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Saturday, July 06, 2019


Solitary Confinement

This week I had the pleasure of our youngest grandson for a couple of days.  It's always a lot of fun hanging out with Jackson.  On the flip of that-we have been in the usual "heat warning" weather of over 105.

It's not easy trying to find things to do INSIDE with an almost 6 year old.  I went through the same thing (times 2) with his older cousins.  This is the time of year that I have to get up at 5:30 and meet my friend no later than 6 in order to walk the dogs.  Sometimes it's even to hot then to chance their little paws on the cement.

On Friday, Adam brought Jackson over by 8.  Steve didn't have to leave before 11 to get to work, so I went off to water aerobics and left the men to enjoy their time together.  Wimbledon was on and Steve decided to share the game of tennis with his mini-mini-me.  By the time I returned Jackson was screaming "Go, go go!"  at the women to win their set.  Had me laughing, a lot!

Then Sarah called.  "Would you mind taking the boys for haircuts?  We're leaving for our trip at 3:30 and I won't have time."

So I put Jackson into his car seat, picked up his cousins and went to the local Great Clips to change them from sheep dogs to young men.  I swear they grew and got older looking as the hair was dropping to the ground.  I even noticed that Dylan is getting a moustache!  When did I get old enough to have a grandson with a mustache????

We had a half hour to wait before their turns were up.  I took them next door to our one and only donut shop and treated the boys to their favorites and another cup of coffee for me.

Once we dropped the boys at home to get to the last of their chores and packing, Jackson and I got home.  Dogs were in need of a potty break and for the umpteenth time-Jackson was hungry.

He's growing.  Ha, ha, ha!

After all that fun, he wanted to watch the new season of "Motown Magic" on Netflix.  If any of you are looking for a really cute kids show with fantastic music and a great message-check it out.

Since he was being entertained, I got my tablet booted up and was playing Solitaire.  It didn't take long before Jackson and I were squished in my recliner together and I was explaining the game to him.  He had never seen an actual deck of cards!  I guess, like the game of Monopoly, Mahjongg, Poker and the rest, today's youth will never understand actual games and pieces.

There we sat for about 2 hours, with the great sounds of Motown playing on the TV, with me teaching Jackson the game of solitaire.  He was very interested on why the "bottom" had to be red and black and the top had to be all matching.  

As with most questions that aren't quite simple to explain, I just said, "That's a very interesting question.  This game is probably hundreds of years old and whoever started made the rules and didn't leave us an real reason."

Thankfully, Jackson was happy with that explanation.  I, however, started looking up the actual background of this addictive game for a better answer.

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