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Saturday, May 26, 2018


Where's Sunshine?

Took me 20 minutes exclamation but finally saw her little tiny Paws sticking out of a dining room chair!

Thursday, May 24, 2018


With Spring Comes Strep

As we waved Bon Voyage to our daughter and older grandkids Wednesday, we wondered how it was our grandsons have become more travelled that we'll probably ever be?

Those boys have been on Caribbean Cruises, Dylan got to see Cuba, they've been to various parts of Mexico, Northern California as well as family visits to Southern California, Hawaii and so much more!  Now they were embarking on an 18 adventure to 10 different places in Europe.  Hopefully at their ages they will remember, enjoy and be thankful for the experience.

On to the cases of strep.

Of course this is over at Adam and Sam's end of the block, but it wasn't fun for any of them.

Last Friday, just as Sam was going to take Jackson for his kindergarten assessment, the pre-school called and let her know he was running a fever.  He didn't say anything about his throat, but did complain about his tummy hurting a lot.  By the next morning, she decided a trip to immediate care was in order.  Outcome:  Strep throat.  Bryce seemed to be fine.

We babysat Sunday night and all was pretty much normal.  Monday, Adam had to pick me up from the place that was fixing the a/c in my car and when I got in, he asked if I minded going to Immediate Care once again because now Bryce was running a temp and her throat wasn't looking so good.

Yep, another case of strep.

I was doing my best to keep my distance from my beloved grand-daughter-the very last thing in this world I need is to get strep!  Especially since a couple of days later I was due for my Prolia shot.  I knew from experience that if I had to have antibiotics that this would have to be postponed for about 3 weeks after meds had been finished.  Plus, it seems that last thing Valley Fever doctors want their patients to do is have to take either steroids or infection meds.  Both make the spores grow.


Besides the bon voyages, the a/c not clickity-clacking at me anymore and the younger grands being sick, poor Lucky is still having a lot of issues with that pinched nerve in her back.  Her morning walks consist of saying hello to her friends, piddling for a couple of feet and then pulling up that affected back leg and walking on only three!

I'm fully aware that my tiniest and oldest pup is a dog, but she's still one of my babies and it's very apparent that she somehow has inherited a lot of my personal weaknesses.

While she's nursing her back/leg and taking her meds, I'm still nursing the feeling that my kneecaps are going to pop off.  Adam suggested that I stop being a "weenie" and either call my orthopedic or at least wear a couple of knee braces during my power walks.

Since I really sick of seeing doctors (and June has me seeing 4) I've opted for wearing the braces.  I made it through the walk yesterday.  Water aerobics is only mildly affected.

And that has been our week around here.  Lots of nothing, with a dash of frustration.

Friday, May 18, 2018


Windows 10- You Still STINK

Yesterday my computer told me, "you have new updates for Windows 10 to install".

I knew in my heart of hearts I really shouldn't click "install", but I did per hubby's telling me nothing bad would happen.

Hah!  I say!

Now I can't get into the computer unless a message about my having mail shows in the bottom corner, followed by a note that says I have new mail and click on it.  From there I can finally get my computer to open up to the front page and the mail.  Just clicking on the opening picture screen greets me not with a place to login, only a "beep, boop" sound.

Once I'm done and leave to do something else for a while-the entire process starts over from the beginning.

Steve did say when it happens to show him.  That might be easier if he were here.  Since he's 30 miles a way, I have little hope of his making this any easier on me until his next day off-Tuesday.

I hate Windows 10.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Someone HATES the New Vacuum

Poor baby!

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Lovely Roses

My husband brought home a beautiful roses! He knew from our old house that these were some of my favorites.  

Love My Flowers

Some beautiful flowers for Mother's Day from my son, daughter, and younger grandkids.  

Beautiful Pens

My older grandsons, Dylan and Aidan, decided that since I love to do crosswords and was always at losing my pens to give me a bouquet of pens that I will never lose. This is one beautiful gift from 2 wonderful boys.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Grandpup Lily is Summer Ready

Friday, May 11, 2018


Pepper Needs a Break

After worrying about little Lucky  all week, pepper is taking a much-needed rest.  

Bittersweet Weekend

This weekend will be bittersweet.  While I will be thrilled to have breakfast with my daughters and fellow moms, our son, my husband and all the grand kids-I can't help but notice that this will be my first Mother's Day without a mom.

The last 5+ years I haven't been able to be with my mom since we lived in another state, but I made sure to have my sister either buy her flowers, a new orchid plant or something else.  Of course, I'd call.

Now my dad's turning 89 on Tuesday and is in a memory care unit.  I tried to speak with him last week but that was a total failure.  He's in the "angry" stage of the grieving process plus he is not adjusting to life in his new place.  It must be so very scary to go from living in your home with your wife of over 60 years to spending your days with people you don't know, having a schedule you don't like and being encouraged to be with others who are "in the same boat".

It's very hard to know that he's going through so many emotions, forgetting for a time and then remembering the entire events (We think) of the day that changed all our lives forever.

For a person with Alzheimer's disease this must be something akin to the movie "50 First Dates".
Living in a particular moment and not remembering it the next morning.

Yes, this is a very different Mother's Day.  I will enjoy spending breakfast with the Arizona clan but it doesn't change the fact that it appears that I am now the eldest woman on my side of our extremely small family.  Weird.

May all of you be blessed to have your moms with you to celebrate, if you're a mom-pat yourself on the back!  No matter what, know that you have done the very best you could with what life was dealing out at that moment in time.  And gentlemen, just for this day-maybe you could do the cooking?

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