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Saturday, January 25, 2020


Sleepless in New River

Another week another time of complete exhaustion. this week had us enjoying a wonderful breakfast with our friends when suddenly something popped!

Unfortunately, what popped was something in my lower back. I have not felt this much pain since before my last epidural before I contracted valley fever. I literally was seeing Stars. After contacting my pain management doctor, can you wanted me to drive 50 miles so he could see me! That was so not going to happen!

I even had to cancel a pulmonology appointment because I couldn't bear the idea of driving the 15 miles.  His only suggestion was for me to take my muscle relaxant all day long, use more of the gabapentin and ice. And if it didn't start to get better then I needed to be in the emergency room

Going to the emergency room and spending $250 to hear they really can't do anything for me giving my allergies to pain medications and inability to have any cortisone due to the valley fever didn't sound like a really smart plan. After all, what exactly would they do for me that I was not doing all on my own?

So, here I am, icing, using a heating pad and using the extra drugs. After three days the pain is no longer shooting from my lower back down to my toes. It is now confined to the lower back and hips. I am still seeing Stars when I have to stand up and sit down but I'm taking this as an improvement anyway.

Right now, I'm glad that I have this tablet and figured out how to go ahead and post this blog.

That is all. Because right now I need to stand up and tried to go brush my teeth without screaming.

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