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Friday, January 23, 2009



I don’t know about you-but this inauguration was a wonderful experience. I am not really “into” politics per se. At least my feelings have always been “who you or I vote for is a private matter”-much along the same lines as sex and religion. I definitely have strong feelings about all three-it’s just that they are not for public airings.

So why am I saying the ceremonies were wonderful? It has to do with how far we’ve come as a group of people. No matter who was elected-this would have been a show of progression. I was impressed by the classiness of the ceremony, the positive words spoken, the behavior of the crowd and the fact that this was a truly different and extraordinary event to behold. According to one newscast here in our area, there were over 2 million in attendance and not one arrest-pretty darn impressive in my book.

My husband had to leave early for work, I had to conduct 2 interviews, our son had some business to attend to and our daughter-in-law-to-be had to go to work, but we wanted to see everything from beginning to end. Thank goodness for the invention called the DVR! My husband made me promise not to even peek at MSN online! Fortunately, I was able to comply since I had so much to write.

We finally sat down around 7:30 and watched everyone coming in and taking their places on the platform. Not being fanatics-we decided to watch until one of our favorite weekly programs came on at 9. Not digressing too much here, but if you like sci-fi, you will probably enjoy “Fringe”. We’re hooked.

Back to the Inaugural proceedings. I’m not the weepy sort in the least, but I felt myself choking up with pride and my eyes getting misty. I was taken aback by it all. I don’t remember too many of the ceremonies I’ve watched, honestly. Little snippets here and there. I blame menopause, but I seem to do that with a lot lately.

I remember the elder Bush saying now that he was President he was never going to eat broccoli again. I remember Carter and his wife insisting on walking down the boulevard instead of riding in the protected bullet proof limousine. I remember not Clinton’s ceremony, but the amount of music playing at his party and the joy and fun on his face. I truly do not remember one part of our former president’s special day.

Funny the things that stick out in your mind. I think as years pass, I will remember the feeling of watching true history being made yesterday. As Obama put it, to think that his father was denied service in a restaurant just a mere 60 years ago because of the color of his skin and now that a close descendant took the oath of office to the highest post in the same country is amazing.

On the 19th, an article I wrote came out in the OC Register-I listed the link to it here on the same day. One of the boys I talked with, Jacob Steinberg, said it best “It’s truly awesome that we elected Barack Obama as President! It means that it’s possible for anyone-woman, man, a person of any religion or the background of their culture will also be able to be the head of the United States! I’m proud of our country”.

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