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Thursday, November 07, 2019


A Different Day of Thanks

Due to issues beyond our control, we are celebrating a rather different Thanksgiving this year.  Steve and Adam's company is opening up several stores in Utah.  Steve went for about 5 days to one of the stores to train/help out in Salt Lake City.  All went well with the exception of his not ever being in that kind of cold in the month of October.

Now it's Adam's turn, he's going to help out at the opening of a new unit in Draper.  It's November and the coldest weather our son has ever been in was when we all took a family vacation to Lake Tahoe when he still slept in a crib.  So this should be interesting.  He's leaving the day before Bryce's 4th birthday.

So we've decided to have our Thanksgiving meal on Sunday the 17th.  Right before I turn another day older the next morning.  We'll still have some pumpkin pie and bread, but I'm guessing Bryce really wants a princess birthday cake with candles-something all children should be able to enjoy.  Birthday song right before it's served of course. I'm just too old at this point and surely should NOT be sharing a cake with a cutie who deserves the moment to herself.

Since Adam won't be here for the actual Thanksgiving, Sam is taking the kids and hitting the road to celebrate her first turkey day with her mom and siblings in 7 years.  Pretty sure they're going to have a wonderful day.

Steve's looking forward to having a quiet day to finish the moving of whatever's left to move around the house, since we will be starting our long-awaited re-model!  Right now our walls are looking mighty bare, the book I was about to start reading is in one of the boxes in the kids'/guest room and we're giddy with the idea that we won't have to look at the horrible bamboo and ugly tile much longer.

Oh, I've stopped caring if one of the dogs drool and leave a crusty spot.  I also didn't use what spine I have left to clean up the puke from the anxiety over the unexpected and very loud storm the other night and I have no desire to clean the absolute black granite tiles that will soon be history in the master bath.

What can I say?  Some things just aren't worth the effort.  Cleaning what will soon be garbage is one of them.  And I'm getting old.

Because we're celebrating early, I'm going to take a break-Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Not sure when my computer will be shut down, so hopefully I will be able to update this little self-indulgent blog soon.

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