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Friday, May 27, 2016


I'm Not a Bird Lover, Yet...

My fellow blogger Bun Karyudo posted a great blog this week!  It gave me the inspiration for my post.

Here is his take on pigeons:

It made me think about those pesky things. We had a LOT of pigeons in Orange county, CA-here in AZ though-mainly:  huge black birds, owls, vultures, hawks, morning doves, yellow and red birds of some sort, plain old wrens and at night BATS.  No pigeons!  Either way, I'm one of those people who do not like birds.

That doesn't mean I want anything bad to happen to them though.  I'm a real softy when it comes to other living creatures-even ones I don't care for at all.  Especially for ones that fly-EEK!!!  Just ask my older grandsons how I looked and got through a butterfly showing at a museum in NYC-it was NOT pretty.  I was a sweaty, nervous Nellie.

Because of Bun's wonderful post, which I encourage you to go "click" on the link and then read, I thought about an awful encounter with one I had last summer.  I cried and had nightmares for a while because of that little fellow.

In the summer our temps average about 110 from now until the end of September, sometimes longer-and with that heat and the rising temps in the accompanying garbage cans we have a horrible fly problem!

To help with that disgusting problem we use fly traps.  There are a few different versions:  bags of water with some kind of stinky clear solution that lures the pests into them where they obviously drown and die.  The Ziploc bag with a couple of pennies in it that is SUPPOSED to scare them away because the flies are afraid of the glare (it didn't work for us) and then there are the fly strips.

This blog is about the last (and worst) of these products.

Since the bags of stinky fluid reeked and made me cry about the agony the flies were in during their final moments, Steve tried the "penny" bags (which again didn't work).  The last thing we tried were the strips.

They still seemed rather violent to me, but I also don't like flies swarming in the house and creating maggots in my trash cans despite the ziplocked bags of trash that have been frozen and discarded the night before trash day.

So Steve hung the strip up and the thing not only "caught" flies-it caught a bird!!!

I heard the poor thing crying and I cried.  I let the dog out and heard it bellowing for help.  I cried and begged Steve to come and "rescue" it.

Let me assure you, it never had a chance.  I cried, had nightmares and alerted everyone on my facebook page and my Twitter feed NOT to buy those horrible killers of wildlife.

While birds may not be my favorite thing I certainly never wanted even one little feather on them to be hurt-let alone stuck and its life shortened just to keep the real pests out of my kitchen.

My best suggestion is:  DO NOT BUY PEST STRIPS!!!

This year, I guess we'll go back to the stinky bags-not the best remedy, but at least I won't be grossed out or having nightmares about our feathered neighbors.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Summer is Almost Here, EEK!

When we lived in California I could hardly wait until summer arrived.  The warmth, the sun, the ability to go out at night and leave my various "car" coats in my closet and not having to wait until mid-day to take my power walk.  Heaven. 

Don't get me wrong, we had plenty of 80 degree winter days-but somehow the winter 80 was a lot less warm than the spring or summer 80.  Even autumn 80 was pretty darn hot, but then we'd call it "Indian summer".

When living "on the face of the sun" you start looking for indoor activities to keep busy with because even going to the community pool after 11:30 a.m. (or one of our fantastic splash pads) is just not as fun as you might be imagining.

The "person" I feel the sorriest for is our little Chihuahua Lucky.  Her favorite time of day is when she sees me suiting up for that daily power walk I mentioned a few seconds ago.  She has 3 coats:  one for brisk mornings, one for cold and one for our few freezing mornings.  But summer?  Ugh!

Our first summer with Lucky, Steve and I found some cute booties to try on.  For those of you who have either never been the pet parent of a dog or just never wanted to go out in either the freezing cold or blazing heat-the booties are meant to do just what shoes do for us-stop our feet from blistering!

Well, Steve got the front two booties on her, she gave him the fish eye.  Then she saw the third one in his hand and growled the doggy version of "Don't even think about it Dad!".

Steve said, "Put her down, maybe when she sees what we're trying to do, she'll like them."

Yeah, right.  I put her down and she looked like a toddler wearing their first ever winter coat!  Big eyes, snarly nose and stiff from nose to tail tip.  We took them off, packaged them up and took them back to the pet boutique we purchased them at and (obviously) returned them.

If you ask people out here how the dogs cope about walking in the heat, well, we "good" parents will tell you from about the end of May until Mid-September-we just don't take them on a walk.

Some people say to just take them at the horrible hour of 6 a.m. or after dark.  Really?  There are two reasons why this is not a good idea: 

1-During those months our temps reach 120 and only dip to maybe (on cool nights) 105.  The sidewalks are too darn hot no matter what time of day it is!  The sun disappearing for a few hours does NOT make anything feel the least bit cooler!

2-I can't speak for downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale, but out here in the "boonies"-we have a lot of critters that can do something we mere humans cannot:  See in the dark.  I for one do not wish to go out in the dark and run into a coyote, a wolf, a javelina or a flying critter of some kind. The other DAY my neighbor and I saw a vulture flying about our daily walking route.  Ew, thankfully I didn't see the dying/dead critter and for that I'm eternally grateful.

A few weeks ago the two of us (Lucky was enjoying her walk in my arms) saw a dead coyote on the curb-I wasn't even asking, I just said, "Let's go this way" and proceeded to go through the houses instead of on the main road.

So here we are about to start our fourth summer in paradise and I'm thinking a tune up for the treadmill might be in order.  I don't enjoy being a hamster, but it beats not moving.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Getting Breakfast "Cupcakes" Ready

Over the next few weeks our older grandsons will be spending many days here, so I'm getting ready to feed them tasty "cupcakes" for breakfast.  PS-they're mighty tasty and healthy for grandpa and grandma as well:

Friday, May 13, 2016


If I Were Them...

Every May our fair little town (we're too small to be called a city) makes the most of the not yet triple digit nights and does a weekly outdoor concert at the main park.  It's a lot of fun, when it happens.

The first year here we were only rained out of half of the second one.  The second year Steve worked Friday nights so we didn't get to go at all.  Last year, monsoons struck all but one.  It was a fun night though!  The bands are always good, most of us make it a dinner and a concert affair by either picking up sandwiches or making our own.  The kids love dancing and the pets spend the night hoping for crumbs.

The last group that was supposed to play offered to try and play the first Friday in June.  Believe it or not-it wound up being the worst storm of the season!  Our friends and we decided to still get together and sit under the patio cover at their home (They have a fantastic view of the wash which we can only see from our front porch).  We all got up pretty fast for our age group when it appeared the rain decided to add huge bolts of lightening, thunder and a cloud burst!  In the house all of us went and watched a movie instead.

Last week that poor band got rained out a third time!  Yep.  My friend Linda and I said if it were us we'd be thinking the proverbial Gods were trying to tell us something and decide NEVER to sign a contract to play in Anthem.  EVER!

Since I usually post on Friday mornings (and this is obviously no exception), I will tell you that we're planning to go and enjoy another attempt at "Music in May". 

It's a shame, really.  The first concert of the season is also a great chance for us to have more than either sandwiches from one of the three not-so-great chain place or a sort-of fast Mexican food place that Guy Fieri featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Because it's the opening of the hot time of Arizona Spring weather Food Trucks park in the closest lot to the amphitheater and everyone loves to see who shows up.  After that only the ice cream truck comes clear out here to the outskirts of suburbia.

I'm pretty sure that one way or the other we'll have a fun night.  I'm just hoping it's at the park and not in front of the television watching a so-so to poor movie.

Here's to the weekend!

Monday, May 09, 2016


Helping Those With Vision Problems See Ahead

This month's Senior Profile knew as soon as she heard the job description that helping those with vision challenges would be her life's passion.  Check out the story on page 2:

Friday, May 06, 2016


Happy Mother's Day

This year we celebrate not only moms in our home but it's also Adam and Sam's 6th anniversary! 

Seriously, where does the time go?  It seems as if it was just last week that Sam drove Adam home after he played in a frat soccer game and came off the field too sick to drive the 22 mile trek back home on his own.  Then this wonderful woman stayed the weekend tending to him.

I remember telling Steve, "This is THE ONE!  He'd better NOT blow it!"  Thank goodness for his sake and his future kids he must have listened to my "mom vibe" and listened.  Here they are almost eight years, 3 pets and 2 adorable kids later enjoying their special day.

As for Mother's Day?  Well, Adam and Steve both work-so it's obvious that they will not be preparing their wives, sister and kids dinner.  Nope, once again Mother's Day means we women will be creating our own special meal. 

That's okay.  We're very good at cooking and excellent at planning a meal for 9 on the fly.

I'll do a ginger and garlic pulled pork and my girls will supply the sides.  Aidan, our budding chef can help with some of the prep and I'll have Dylan set the table.  I'm thinking I'll let Jackson place the napkins (he loves to help at 2 years and 8 months) and Bryce-it's both her first and last year to just sit "be our guest" and watch the goings on.

It's a shame that our California family won't be with us, but it can't be helped.  With 500 or so miles between the SoCal crew and probably about 1000 for the NorCal delegates spending the day together is just not going to happen.

If we're lucky and the weather holds we'll finally get to put a log in the fire pit and make s'mores for dessert!  I'm betting that Jackson (our lover of "special, special" desserts) will have quite the look of ecstasy on his face when he takes a bite of it.

Here's my wish for all of you:  May you have the luck to spend the day with your moms and spoil them.  Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 01, 2016


Mother's Day Meal

This seems unfair, but we three "moms" here in AZ will be putting together their own Mother's Day Dinner since the men are working...

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