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Friday, April 28, 2017


I'm Stuck

I'm stuck with a subject for this week!

I actually have something to share with you all, but I'm sworn to secrecy for the time being!

So here I am, wondering what to write about this week.

I suppose I could tell you that a friend of mine and I tried out a Yoga class.

That was quite the epic failure for this former dancer.  I learned in one hour just how much my RA has robbed me of in the last 20 or so years.  Sigh.  Yep, first I learned my joints don't want to actually go in any particular direction that I am willing them to go.  I wanted to go into a pose where I sit back on my feet and stretch my arms and torso out in front of me.

My body did NOT.  Getting on the floor to even begin was painful.  Fortunately I brought a nice thick towel to make into a pad for my knees.  But once I got them there, they wouldn't let me bend  to even get my hips on my heels.  Nope.  Knees and hips made sure I had no way of getting into a pose resembling what everyone else was doing.

So I laid down with the rolled towel under my stomach and did the "cobra" stretch until my neck wanted to snap off.  Then while everyone else was able to stand up and do numerous other stances that not only had me gasping in pain for them-I decided to rollover onto my back and do some of my PT exercises to work on releasing what was left of my hip flexors.

I also did my "dead bugs" (core work, totally) while others around me were twisting and turning with ease.  Okay, my girlfriend did fall on her tush a couple of times, but I was the only one who was looking a tad green with nausea when I tried a certain pose where you turn your head.

At the end, the teacher said I should come back because I could only get better (she politely encouraged me by saying she had definitely seen worse).

As we left, my girlfriend said she was going to at least try the class at least one more time.  I said I might go with her just to see if there's any hope that Yoga may help my frozen and painful joints.

Another thing that happened, remember I said I was feeling green?  That persisted for about 2 days.  I was thanking the pharmaceutical world for the invention of Zofran to keep the feeling stifled until my vertigo and sick feeling went away.

At the end of it all I've pretty well decided that even after next week's second try at this class that "everyone can do", it will be my last.  However, being first timers, the owners of this practice gave both of us a much needed gift-a 30 minute massage.  I may not ever be able to have my dancer's body back, but I sure have a body that will appreciate this unexpected pleasure.

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