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Friday, July 03, 2015


News of the Happy Kind for a Change

News of the Happy Kind


I would really like to share some happy news for a change.  Not that all my aches, pains and degenerative discs and diseases have all left my life, because they haven’t.  All the same I want to share only good news today:


I’m happy.  Don’t feel I have to explain the details.

Our adult children are all healthy.

Our grandchildren are all healthy.

Our fur babies and our fur grand babies are all healthy.

My husband is healthy (and I’m hoping happy).

Our extended family is all doing okay.  I can’t really go into the details since our extended family members are all well over 500 miles away.

We have had no invasion by the following in the last 6 months:  rattlesnakes, owls, ground squirrels, tarantulas (although our neighbors have), hawks and bunnies who like to hide in the planters out front. (Those buggers are cute but have BIG front teeth!)

While we have seen quite a few:  wolves, coyotes, wild burros and bobcats, all of them seem to not want any part of hopping our block wall and eating our precious little Chihuahua Lucky.  I’d like to think it’s because they are camera shy (remember, since the break-in we are very secure in several ways around here) and therefore want no part of coming into our sanctuary.


My physical therapists may not be “curing” me, but they are great at helping me through the daily grind of just being me, in regards to my joints and discs.

And the last bit of great news for my week?

Adam and Sam went to the “reveal” ultrasound and have shared the news with us that our fourth grandchild will be a little girl!  They’ve decided on Bryce for her first name.

Aidan is thrilled-Jackson wasn’t even a week old when he decided that “Auntie Sam has to have another baby and make it a girl-I need a girl cousin.” 


Personally, while yes I’m thrilled that we will have a grand-daughter-in all honestly, all I’ve ever cared about is that my kids and grandkids are healthy and happy.  When you come right down to it, if they have those two things-life is beautiful.

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