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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness


Nothing says relief like finding out something good about a situation you’ve been holding your breath on.


For me, this week, is the fact that I have successfully shifted my medical plan of choice from my husband’s about to be ex-employer to Medicare.  After all, I’ve already got about 3-5 appointments scheduled and possibly a couple of surgeries on the horizon.  The last thing I needed to hear was, “Sorry ma’am-there’s been a glitch.”


There’s been enough “glitches” of late.  My acupuncturist of over a year-and-a-half called to inform me that despite my doctor saying he wanted me to have this therapy to control my pain, the “specialized health firm” has decided that since this nice woman hasn’t “cured” me-they were cutting me off at the pass.


Negin (the acupuncturist) pointed out that people with chronic degenerative diseases cannot be “cured”, but it is important to control their pain.  Evidently those in the office know better than both a medical doctor and a seasoned therapist.  Okey-Dokey.


A few days later-my physical therapist said that since my torn rotator cuff was popping more and the pain had not decreased-she was dismissing me from care until the orthopedic decides what to do next.


At this point, I’ve reached the “whatever” stage on these matters.  I’ve got enough on my mind. 


Still on the good news playing field:  Our new screens look great.  Only half of the new plants have died.  (Yes, this is good news because I can’t grow anything other than rosemary and mint and my husband has enough to do.  Plus, you may have heard me mention that our gardener received his education at Hanna-Barbera) We’ve scheduled the window washer and the professional house cleaning crew. 


My husband has boxed up almost the entire kitchen and extra closets.  By the time you all visit this week, I’ll be in AZ visiting my grandkids-something I wanted to actually cancel, but due to a “no refund” clause in our daughter’s hotel package, I’m on my way. 


It’s not that I didn’t want to see the kids, I can hardly wait to give all of them kisses and very light hugs, but this means that my husband and I will only have a day together when I get back-part of which will be spent at the hand surgeon’s!


Again, whatever.


My husband has spent his entire two week vacation packing up the house.  Part to our daughter’s home, part to the apartment that he and our son/daughter-in-law will be splitting and the bulk of things are getting stacked up into our garage that will be put into storage until we eventually get a new “dream home”. 


I’m so hoping that will happen long before the end of 2012, but who really knows?


I do have some pretty big questions:  How will I get Pepper into his carry-all and lift him into the car and to the Pet Hotel during Open House?  How do I put fresh sheets on our Cal-King bed?  Will someone be around to help me with the groceries?  I don’t think I’ve ever actually cooked for one-paring down what my norm has been my entire life will not be easy!


Okay, that relaxed feeling I had at the beginning of this blog is fading.  I’m going to stop while my shoulders are still lower than my ears-have a wonderful last summer vacation.


And a very Happy 56th Anniversary to my parents!

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