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Thursday, September 22, 2011



Our Sunshine is Gone

Considering ourselves blessed for every one of the 14 years and 3 days we had her we still knew the day was coming, but honestly-we were just hoping it wouldn’t be this soon.

Since her accident on July 4th, her cognitive skills had plummeted and the accidents more frequent-but through it all, our darling Sunshine was still as sweet as any pet could be. Loving her hugs and kisses, she enjoyed playing with Pepper her cat and seeing our grandpups once a week. When our grandsons visited she would watch over them like a mother hen.

At 15 and some change, she was older than most large dogs-her vet would say she’s here because of all the love she receives. Agreed, but we feel that we got just as much as we gave.

About 7 a.m. on Sunday I heard her cry. I couldn’t get down the stairs very well, so my husband went. He found that she had somehow locked herself in the bathroom. That had never happened before. He tried to help her out and realized that her hind legs were stiff out in front of her and she was balancing on her front paws.

It took a while but we got her out by helping her scoot out of her predicament. Our hope was that she was just a bit stiff and once she stepped down into the family room her legs would move. No such luck.
We knew what needed to be done. I called our son and daughter-in-law and they came on over to help. I called the emergency pet clinic and they gave me a few options about where to go and what to do.

Being Sunday-we couldn’t call our vet nor could we wait.

We called and decided on where to go. The woman who answered was very sweet and helpful-unlike the first 2. We all went. The technician saw her and petted her-Sunshine gave her a kiss. Even on death’s door our sweet girl was still loving.

The vet was a very nice young woman who gave us time to say good bye and shed a good amount of tears herself.

It never took anyone long to fall in love with Sunshine.

We were blessed for 14 years and 3 days.

When we brought her home, I wrote a story and said, “From now on, no matter what the weather is we will always have our own ray of Sunshine.”

I guess I didn’t want to realize it-the sun eventually came Sunday, but it sure wasn’t very sunny. And it feels right now as if it will be a very long time before it will warm the Nadel clan again.  

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