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Friday, April 22, 2011


Birthday Season is Here Again

I can’t believe this-it totally snuck up on me. It seems as if it was just yesterday that we were celebrating our 30th anniversary. Yet, here we are only a few hours from celebrating our son’s 27th birthday! And a few days after that our daughter turns 29-may I just say OMG??

This subject has been written about every year since I started this blog. Starting April 24th and ending on May 26th-we celebrate 8 birthdays, Mother’s Day and now 2 anniversaries.

Yes, come this May 8th-Mother’s Day our son and daughter-in-law will already be celebrating anniversary #1.

Was this an incredibly fast year or what?

Truth be told, I can’t believe we’ve been married 30 years and on June 14th will celebrate our first meeting 31 years ago either.

Life just seems to be literally flying by. Of course, it probably seems faster this month because 3 days after getting home-our daughter and son-in-law came into town and dropped the kids off for the week while they went on vacation.

Our son and daughter-in-law helped me to keep doing at least some of my work on Tuesday and Wednesday and my husband had the next two days off. Fortunately, the parents came home and as you read this on the first day it comes out-they will be given the reins of parenthood right back.

The kids are at that wonderful stage: They walk, talk, feed themselves, go to the bathroom and can amuse themselves most of the time. I supplied the uncle, the aunt, a new bubble machine, crayons and drawing paper, chalk and a cookie sheet full of “stuff” (equal parts of corn starch and water) to do that amusing in. They’re also at the stage where they love for me to act out the classic children’s novels. Last trip-Willy Wonka. This time around-Charlotte’s Web.

This year, we’re unfortunately going to have to take the rather meager approach to handing out the birthday envelopes.

Here’s hoping that next year we’ll be better off and able to make up for this year.
Evidently-even though we used points for the cruise, the airfare and the on board credit-new employers still seem to bring changes that while promising to improve things take a while to implement.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter by the way-those seem to have dropped in rather quickly as well.

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