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Saturday, March 28, 2020


I Know the Answer, But...

Anyone else bored completely out of their gourd????

Steve has put me on "house arrest".  He also is using the "corona virus leave" from work.  We're still watching Jackson, but not as often.  If Steve were still working (presumably going back April 10) he and Adam have had their hours and pay cut.  

My only form of entertainment in the last 7 days was walking the dogs and an endoscopy.

Things are really, really sad when the highlight of your week is being knocked out and having a camera shoved down your throat.

Our friends were going to join us for our family anniversary dinner.  Now both of them have the sniffles from the blooming Palo Verde trees and are too scared to come and possibly give me something.  "We can't help thinking, what if we really have a cold or COVID19????"

I totally get it.  I'm one of those 1% people who could, well, die.

Frustrated doesn't even begin to cover my feelings at the moment.

But on the upside of all this-I learned that I have a stomach ulcer and a smaller one in my esophagus.  Why the "upside"?  I'm still allowed to drink coffee.

Hey, I know it sounds pathetic, but I'm sore, swollen, exhausted from the ulcers and untreated joints. So still being able to have my morning ritual of breakfast and coffee are at least something I can still look forward to enjoying.

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