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Friday, September 26, 2008


What Do You Wear?

What do you wear for daily jewelry? I saw this question on a message board. Truly, I didn’t even answer the thread. Just read it and some of the responses and moved on. One of the people who post on this board frequently wrote me an e-mail and thought this would make an interesting subject for my column here.

At the time I agreed, but for some reason I was actually ahead of myself and had 3 weeks worth of material “in the queue”. But I have been keeping it on the backburner.

This morning when I opened up my trusty computer here, I decided I really didn’t know what to write about-it’s happened before, but something usually comes up. This time what came up was this question-

What do you wear for your daily jewelry? If I want to be technical (and lord knows where that takes me!), the actual question was: Do you wear your wedding rings?

Both are interesting questions.

Finally, I’ll answer-yes, I have always worn my wedding band, my engagement ring and when my husband bought me one-I added an anniversary band to the daily wear. I’ve worn it swimming, during surgery, walking around downtown LA-doesn’t matter to me! Those three rings mean as much to me as the man who bestowed them on me.

What other jewelry do I wear? A watch is a must. Although it’s not all that necessary. Wherever I go there is some way to know what time it is. My computer is telling me it’s 8:19, my cell phone has the time on it as well. If I’m in my kitchen-I have the clock on the range, the microwave, the coffee pot and if I look due south-the cable box and the DVR and VCR have the time on them. I also wear one of 3 necklaces. Okay, I tend to wear them for about 6-8 months before changing them, but I do wear one.

At the moment, the one on my neck is a silver heart within a heart from Tiffany’s that my husband gave me for Valentine’s Day.

Oh, there’s my tennis bracelet. Again, my husband gave it to me for our 25th anniversary and it means a lot to me. Doesn’t matter if I’m making waffles for breakfast or cleaning out the dishwasher-these items are on my body. And a pair of diamond studs-17th anniversary.

My husband buys me diamonds with less hesitance than buying food.

I do take off my watch and bracelet to go to sleep, but the rest are on my person.

If you think I’m “dolled” up, you should see my mom! She wears her wedding bands, her mother’s engagement ring, a diamond ring that belonged to her best friend. The lady had passed away and her son knew my mom would appreciate having the memento. She also wears a Star of David that my dad gave her as an engagement present. About two years ago he bought her a diamond heart, so she has been wearing them both.

She wears a watch, but no earring or bracelets.

My sister wears her wedding set, but she has a lot of jewelry, so she changes things daily.

I don’t know how she keeps track. She’s also really good with numbers. I’m not sure if there’s a correlation between being able to do math and making sure all of your jewelry gets equal use, but I thought I’d throw that fact in-I have trouble doing simple equations with the help of a calculator.

And now for your input-What jewelry to you wear and is there a story behind the pieces you’ve chosen?

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