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Saturday, July 27, 2019


Something Old, Something New

It was with much trepidation that I caved and got a brand new smartphone.  Anyone who has read even a few of my blogs knows that I'm not at all thrilled with technology of any kind.  But alas, I didn't seem to have a choice.

About two months ago my three year old Samsung Galaxy 7 started showing its "age".  Mostly, the battery kept dying in a very fast way.  I'd take it off the charging when the girls got me up at 5:30 a.m. and by 7 (without actually doing more than turning off the alarm) it was down to under 50%!

I realize that I'm not exactly out and about for hours on end, but this was becoming a bigger hindrance by the day.  Steve, knowing my disdain for having to re-learn poultry things like a phone and other technologic appliances, took me and the phone to a nice gentleman at "YOUBREAKIFIX".

He untethered me from the gizmo and put it through diagnostic testing.  My phone had been declared "healthy and working at 100%".  Oh yeah?  Explain the fast drainage when I'm rather OCD about closing the few links I open on the darned thing?

Whatever (my favorite saying at this point).

Two days later, Steve was surfing that tech store I hate to enter and told me I could get a new phone just like his and it would be more than affordable.  Only thing, I had to bend my stupid swollen RA riddled knees and drive to the store because they only had 2 left at that price.  I hate driving, especially when my knees are having flares that no amount of NSAIDs, lidocaine patches and ice packs will dull.

But off I went.  The nice young man, who was named Adam (Adam's a wonderful name for a great male) told me he'd basically make my new phone into my old phone and I wouldn't have a bit of problem learning the few new items.

I thanked him profusely as my Diflucan/gabapentin brain can only handle so many new things a day without completely shutting down.

Then Steve had to do whatever it was that the phone needed:  I think it was new alarm sounds, trying to get me to give up the creepy laughing toddler laugh when an unknown number called and show me how to use the pro thingy on the better camera.  Don't ask me what else because I'm pretty sure numbers were involved and I did my usual glazed over look.

One thing that I do kind of like is the Samsung health app that Steve put on.  Only thing is that it isn't all that accurate since I don't walk around with the phone on my hip.  Let's face it, my late great pedometer was tiny where as the smartphone is about 3x6.  Not a look for a short person.  Found out the hard way that putting it in Lucky's stroller was no way to tract that 2-1/2 mile walk.

Oh well, live and learn.

It also somehow knows what I eat, my oxygen intake, my pulse and heart rate and a bunch of other stuff that seems to be items I should know.

The app also talks to me!  That woman is kind of pushy too.  Don't know her name, but she keeps telling me that my "workout has paused".  Out of nowhere she will say, "time to move".

I appreciate that.  Who couldn't use a little push on the exercise front?

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