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Thursday, October 10, 2019


Really? You've Got to be Kidding Me!

We've all been "here".  You get a bill from one of you health related companies for a ghastly amount-and you're not sure why!

In this case, my came via my portal from my "main" supplier of not only doctors but for the brief time at my latest stint in physical therapy.


I was shocked!  This is my total after my insurer's discount AND sending it through Medicare????

No, it wasn't.  First off, yes my insurer actually discounted the original amount by half.  No mention of Medicare was on the detailed printout.  Then I started really reading this bill:

It was for two weeks!  Literally 3 appointments!  They were charging me $552 for "therapeutic exercise-15 minutes".  Problem with that is that 10 of each of those 15 minutes were spent warming up on a recumbent bike that I could've done all by myself at the gym!  The last 5 (of each appointment) were each spent with him watching me do exercises from a printout sheet that I carried around with me and taping my foot.

I was also charged nearly $200 for "manual therapy" (massage) that I never received!  And they wondered why after my few appointments I said, "Sorry, I can do this at home and I really can't afford to come here".  Therapist was upset saying I had a lot of work that still needed to be done.

Well maybe I would see the point if I had felt some improvement which negated my then needing to go and spend $350 on prescription orthotics and $35 on a carbon plate to put in my shoe to keep it rigid.  But I digress.

So while you maybe commiserating with this brief rant of mine, I'm probably on the phone with both the billing department of the medical practice and following that up with a talk with my insurer.

And one more little bit of spitting verbal tacks on this subject-my foot is still broken (one year and counting), it still hurts and the orthopedic might still make me wear that stupid boot and "leveler" when I go back for the umpteenth check-up.

I'm telling you all-I would've rather put this ridiculous amount of money toward my almost new flooring, shower and tub.


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