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Friday, June 11, 2010


more on diabetes & cooking

It's a big subject-here's part 2!  

Coffee-I Need Coffee

I had a horrifying experience Monday evening-I went to prep my Cuisineart grind and brew coffeemaker and discovered that the cover to the grinder broke. The little plastic doo-hickey that holds the top of the grinder to the pot.


I have to say-even though we have not one, but two other coffeemakers on the next counter, this is my favorite one. It’s my favorite because I can make all I want and not share it with anyone. Okay, everyone means my husband. I don’t mind sharing anything with him-except my morning brew.

When we first became engaged, my mom took him to lunch and told him the secret to a long and happy marriage to me: DON’T BOTHER HER UNTIL SHE’S HAD HER POT OF COFFEE.

Obviously he’s listened.

But I digress. Anyway-despite the super-Keurig and the new Tassimo standing by with ready individual gourmet cups, I sort of freaked.

I went straight onto the website, found the part, had my AMEX ready to buy it when I saw something was a bit amiss-it didn’t actually show the top of the grinder. Nope, just the bottom. Luckily, they have an 800 number and it was still open.

A very wonderful woman named Erica answered right away-I was already impressed, no wait time. I told her my question-did this come with the part I was in desperate need of? She said, “Ma’am, I can see where you would be leery about ordering off this picture-let me send you the part courtesy of Cuisineart.”

What? Courtesy-just because I had a question????? Yes.

Now came the tough part-Erica (my new bestest friend after-my-husband-in-the-whole-entire-world) needed the serial number off the BOTTOM of the coffeemaker.

So, I took my phone down the stairs, into the kitchen and put her on speaker phone by the sink. I unplugged the machine, carried it over and tipped it and the water into the sink (remember, I was in the end stages of setting up my breakfast) and read her the number.

After a few more answers to questions like-what’s my name, address, phone and e-mail numbers, Erica gave me the order number and said I’d have the new lid in about 7-10 working days.

Wow, next to my parents, husband and son (and me-when I had a day job) I’ve truly not seen this kind of customer service in quite a while.

When Erica asked if it was okay for her to send me a survey about her service-I gave her a resounding YES and I asked her for a contact name and e-mail to send out a note of praise for her service as well.

Just goes to show you-while I’d never, EVER recommend buying another Maytag or Krups item to anyone for several reasons-if someone asked me to recommend a company to buy small appliances from-I would be gushing about Cuisineart.

This isn’t a commercial for them-just happy praise from a happy customer and an even happier husband.

Now all I need to do is see if the US Postal System gives me the same kind of service Erica did.

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