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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Quick Note

Quick Note

Aahh, all in all I’m ready for June.  May has seen us grow weary of viruses, infections and pain. 

For the younger Nadels-they’ve been passing around a horrible stomach virus/flu that has been painful as well as messy. 

I’m finally breathing better but it didn’t come without cost to my delicate spinal cord.  My physical therapist had me do just a bit of stretches to help open my lungs and “hopefully help the wheezing” and then he worked on my very sore neck/shoulder/arm hurting from all the sneezing and coughing.

Then there’s our poor little itty-bitty Lucky.  Whatever she did had us giving her both her doggy version of NSAIDs and muscle relaxants.  Trying to guess what she wants has been rather frustrating for both of us!  She “tells” me to hold her and then yaps at me not to touch her-rather like a sick baby who wants to be held and left alone at the same time.

Our angelic vet thankfully ruled out most of what we had been having nightmares about and decided that she pulled something in her back and we needed to keep letting her rest and TRY keeping her from doing her Jack Russell imitation.

At least the weather here in AZ has been much cooler than normal-we’ve only hit our customary triple digit once! 


And with this update written I wish you all a healthy, safe and hopefully peaceful Memorial Day.

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