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Friday, March 19, 2010


Spring has Sprung

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring-so over at my cooking column, we're talking fruit and veggies changes!  

10 Things I Try Not to Forget

I’m into lists lately. This week has me reminding myself of 10 things I don’t want to forget. I’d say senior moments, but I’m not there yet. We all tend to forget things about ourselves that if we don’t listen to we suffer. Okay, if not suffer-leave us in a state of pique.

Mine are:

1-I’M NOT OLD. Again some days this is hard to remember. Especially in the morning when I wake up and I’m so sore and stiff that I need to roll out of bed and cringe during the first few steps I have to take.

2-I USED TO BE A DANCER. See #1 and then you’ll understand how I can forget that I once graced stages across the county and even served as assistant choreographer a number of times. I can still remember college friends watch me wear 6” heels and bend straight-legged to the floor and almost touch with my elbows.

3-I NEED COFFEE AT BREAKFAST. Honestly-I cannot ever forget this. Some people can drink hot tea, hot chocolate-my kids will even order a coke, but not me. I need really GOOD, strong coffee. It’s been said to speak to me before that morning quart is as futile as expecting me to understand math. If you see me drinking hot tea-it follows that I’m deathly ill.

4-NUMBERS, I HATE THEM. This is relevant- my lack of mathematical understanding. I swear I try and like the coffee, I can’t forget it. I’ve been told that when someone brings numerical items into a conversation that they swear I glaze over.

5-I’M IMPATIENT. I forget this now and then. As I get older, I really feel I’m better at not losing my temper because something I asked to get done wasn’t accomplished in 5 minutes or less.

6-PARENTING IS TOUGH. Now that my children are well into adulthood and I haven’t run a pre-school/day care in over 8 years, I’ve forgotten how hard it is to try and get toddlers to have autonomous bathroom skills.

7-TAKE MY MEDS. Being uber-organized, I find that if one thing is even slightly off schedule and I forget this for any reason, my health goes “south”-FAST.

8-GET MY INVOICES DONE. I don’t earn enough and don’t have enough income to forget the importance of getting this step done. But because of #4-I tend to postpone this nasty chore to a really terrible point. It doesn’t help that one of my sources always forgets to process it either.

9-CALL MY PARENTS/SISTER/KIDS. Now you would think this would be one of the things I would do the best. But it’s not. I’m making excuses now, but after spending a good part of my day on the phone interviewing people, the last thing that comes to my mind is to call up my family and see how they’re doing. SHAME ON ME.

And last,

10-EAT LUNCH. When I had a day job, I prepared my salad the night before and served myself at 1 p.m... Yes, I still worked while I ate, but I did eat. Now that I work at home, I guess I feel that I can go down anytime and get myself something. Which I then forget to do.

Speaking of which-I realize that I’ve been working the entire day and that my computer is telling me its well after 3.

See? Told you.

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