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Thursday, June 08, 2017


Hairy, Scary Tarantulas

Obviously the boys are interested.  Even waited  in line to pet them. Ew!  

Tarantula day at the library  

Getting in the Swim of Things

Thanks to a stern suggestion from my "knee/shoulder" guy last year, I found water aerobics. 

Here in the desert we are blessed with quite a bit of sunny pool time weather for much of the year.  I started at the beginning of April last year and continued to all but the very last day at the end of November last year.

The reason I didn't go to that last class?  I'm a cold weather weenie.  While our community pool was nicely heated for all of us water "babies" to a comfortable 90 degrees by that point, the outside temperatures on that last of November morning was a very painful 40!

The week before (my birthday) it was a very perfect and respectable outside temperature of 80 degrees.  That's how it is here in the Sonoran desert-we can go from sunny and warm one day and switch it for a humid and unbearable monsoon (complete with gale strength winds) or a literal frosty day in under an afternoon.

This year, the last day of our ever so brief "winter" was hitting a high of 90, so our coach Janet sent us all a note at the beginning of March letting us know that it was time to get out our suits and water shoes and join her for the start of classes.

Yeah!  The first three weeks it was just one day a week, then we went to twice.  Once all the schools let out around mid-May we were told our class was getting only 2 lanes.  It's okay-we'll enjoy the class no matter how much "personal space" there will be surrounding us.

Since last year our beloved leader, Janet, took some master courses on how to step up the workouts and even managed to get our twice a week classes extended to three days a week for the "shallow" class and keep the one in the evenings for the braver devotees who want to work out in the deep end.

I know what you're thinking-so I'm going to all 4 classes.  No, besides the cold, I'm also a weenie about wearing a floaty belt and trying to get my frail knees, hips and back to work out in 7' water.  There are certain movements that have my eyes crossing due to the sharp pains that hit those areas in my part of the pool that says, "3'6"". 

All that said, I'm still loving the class, the ladies in it and of course our fantastic teacher that gets all of us involved feeling fit and pretty much like regular everyday people who can move just like our much younger and less "challenged" counterparts.

So, I'm firmly in the "swim of things".  The only difference from last year is because of my recent skin cancer scare, I've moved from 30+ SPF to 50.  Here's hoping that like last year I'll still be enjoying it for my 60th birthday and beyond.

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