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Friday, April 13, 2012


Hands Off

Hands Off

I’ve decided, well not actually decided-more that this decision has been “thrust” on me, to take a couple of weeks off. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Hopefully it’s true.


As you know (if you’ve been hanging around a while), I have rheumatoid arthritis. That in turn, loves to create certain by-products of just hilarious health happenings.

A couple of years ago I had this annoying problem of having a “trigger” thumb. It wasn’t painful, just annoying. My rheumatologist put a shot of steroids into it about a year ago and that held me until about 4 months ago.

I decided the best thing to do was pretend it wasn’t happening. After all, with my bulging discs in the neck and lower back and the great time I was having with that, I figured I was nuts to consider that something else was looming.

Then I realized that it wasn’t just that pesky thumb. Nope it was also the index finger. The thumb now hurt and that new “trigger” finger felt as if a nail had been driven through it. I’ve been having to re-type things because that stupid digit likes to “freeze up” the most when I’m on a deadline.

I finally mentioned it to my rheumy. He sighed. “Well, the good news is-this we can actually help with!” I suppose looking at my degenerating spine and neck, the flaring nerves in one foot and the various affected joints was putting a damper on both our moods.

So with that, off he sent me to his favorite hand surgeon. He said he felt the same as the rheumy and set me up for hand surgery.

My grandsons are here for a week, but next Thursday will be my “release” day. Steve will take the boys across the street for a complimentary “grandpa and grandsons” only Krispy Kreme donut and milk, while I get numbed up.

No anesthesia-yeah! I was told it will take about 30-40 minutes to “clean out and re-lease” those tendons. I will be sent home with a “soft” bandage/brace and I’ll receive the rest of the instructions after that.

Steve will have Friday off as well. Our daughter-in-law said she’ll bring over the pups to play w/ the boys and my other grand-pup, Brianna. (I have a feeling Pepper will be one exhausted Tabby by the time April 23rd rolls around!). Sam will help with the boys that day. Sarah and Alex will return home that night.

I told my various editors that I’ll be taking the first few days after the surgery off, but not to worry! I do have the other hand to do things with.

Hopefully, things work out the way I have it in my mind. I’ve actually be a writing fiend, trying to get as many articles and assignments completed before I need to slow it down.

My favorite part-like the time Steve learned about all I did when I broke my foot and hand, this too will be an experience we can remember, hopefully in a positive way!

Enjoy the warm weather and hope to be back in commission very soon!

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