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Thursday, October 17, 2019


I Can See the Light!!!

We've lived in this house for 7 years now.  I've hated the flooring and master bathroom longer than that-I am literally not exaggerating this topic.

I saw the floors and the bathroom on our personal portal that our realtor created for us.  Is there anything uglier than grass floors?  And yes, I'm still being literal.  Some would call it "sustainable", some would call it "bamboo"-I called it what it is:  grass that has been smushed together and sold to unsuspecting people who are trying to be "green".

They splinter, they dent, they show every single little chihuahua and late tabby nail scar and they still look bad immediately after being cleaned.  In fact, the cleaning seems to highlight all the demarcations that our three love bugs and the former owners fur babies have done to them.

If that isn't enough-the kitchen and master bathroom have huge tiles that are supposed to look like slate.  I hate real slate, so why would I like big 24 x 24 squares of the fake stuff?  It's dark and Pepper always blended into it.  Poor guy.

But as of yesterday, Steve and I are actually seeing the "light" of our first major home improvement project coming into fruition!

We've picked out wood plank porcelain floors.  We didn't just pick them out-we put a deposit down on them!  Out goes the bamboo!  Out goes the ugly tile.  Out goes the Master bedroom carpeting.  We're leaving the two secondary rooms with the carpets and we're not going to re-tile the laundry room,  but the rest is going!

And no that's not all!  Those who have been around since "the beginning" and lived through my tales of woe on our last house bathroom remodels will NOT have to hear about another round of that horror.

We've decided to tile over the tub surround's cultured marble, actually put tile and river rock in the shower and quartz on the top of the tub and countertops.

Our part is to start boxing up my rather large book collection, family photos other items and try to find a place to put them during the work time.  We've been given an estimate of anything from 2-3 weeks due to the gluing of the bamboo.  Seems that the installer heard both "hollow" and dense areas, so he's not at all sure what's been used to keep the grass in place.

The salesman's main question:  Are you going to be living here during all of this?

Where else would we reside?  I'm pretty sure the girls will NOT be exactly thrilled.  They're still in the midst of grieving.  Sunshine is still sleeping on the floor under the bed where Pepper hung out or sticking her nose in the back of the reclining sofa.  Also, she's still not eating right.  Lucky is grieving my crying and giving us the stinkeye when she wakes up in the morning and realizes her buddy isn't tush to tush with her.

I get it, I find myself still dreaming of him and having a wet set of eyes when I wake up as well.

But after 7 years of ugly floors and an ugly bathroom, we are really looking forward to seeing our old home become something that's actually our taste.

It's both a sad and exciting project.  It's also our birthday/anniversary and Hanukkah gifts for a very long time to come.

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