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Friday, April 13, 2007



Vacations are wonderful things. Even if you stay home and do nothing, the getting away from the norm goes a long way in rejuvenating one's outlook. A few days can make the world of difference.

Thankfully my husband and I went away. Due to an injury, which forced me to change my work schedule at the day job, we have had completely opposite days off for over seven months. The closest we've come to a day together was the birth of our grandson. Technically speaking, it was 24 hours together, we just happen to be in a hospital waiting room with 8 other family members.
It was a wonderful spiritual day which we will remember with great affection and love, always. But it simply wasn't he quality time all couples crave and need.

So off we flew to Kauai or six days! It's a beautiful laid back island with a bevy of warm, friendly people. This included the other tourists as well as the inhabitants. No trouble coming back with pictures of both of us together this trip!

Since we were in vacation mode we didn't sweat the small stuff. We didn't groan about getting up at 4:30 to make our plane. We enjoyed talking to fellow passengers while waiting for our luggage to catch up with up three hopper flights later. Didn't care that we, for the third year in a row, travelled to our destination on our anniversary (#26). When the concierge informed us that our promised romantic dinner would have to be postponed for two nights, we told her not to worry. The Beach House, the sunset and gourmet meal would taste even better after a bit of "rest".

We put a positive spin on it. We were in Kauai together-we decided on using BabyBoomerBev's
"whatever" theory and enjoyed the time alone. This was the time to use the sideways chica's exercise tips! After, we ate at a local place across from our hotel that a very nice man who owned an art gallery in Koloa told us about. The way to get there was to walk through a beautiful orchid garden created by the neighboring hotel. Turned out this local favorite was a chain-we had eaten at the one here at home in Huntington Beach! This was day 1 of our time in paradise.

Day 2-we explored the east and north side of the island. We found the falls used in both Jurassic Park and Fantasy Island. We took a very cheesy, but very fun tourist trip up the only river to the Fern Grotto. We stopped and admired the view at the famous (so we were told) Light House Park. We had "privileges" at the Princeville resort, so after taking many pictures, we enjoyed the private beach. Then we went to Hanalei Bay (Puff knew the reason for hanging out there!). My hubby had a Bubba Burger (one thing that was a must), I opted for a chocolate Hawaiian shaved ice (that's my version of dietary decadence), we explored more of the area. We also exchanged site-seeing tips with other vacationers and some of the locals. Came back and participated in "kapaa crawl", better known as their version of drive-time traffic hour.

We went that evening to our romantic dinner at the Beach House. Right on the beach, no walls, lovely attentive service, good food and the most drop dead gorgeous sunset ever!

Day 3-decided to visit the area around us and see the awe-inspiring Waimea Canyon. We took many pictures, revelled in the serenity and beauty of this spot for over an hour. We also squeezed in tours of the areas coffee and sugar plantations, the Kauai chocolate factory, salt pond (tide pools and beach) and spouting horn-named for the water shooting through the lava rock looking and sounding like a whale's spout. All fun and interesting. Somehow, we also managed to do a lot of gift buying.

Day 4-It was Easter, since everything save a few restaurants were closed, we decided to use this as our sun/surf/swim and rest time. Whew!

Day 5-We didn't have to be at the airport until 5, so we decided to check out a few more sites and the Costco in town. Don't laugh. We finally found my honey's toothbrushes that our at home one has been out of for the last couple of months. Plus they had a delish poke bar-gotta ask for one of those here. Yum.

Then it was the arduous leg of our trip-the red eye flight to Salt Lake City (don't ask, and don't try it), the hour layover and finally home. Stopped at our daughter's to see her, our son-in-law and grandson and drop off some gifts. Got home in time to have a quick dinner with our son before he headed out for class.

We were sad or time together was coming to a close, but truly, we were also glad to be back home.

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