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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Sometimes a Guy Needs his Sister  

I've Been Swimming-in a Very Bad Way

It all started Monday morning.  I woke up from puppy kisses asking to be let out at the ungodly hour (but the norm) of 6 a.m..

I knew as soon as my head moved, this particular morning was going to be a challenge to get to the alarm system and the door.  Sigh.  The room was spinning, my head hurt and I was having trouble focusing.

That said, I still somehow got the "job" done and proceeded to clean the litter box-which was no easy feat considering I could barely stand the bending over and smell.  Then I went on to the rest of the usual morning activities:  feeding the pets, re-pottying, feeding Steve and myself, packing up Steve's lunch box and getting dressed to, yes-meet up with my friends for a walk.

I don't know how I managed it all, but I did.  Came home-couldn't focus enough to write (truth is, I'm not sure I know how I'm doing that exercise right now!).  Took an anti-seasick pill, since it says right there on the bottle "for motion sickness, including dizziness". 

All it did was put me to sleep on and off throughout the day.

Tuesday morning I was thanking the good Lord for Sarah cancelling an event we were going to together because my head was still hurting and the dizziness was just plain awful.  Tea seemed like a very good option because I had a distinct feeling coffee wasn't going to go down or back up without making me feel a lot worse.

Meclizene(anti-motion sickness meds) was still keeping me semi-conscious and almost upright. 

Wednesday morning, Steve and I were going to do some quality time taking our cars in to be serviced.  Only one of us went, because my head was still making sure I was having a 360 view of the house.


Steve did call and check on me.  Told him that when he got home he needed to take me to the Immediate Care.  After 3 days of the room spinning and my head hurting, I was out of patience with self-healing.

And for those who wonder:  No my ears don't hurt, my sinuses are remarkably clear and open and no I didn't try the Eply maneuvers (yet) because by the time I go to bed, I am too nauseous to do exercises that are known to make me nauseous!

All I know is that my head hurts and the room is spinning and that writing this blog entry is making me truly sicker to my stomach.

What did the Immediate Care do?  Fortunately for me the doctor on call and the PA both knew how to do the Epley hospital version maneuvers and put me through that torture.  Told me to go home and just move very, very slowly for the next couple of days to let those pesky "rocks" in my inner ear settle down.

I was told to continue the seasick pills and the anti-nausea pills for a few days as well.  Woke up this morning with my head still in agony but the "spinning" sensation is a lot less.  NOT gone, but I'll take less.

No walking outdoors for me.  No more adding to this blog either.  I'm thinking I told you all way too much as it is AND my head is continuing to let me know about it.

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