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Friday, April 10, 2015




Spring, while beautiful in temperatures, plays havoc with our family.

This past week alone we have:

Sam sitting up and sleeping because she can’t breathe.

Dylan no longer allowed out in the yard because of the tree next door being in full “bloom”.  He starts sneezing and can’t stop.  You can only imagine what happens around sneeze 5!

Little Jackson has watery eyes and the typical toddler snot coming out so fast and furiously that his poor little face is chapped and his nose cracking to the point of having bloody noses.


Then there’s me:  running nose, watery eyes, sneezing and my throat is scratchy from the severe post-nasal drip.  Plus-the sneezing and coughing have had the added effect of blowing out my lower back, neck and shoulder.  Lovely.  And oh, add the dark circles under my eyes and I’m sure you have quite the “visual”.


HOLD ON!  I’m not done!


Nope, poor Lucky is having a time with her “reverse” sneezing.  Poor Pepper is about the same as Dylan!


We’re all taking our choice of allergy medications-except for Pepper.  I stopped by the vet and asked if I could let him share Dylan’s Benadryl.  Yes.  One very big problem-Pepper in all his 12 years and 3 months has NEVER let us give him any meds.


But I went to Wal-Mart (my home away from home) and got a syringe.  Steve swaddled him and then I tried to feed it to him.


Should’ve seen the look on that cat’s face!  “Really mom?  Do you think I’m going to let you feed me what’s in there?”


This not enough of our “Spring” for you?  The other night Pepper’s nose dripped onto my face.  Of course that woke me up saying “ewwwwwww”.  Then the little guy sneezed in my face about a half dozen times.


Not to be outdone by her brother, Lucky came out from the bottom of the bed and started sneezing in my MOUTH.


Why is it kids never think to do these things to their father?


I know it doesn’t sound as if I enjoy this season-but it is just the perfect temperature for sitting out and enjoying my morning cup of coffee on the patio and having dinner outside as well.


As much as I hate the allergies, this is the perfect time to enjoy Arizona.  Temps’ ranging from the mid-70’s to just fewer than 100.  Breeze is still delightful and lets us enjoy the outdoors.


The only thing the Nadel clan can do is take our bevy of antihistamines, buy a bulk package of lotion-lined nose tissues, get a seasonal package of cough lozenges and barrel through until we can stop sneezing and complain about the “dry heat”.

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