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Thursday, November 06, 2014





You know you spoil your fur babies when they get “spa” treatments more than you do.

Such is the case in our home-always has been.  Our first cat, Snowy allowed me the honor of doing her mani-pedis and loved being brushed.  Our first Lucky loved being brushed, but no way was I about to try doing her nails-they were (like our latest Lucky) black.  A chance I wasn’t about to take since one millimeter to far could result in literal death.

Pepper and Sunshine wouldn’t let us do a mani/pedi, ear cleaning or anything else for that matter.  My very first blog was about what Steve and I went through giving Sunshine a shower.  As she got older, no way would I be able to get her up the stairs and into the re-modeled showplace that was in our former abode.


Our little girl is a snap to bathe.  I get out the special buttermilk conditioning shampoo and clean up all 5-1/2 pounds of her in a plastic tub in the kitchen sink.  However, her nails are not going to be done by me!


One of the first things we all noticed when Adam and Sam found her in the wash was that whomever ceremoniously dumped her at her 8 months of age-didn’t think to ever trim her nails!  Poor baby had trouble walking. 


The worst part is that the veins in those nails were now down to the very tips of the paws.  The vet had to stop the bleeding on several toes that first time.  From then on, we make a standing appointment to have them ground down every two months.


It’s a harrowing experience for us all.  Lucky pulls out all the emotional stops of a toddler getting a shot.  Have you ever seen a pup dig in to its mommy’s neck and whimper???


Not that I don’t understand.  My feet are so arthritic that I do NOT enjoy a pedicure myself.  And I reserve manicures to when I have no choice because I’m going on vacation or it’s time for the annual Holiday party at Steve’s company.  I believe I missed last year’s “treat” because honestly, the thought of someone touching my hands and pressing on them or moving my shoulder brought on an anxiety attack.


So I understand.  But it is now time for Lucky to have her imposed event. 


I’m posting early because we are having a very busy holiday weekend.   My hope is that all our military are safe and sound and that our honored vets receive the esteem they so heartily deserve.

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