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Monday, February 18, 2019


Where'd the Weekend Go?

Weekend two of being "Parent" for the older grands.  I'm so out of practice on how to feed pre-teenage boys.

I swear to you all, the reason there was no post on Friday was because I had errands galore all morning, followed by early release of the 3 boys.  Picked up Jackson and took him to the library and to pick up some more blueberries for the weekend.  Then we picked up Dylan and Aidan.  From there we went to Sarah's to check in on the cats.  (She's on vacay in Australia and New Zealand)

After those tasks were done, it was back to our home and the feeding began.  Literally.  I fed them all lunch.  Then after Jackson went home, I made dinner for the older boys and myself (Steve worked late).  By the time the master of the house got home, I told the pre-teens to brush their teeth and go to bed.

It was a wet and cold weekend, so it wasn't as if we could actually go somewhere.  Spent the day trying to get them to do something other than break the outlet protectors and re-charge their kindles. Which, by the way, weren't being used to read anything.

Thankfully, Sam came to the rescue to give me a couple of hours of respite and had the boys come down to keep the little ones busy while she somehow managed to food prep for the week!

Can't say Sam didn't warn me and highly recommend showers, but as soon as they came in, I sent them off to scrub off the layers of "teen stink".  Meanwhile I prepped and got dinner for the four of us into the oven.

Saturday also included:  3 loads of laundry, sweeping the floors, cleaning Pepper's various points of vomit as well as litter boxes, 2 dishwashers full of dishes and I have no idea how many sinkfuls of pots and pans.

Sunday came around and I was again up at 7 for the dogs/cat and making breakfast for the four of us.  The boys had the actual nerve to say they "didn't want to get up this early".  By this point, I was on the testy side (tired, no coffee) and told them their choice was to get to the table or I'd get a bucket of ice and toss it on them.

Thankfully, they believed me.

Then the shorter Nadels arrived so Sam could visit with a friend.  Here came round 2 of breakfast, followed by snacks, snacks, lunch, more snacks and lots of boredom.  Rain makes us all cranky.  Even the dogs and Pepper weren't too pleased with the day.

Sam invited the boys to dinner and said they'd take the boys back to their dad.

So it was with both great sadness and delight that I had them gather their clothes and leave Steve and I to a nice quiet dinner.

This was just week two, I think there are two more to come-but I'm not all that sure.  What I do know is that at this point in my life, I make a much better grandma than full time parent.

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