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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Things are Falling into Place

Things are Falling into Place

This past week we all saw Summer leave us (pun intended) and Autumn arrive.  I am loving it.

It was with great pleasure that at 10 p.m. on Thursday the 19th I took Lucky out for her last “potty” of the day and was thrilled to realize that it was NOT 100 degrees!  In fact it felt wonderfully warm-about 85. 

The next morning Steve and I got up and realized that it was only 80 at 7 a.m.!  The strong breeze we felt was not blistering-just warm enough to remind us we had only a couple of more days until the season officially changed over.  We decided that it was time to get the leash out and start taking Lucky (and us) for a walk.

I had attempted this feat with Adam and Sam a week or so before and Lucky wasn’t sure what is was we were all doing-but she wasn’t happy about being put down on the ground.  She was fearing the burning sensation of the pavers in the yard I’m sure.  By the end of the walk though Lily, Billy and Lucky were all happy to have gotten out of their homes for a bit to stretch their legs.


With the sun and lower temperatures giving us a great opportunity, Steve and I drove up to the outlet mall and enjoyed the misters and the other local pet parents as we window shopped while getting some much needed outdoor activity. At the 30 minute mark, Lucky sat down and begged to be carried the rest of the walk!  Seems as if her parents aren’t the only ones who need to get back into shape!


I’ve been using the treadmill almost daily, but Steve has come up with more excuses than I thought possible to get out of doing some real exercise.  Even spending the better part of his remaining 4-day work week to install a faucet (totally un-needed and former plumbing salesperson unapproved), then take it out and put the original back in.  He sweated, he was scraped up and bruised, but he did NOT get on the treadmill and exercise.


Besides being able to get out and enjoy the cooler temps-we’re also feeling slightly down about this being the last week for our waterpark to be open.  The pool will still be ready for some swimming for a couple of more months though.

This entire new season has been a new way for me to look at fall.  Last year at this time I was “home alone” and just about to have some pretty serious hand surgery.  Pepper and I were making sure we had our “provisions”, since I would not be allowed to drive for a couple of weeks.  My sister and brother-in-law were helping out, but I wanted to be sure I kept the added “burden” down to a minimum.  Fall in the great and wonder OC is different that here in the desert.


In OC the weather had already begun to drop into the mid-70’s during the day and dipping into the 60’s at night.  Here we’re still either breaking 100 or just dipping into the upper 90’s at 5 p.m..  It feels good.  I’m getting used to my surroundings, we’ve made some friends, my kids are close and I’ve found a couple of new publications that I’m enjoying being a part of their writing team.


My routine is getting set-things really are “Falling into Place”.

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