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Friday, November 28, 2014





Here’s hoping that you’re Thanksgiving was a great one and that you are able to relax and enjoy some leftovers for the rest of the week!


Ours was filled with both food and fun at watching the boys.  This was Jackson’s first go at eating Thanksgiving dinner. 


Just like his cousins, he has a hearty appetite and a big sweet tooth.  Show Jackson a bowl of anything that looks like ice cream (a definite trait of grandpa’s) and he’s all in.  That includes whipped cream-of course.  I think he liked the mashed potatoes because of how they looked.


Our new dining room table was just the ticket-no need to borrow chairs, everyone at the same table and enjoying the fruits of the joint family labors.


Alex offered to brine the turkey.  Picking it up during his lunch hour on Wednesday, he brought it over EARLY on Thursday morning for Steve to hoist into the top oven.   Sarah made a pear and pecan stuffing and brought rolls. 

Poor Sarah though, as she was bringing over the pan of stuffing before trying to take in a movie with the boys-Aidan grabbed the holder and while trying to help her, tripped!  That sent the stuffing and Aidan to the ground. 


No movie for them-they had to get to Wal-Mart to re-buy ingredients and make a quick re-do.


Sam provided the roasted green bean/beet and goat cheese side along with her popular red cabbage slaw.  I hosted, so we did the turkey, the jellied and whole cranberry sauces, my famous/traditional mashed potatoes and drinks.   I made a chocolate/banana/pumpkin bread as well.   Alex’s mom ordered pumpkin and bourbon pecan pies from a pretty famous pie place that just happens to be about 7 miles up the road, Rock Springs Café.


I’m not proud-I purchased Thanksgiving themed paper products as soon as Wal-Mart put them out and Sam brought the “plastic ware” leftover from last year.


This year has seen a lot of changes that we are thankful for:

Alex’s health returning, the use of my right shoulder (next year I hope to say this about my spine!), the boys growing and being healthy, the fact that our fur babies were NOT hurt during the break-in in September.   We’re also thankful that while we lost some very sentimental items during the robbery that cannot be replaced we still have each other.



We’re also thankful for Safeguard turning our humble abode into Ft. Knox.   It takes me about 10 minutes of prep time to get out of the house, but I’m grateful for feeling safe when I walk in the door.


Here’s hoping what’s left of 2014 turns out to be a good one for all of our families, our friends and considering what we hear in the news-let’s hope our world we’ll have improvements in the near future.

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