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Friday, September 27, 2019


Rain, Rain Everywhere Rain

Seems fitting that now that monsoon season is over we have been inundated with rain!

Not just any rain-hard, fast, flooding and tornado watch rain!

Yes, you read that right-we have had not one but two tornado and flash flood warnings within the last three days!

On Monday, I was finally going back to water aerobics!  But alas, that was NOT to be because the sky was gray, the sprinkles had begun and Alexa was telling us (frequently) that we were under storm, flooding and yes, tornado watch!

Who knew that Arizona could have a tornado?

With that news in mind, I changed out of my swimsuit and put on my usual uniform of a tank top and shorts.  Adam (who is still under doctor's orders to let his torn ligament heal) said that he was allowed to do a short and mild walk. By then the sprinkles had stopped, so we hooked up all four dogs and got Bryce out of her princess nightgown and into clothes and started walking.

We didn't go far, maybe a mile or so when it started sprinkling again.  By the time we reached Adam's house everyone was tired and thirsty.  Ever walk in 80 degrees, rain and high humidity?  It's uncomfortable and nasty.

Bryce claimed that she had sticky armpits.

After everyone had water and Dex got his fresh "diaper" on, we heard thunder.  This was obviously followed by lightening.  Then came winds so strong that we were amazed that the mesquite and Palo Verde trees were not pulled out by their roots!  But that wasn't all!

Not by a long shot!  The rain came down so hard and fast that Adam's yard looked like a lake had formed.  Our street was flooding as well.  This also meant that our phones and internet weren't working so hot either.

It was dark, since the usual harsh daytime sun was completely covered by the clouds.

That was 10:45.

Our storm didn't slow until well after 1.  When it did, I did a hasty goodbye to both my son and grand-daughter, hooked up my less than happy dogs and walked home in the rather heavy drizzle and moderate breeze to get home before the next bout of water.

Normally this short block entails the girls stopping at least 3-4 times to leave their "scent", but Monday they just kept those little feet of theirs moving without a single squat until we were under our porch.

We had rain Tuesday night.  I finally got to class on Wednesday and it only drizzled later on in the evening.  By morning, a new neighbor and I were meeting for the first time at our main park to walk our dogs together and were holding our breath.  We decided at 6:30 it looked like our walk was a go.  When I left at 6:50, our street was wet and the sprinkles were coming on pretty evenly.

Thankfully, by the time I reached the park it was no longer raining.  We walked, chatted and let all 5 dogs wear themselves out and then parted ways.

By the time I reached home a mere 7 minutes later-the rain returned!  Thankfully it stopped when I had to go pick up Jackson.

We really needed all this water, it's been a fairly dry year.  But we did not need the tornado that hit only a 12 mile drive away in Cave Creek.   One of the Saguaro's on the way to Jackson's school was a casualty.  A combination of the rain and wind.

Here we are at the end of another week, it's supposed to rain later this afternoon, again.  I'm just hoping I continue to be lucky and it doesn't really start until I get Jackson back to the house.

Nothing like having a drenched 6 year old and a soaked grandma in the house.

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