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Friday, June 22, 2007


This is it!

I've decided to use what little computer skills I have to try and finally let everyone know my list of favorites. I realize,in the grand scheme of life, my likes aren't that big a deal, but I feel bad!

After all, many wonderful writers have been kind enough to put my blog onto their links and yet, here I am-trying every which way I am told, but can't get anything to take on the links aisle of my column. Believe me, I have printed the directions out, I have tried numerous times, I have even begged my husband to try and guide me through the maze-I ADMIT IT, I FAILED!!

So, here it is, all the blogs and favorite sites that I seem to gravitate to because I love the content that is published:

Bev Mahone, author of "Whatever-A Baby Boomer's Guide to Middle Age" and the upcoming ebook/audio (of which I am part of and giving a shameless plug)"Momma Said There'd Be Days Like These" has two sites:

Kathy Holmes, who is the author of "Fatherless Daughters" and a wonderful new book "Real Women Wear Red" has: (got to have at least one great guy's take on life!)

These are all terrific people with a positive view on life as baby boomers. Please give them a try! I know I've had many a good laugh, started remembering things I forgot I even knew about and was able to learn a few new things.

Okay, I didn't learn how to attach my list of favorites on a link-but I did learn how to concede and move on!

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