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Friday, August 10, 2018


I Hope I'm Wrong...

I really, really, really hope I'm wrong-but given our darling Pepper's age, things are a-changing.

This column may be a bit too much for anyone who either doesn't consider themselves a mom/dad to their pets, so you have now be forewarned.

Pepper is now 15.  We've literally had him since he was about 4 weeks old.  A couple of years ago, I lamented about how he became a "COG" (Cranky old guy) after my parents last visit and told me so by leaving a deposit right at my feet less than 10 minutes after they left the premises.

We got that all fixed with an additional litter box, lavender oil sprayed in various spots and lots of extra love.  That is until the other night...

As has become the norm, Sunshine woke me up at exactly 12:47 (how do animals know the time like that????).  Then she went to her spot and went back to sleep.  I somehow scooted inbetween her and Lucky.  Barely comfortable, Pepper jumped up and curled up in my armpit next to Lucky.  His usual spot.

Then came 5 a.m..  Sunshine woke up her sister and then me.  Ugh!  Pepper was gone.  Okay.  Didn't really think too much of this, because he does like to play with his latest wad of paper while the girls are sleeping.  But then I realized I was rather "damp" on one area of my night shirt and panties.

I also realized that that spot parallel to my damp shirt was also quite damp.  Then I smelled it.

OMG!  I got Steve up and said, "I've got to get the girls out, but you'll never believe this! Pepper peed in the bed!"

So Steve took off the offending sheet and mattress pad.  You know the one every manufacturer tells you to  spend a fortune on so "nothing will penetrate to the mattress".  Well guess what-it doesn't actually work.  Nope.  Steve got out the hairdryer and started that going while I started the laundry.

The girls were done.  Laundry was going.  Steve and Carine were not going back to sleep.  Sigh.

Next was to check the litterboxes-they were quite full considering that I clean them twice a day.  But we did see Pepper tanking up the water shortly before we went to sleep.

We sprayed Fabreze for pet odors on the mattress.  Then we went to WalMart and bought the new version of rubber sheets.

Unlike the horrible people who dispose of their senior pets just when they need their people the most, we just adjust.  It's just that since Pepper is still so "kittenish" in his playing and demeanor we didn't really consider his age.

I guess we're going to have to start.  I really, really, really hate this part.  For those who don't understand, I'm sorry. For those of you who do-a few prayers for another couple of years would really be appreciated.

Friday, August 03, 2018


Silly As It May Seem

As you know, we've been having a bit of a time with our youngest fur baby due to fear of both flies and bad weather.  We put on her thunder jacket (can you imagine wearing a jacket in both 115 degree heat and 70% humidity??) and it was of little worth.

Steve finally killed the "monster", only to have another storm swoop into town.  Poor thing didn't want to go outside even with her brave, older (and 1/2 her size) sister with her.  She hid under the slip-covered dining room chair for hours, refused to eat and held onto my arm all night.

This mad sleeping even more uncomfortable that what I usually deal with-my hand was both in pain and asleep at the same time.  But being a really good mom, I just held her and tried to comfort her as best I could.

Sunshine's been refusing to eat!  Now if it were Pepper we'd just assume he was either tired of the day's can or had decided to add it to his list of "I'm not touching that flavor" foods.  But this is a dog we're talking about!  Dogs love to eat.  Unless of course they think they're about to be attacked by the monster known as common house fly.

So I again called our wonderful Dr. Young and asked what to do?  We agreed that since this isn't an all the time problem that she'd give us a prescription for Xanax and we could try that.  Yes, that Xanax, the one people with anxiety take-because this is the doggy version.

We picked up the meds and I hid it in a piece of pill pocket.  Guess what?  For the first time in the almost two years since we adopted her-Sunshine didn't bite her nails for the entire day.  Plus, she came out of hiding and ate some dinner.

A lesson learned.  Sometimes even 4-legged babies need a bit of help to get through major scary events.

Now, if only we could find a way to fix Lucky's loose knee-cap as easily, there would be a wonderful happening.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Flies are so Scary

Poor Sunshine, it seems the only thing that helps is holding her sister's best dolly.  Flies are so scary!

Friday, July 27, 2018


Improvement? All in the Eye of the Beholder

While last week had us battling not only the extreme heat but the monsoons as well, this week we're back to only "enjoying" the extreme heat.  Okay, not quite the truth, last night around 6:30 the wind was blowing so strong that the Community Center closed the pool for the rest of the day.

Wind is akin to feeling as if you're in a dryer when it's also 115 outside.  Yes, that was in the evening.  Our younger pup, Sunshine, hates/fears two things in her life:  flies and bad weather.  Not a thunder jacket or essential oil changes the results for her.

Last night our world-weary travelers came over with the younger grands for dinner when the winds started up.  Somehow a fly got in the house as well.  That was pretty much it for Sunshine for the evening.  She loves having everyone over, it's like her pack has come together!

She used Sam's lap as a safe haven from the dreaded fly.  Wouldn't eat her dinner.  Then the sound of the howling wind began  and poor thing wanted only to get into one of her many bed choices and be hidden by a blanket.  We could see the blanket move.  Ugh, imagine wearing that Thunder jacket, under a blanket and still shaking?

I know the shaking isn't from being cold, just so you know.

The rain we smelled never came, guess it was blown out of the area with those 45 MPH winds.  Finally around 10 p.m., it died down enough and the fly had fallen asleep, Sunshine calmed down to the point where dinner was going to happen.

As for our travelers-they had a great time, lots of memories made.  Pictures are really, really great!  I've always wanted to go to Greece, so I'm living the dream through them.  On the flip side of that, poor things also had a few little blips-Sam a day of not feeling well.  Adam got stung by something at the beach and wound up with not only a swollen foot, but an eye as well.   He made it through the trip, but today he decided he'd better get in to the doctor's and have it checked.  Yep, infection there.

One of the other guests at the wedding had a pretty bad spill on his scooter (Santorini uses mainly scooters or ATVs) and broke his collar bone.  Wow, right on his first day.  Bummer for him.

Otherwise, Greece was relaxing, fun and they had a lot of things to do besides the actual wedding festivities that they went to participate in.  Rome-well let's just say they loved the architecture and the history but not the pickpockets, scam artists and the very dense population.

And now, off to my mundane world of laundry, letting the dogs in and out (they are always on the wrong side of that darned door) and sweeping up fur.

Friday, July 20, 2018


Humidity is NOT my friend

This has been a rather tough week.  We've had not only a couple of minor monsoons combined with the usual heat warnings, but the weather has been horribly, horribly humid.

Humidity is so NOT my friend.  All week I've had trouble breathing (evidently spores and humidity are either great friends that enjoy torturing me or enemies that want me to suffer their indignation), pain level is high and of course there's the questionable hair situation going on.  I look like a brillo pad.

Poor Sunshine and Lucky have also been suffering from all this sticky, hot weather-Even at 6 a.m. it is too darn awful out to consider walking them.  So they have cabin fever.  Lucky has taken to sleeping on the treadmill and Sunshine (despite the heat) keeps throwing her blanket over her in one of the many beds and slumbering away the day.

Last night we never had the rain, but the sky was completely lit up with constant lightening bolts and the air was so wet that getting my cotton clothes off was an act of disgust.  It's like trying to pull down a wet swimsuit.

Everyone is affected by this less than fun time of the year.  The other night Steve and I decided that since it was so hot and we had a coupon for baked/fried chicken pieces from Safeway that we'd just go pick one up and add a couple of salads at home to it for dinner.  The young man behind the deli counter asked if he could put my baked in with Steve's fried and then proceeded to keep loading up the bucket with only the fried version.  He looked up when I said, "Excuse me, but I think you're putting in too much of one and not enough of the other!".  He sighed and said, "I just don't know why but I've been doing that all day!"

We did get a bit of a respite last night.  Steve and I said good night to the older grands, ate dinner and then went to go see Mamma Mia-Here We Go Again!   If you want something fun, good music and just a feel good thing to do I'd recommend it.

And now, back to my sweating...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Girls Love Their Young Man

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Chillaxing After a Monsoon

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