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Friday, May 06, 2011




Being a grandparent is fascinating-some incredible things come “out of the mouths of babes”. Granted, I’ve only been a grandma to 2 (so far) and they are but a mere 3 and 4 (as of their last birthdays around the end of January and beginning of February), but we’ve had a few zingers already.

Here are some of the recent ones that caused several loud guffaws; I’m not going to tell you which one said which:

When they were living with us for 6 weeks (our daughter and son-in-law were finding a place and training for new jobs) they moved in during the last 2 of 8 months of the bathroom remodeling incident. Their grandfather (my wonderful but slightly odd-at-times husband) wouldn’t let them use either of the new tubs. In fact, even now-the door remains shut in the hall bath except for weekly “flushes and water exercising”. He’d don a bathing suit and take them in the downstairs shower.
On this subject-during one of the videocam sessions with their parents one of the boys said “mommy, poor grandma doesn’t have a tub. At least not one that the police say we can use.”

In a more recent visit, my husband was (yes, he still only let’s US use the GOOD shower once a week) showering in the “real” bathroom and one had to use the bathroom. I said “let’s go upstairs and use the potty there.”

It was in absolute astonishment that the child in need looked at long forgotten nook and said, “Hey grandma, hey grandma-when did you get this? This is a really good bathroom you’ve got here. And look at this really nice tub! How come we can’t ever take a bath in here???”

I immediately laid the blame on his grandfather (Hah!). I said “I honestly don’t know why! You’re right, this is a really nice bathroom and a really good tub-I tell you what, why don’t you ask your grandfather about this?”

Another subject is the age of our dog, Sunshine. The boys are very gentle with her. We’ve explained that she’s the “doggy” version of a Great-grandma. Our beloved mutt loves those boys, but she doesn’t exactly run anymore. On a recent visit, our son and daughter-in-law brought the grand-pups over to do all three-play with the boys, run in the yard and visit with Sunshine. The boys were used to seeing the shelties run and play ball, but not the old gal. So when Sunshine literally hopped all over the backyard in excitement over having so many visitors at once, well, both boys were quick to caution her to “calm down before you hurt yourself.”

And now for the end of “grandsonisms” week-I’ll leave you with this:

After being with us for a week, they were packed up, seat-belted in and kissed from head to toe and hugged quite tightly and as they were waving good bye-they told their parents, “Wait, we’re not done visiting yet-go back!” When my daughter asked how much longer they needed the visit to last, they were both quick to answer, “I think until we want to date. There’s probably not enough room for any girl toys in our room.”

This brought both laughter to us and a lump in our throats.

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