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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Do it Big or Don't Do Anything

I was of the impression that August was in the roller coaster mode, but so far September is showing me that it was only a taste of  what was to come.

Sarah and I went to our old stamping grounds to visit family, friends, celebrate my parents 59th anniversary and have a few life changing discussions.

In short-it was the typical family vacation filled with the great, the good, the bad and even (at moments) the ugly.

I wasn't exactly in "good" shape when we left-as you may recall I had those two fairly serious falls which gave me an oozing elbow, black eye and a still healing gash.  Let's not forget the concussion and the added pain from the twisted ankle and knee, the back and my neck.

Traveling 525 miles with a Chihuahua on my lap did not help.

Once home I was given a last minute writing assignment where all my subjects were either in school or out of town.  By the time you read this, the story should be over and done with and reading for the layout team.

If that wasn't enough-I had the older boys after school for 1/2 the week and we even watched Jackson for a while.  Then came my minor surgery!

A very pesky and constantly returning cyst was in need of removal.  So it was removed and stitched up-the doctor's last sentence until next week was 'this time it won't come back'.  We shall wait and see.  I really hope she's right because this is excision #7.  I was also bandaged up from mid-chin to just below the crease in my neck.  Not allowed to get this thing wet for 7 days.  Should be very interesting to see just how this is going to work.

That same night I had to have my very painful shot of Humira for my RA and the next morning I was supposed to have the fun of my yearly infusion of Reclast.  However, after driving the 25 miles and even having to get on the dreaded scale-I was told that since I was on an antibiotic I would have to re-schedule for two weeks after I finished the meds. 

Got back in the car and drove home-in a last ditch effort of monsoon season to give us some rain.  Sigh.

Not much else to put out there.  Here's hoping everyone else had a RESTFUL Labor Day weekend and are enjoying the slightly cooler weather. 

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