high kill shelters as if they are simply not breathing and living beings.

Children and pets are not a right, they are a privilege and should be treated with nothing but love and dignity.  It's okay to get mad at less than perfect behaviors, it's more than okay to discipline and to what you need to do to correct those incidents, it's okay to agree to disagree about choices made and how to handle to backlash.  We all make mistakes, we all have different ideas about what is "right" and "the best choices"-what we don't have a right to do is be abusive and (since it's the subject) literally throw out the baby with the bath water.

Our youth, our pets, they learn from how they are treated.  Yes, I'm a firm believer in self-determination and the strong arm of steering, but at some point, everyone has their own natures and desires and need to make their own choices as to what is the most important thing they need to do to be happy.

Making a difference simply means to be supportive in a positive way.  Do what you can, be there and realize that sometimes the decisions will be hard to swallow and yet, you can still get through the dark tunnel and find the light on the other side and keep being a family who loves each other.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Winning at Trivia

Along with last year's friends, we met a new couple and were the champs again!  

Showing Off Anthem Family Park

Friday, April 14, 2017


2 Years in the Making Over in a Flash

It never ceases to amaze me that vacation can be over in a mere blink.

Steve and I planned our latest cruise for the usual 2 years and before we knew what was happening-we've been back almost a whole week!

This cruise was a bit different.  First-we couldn't get our "free" point-driven airline tickets for only one day prior to our sailing date.  It was 3.  We did go to Miami-but trust me, it wasn't the "beautiful" part.

Nope.  That's another thing about making reservations from a website-you never really know what you're getting into until it's too late!  Where as last year we had a beautiful hotel in an industrial tract and we were gated in like animals in a zoo and close to absolutely nothing-this year, well, the hotel was mediocre (staff was very nice), we still couldn't really go anywhere, but we did have a few chain restaurants within walking distance.  Plus, we had the added bonus of this hotel being on the "route" of the "Orange Shopping Shuttle" which takes you to the Dolphin Outlet Mall and Entertainment Center.

We choose these hotels (by the way for your understanding) because they have shuttles to the cruise ships port and the pricing.

So, while we had 2 full days to fill we did have something to do:  shopping, seeing the world's worst movie (we each wanted to watch different films so this was the compromise which we both groaned at-ugh) and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in that mall.  By the hotel, we thankfully took our BOGOs for Denny's and had a breakfast and a dinner there.

Once on the ship, we met up with one of the couples we made friends with on last year's cruise. 
We also met another great couple from Canada who joined our trivia group.  We, again, swept the week!  Okay, we lost 2-but only by a point!  Came home this year with 3 t-shirts, a baseball cap and a few decks of cards for using our brains on vacation!

We enjoyed the walking, the talking and the new island!  We'd never been to St. Kitts before, we still just walked around the area off the port, but the four of us had a great time.

Our only hitches this year we unfortunate.  The day before our flight, Steve was rear-ended on the freeway.  Thank goodness the car wasn't badly damaged and while he is now in physical therapy for whiplash, both are in one piece.  Hence the reason for us NOT going on any tours!

Poor Steve also got hit by a stomach virus on our anniversary.  We were going to one of the specialty restaurants to celebrate, but hearing he was sick, they easily changed the reservation to a couple of days later.  Then, poor guy, he mixed too many foods together on that last night and was really hugging the porcelain bowl until we left the ship for the airport. 

Thankfully, again, he was doing much better by the time we got on the plane.  It was a very long day in the getting back home.  Adam picked us up around 7:30-ish Saturday night.  By the time we unpacked we collapsed at 11:30 p.m.  Steve had to be at work early, I had to go get our pups out of "puppy prison"  (so happy to hear that they did well) and spent most of the day doing laundry, a bit of shopping and trying to catch up with other little pesky chores. 

Rest of the week?  Lots of time watching the grand kids, errands, doctors appointments and tests.

Before I could know what had happened, here I am 19 days later writing up this blog for you all!

Now, it begins again:  counting down for our 37th anniversary cruise next year, same time, same anticipation!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Taking a bit of a break

Not that it will turn the world's axis to another dimension-but it's THAT time of year here. 

I had my hips shot full of steroids last week, with the promise of a lower back epidural that took place in the last 24 hours.  It wasn't pleasant but I'm already feeling better!  No spasms in any of the areas since about noon yesterday!

I'm taking it easy for today.  The "girls" must feel it's safe to leave my lap because they're enjoying watching Steve pull weeds in the yard at this moment.

This will be my last entry for a couple of weeks as Steve and I are about to leave at some point for our 36th anniversary cruise!  We're meeting up with one of the couples we met last year and looking forward to spending time at the beach, walking (me without hobbling or looking otherwise rather odd) and just relaxing.

My best guess is that I'm going to have lots of last minute things to do and as much as I love this blog, it will be on the back burner.

We'll miss our kids and grand kids, we'll miss our cat Pepper (who will enjoy the peace and quiet with only a house sitter) and we'll be overly concerned and anxious over having to put our precious pups into a pet resort. 

We've asked for update pictures to be sent to our phones and to Adam.  We never left our kids to go on a vacation until they were almost out of high school, so leaving our fur babies for this event has us feeling rather tense.

But, don't worry-we'll find a way to relax and enjoy the romance of this cruise and I'll hopefully be able to share tales of our excitement upon our return. 

Good luck to house sitter, good luck to the family-mom and dad are ready to have their week of fun!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


My Nurses

My devoted caretakers after the epidural.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Pass the Coffee and Friendship

What I've come to love about living in New River is that once you find your "crew", it's wonderful.

It did take me a while to find friends who could understand that I can't always do physically what I want to do-because neither could they!  And then I found friends who can enjoy my need to walk in the air with my dogs, go to water aerobics and commiserate over a good strong cup (or more) of coffee.

There's also the adjustment that some of them are not here all the time.  Snow birds abound, some of them about ready to leave for their other homes in "cooler" temps during the Spring and Summer.

It's funny, this has been a very atypical year for us here in Arizona-lots of rain and wind during this winter, cooler temps than normal too and then WHAM!  The heat arrived-two days before the unheard of March start date for water aerobics!

Our coach said she usually waits for the first week of April, but so many of us were requesting to start (even though the temps were very cool) back up that she took a chance.  Well, we were all there Tuesday morning, right on time and it was a beautiful 85 at 10 a.m..

It felt wonderful to get into the water, see all the other devotees and enjoy the morning. 

I had planned on going to the other two left in the month, but thankfully my spine doctor pushed through an emergency epidural so this Tuesday I will be in a surgical suite with Adam and the younger grands waiting at a nearby Starbucks (having a special, special while I'm being stuck with some nice large needles) and coming back to get me home later.

The kindly doctor also shot my hips full of steroids so I could start feeling less gimpy and more able to enjoy our upcoming cruise for our 36th anniversary!

This morning though, it was all about enjoying some time with my two friends, drinking coffee, discussing our aches and pains and what we'll be doing in the coming month.  One friend is leaving to care for her grands in another state for the month, the other just had hand surgery and is expecting her 4th grandchild in a couple of weeks and I am just looking forward to enjoying some alone time with my husband.

It will be a busy time, but I'm really hoping that we will be able to walk as much as we want without my paying for it later on. 

When we return, I'm hoping that I'll be able to meet up with my various groups and be able to participate in the swimming, the walking, the talking and most importantly-the friendships.

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