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Friday, March 07, 2014


Finding a Bird's Nest

Ever watchful Dylan found this nest up in the tree while walking Lucky  

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have You Ever Wondered Why?

This past week we finally broke a 70 day dry streak here in the middle of our desert.  I know-disgusting to everyone around the country who has been living under way too much snow, sleet and cold, yet here we were wondering about the rain.


But have no fear-we’re okay.  No one was hurt during this downpour and we only lost a couple of saguaros’ out in the wash.

One of the things I wonder about is this:  (Applies to those of us with 4-footed children who can’t use a litter box)

Why do dogs have to find the most perfect spot in the yard before relieving themselves?

I’ve been the proud parent of 4 dogs throughout my life and they all seem to look at the rain and still take forever to find the right plot of ground!

Our little terrier growing up, our first Lucky, Sunshine and now our teeny tiny Lucky all hate to just go!

Now if it were me-I’d look at the patio cover, feel the rain being blown all over me and just squat.  Lucky?  First off-she sits at the door.  She won’t dream of going out without me.  Then she feels the wind and water and runs behind the patio furniture.   Now really-I see her and she sees me, what good is lying there on the cold pavers in the “give up” position?  This is followed by endless moaning and sniffing of the ground.  Maybe it feels longer because we ARE out in the wet and cold, but either way-I swear I could do a day’s worth of laundry before she makes up her mind as to exactly the right paver or bit of rocks she thinks are worthy of her waste.


And if I go near the door-it’s as if she’s been shot out of a cannon as she hightails it into the house, leaving me in the cold!


I’m also sure that while I’m doing my best to convince her to make herself more comfortable that Pepper’s staring at her from behind the couch and laughing at being able to do his business in the comfort and privacy of the master walk-in closet.


While I’m on the subject of the weather and wondering-I have to let you all in on a bit of news:  I’m going to be in the Big Apple for a week.  For one week I will leave the comfort of what the weather channel says should be 80 degree temps here in AZ for the highs of 45 back east.

Yes, I’m going with our daughter Sarah and my older grandsons Dylan and Aidan.  It was a planned trip for them-I’m a last minute replacement.  We’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day there.  Sarah wants to take them to Central Park Zoo and a ferry ride around the Statue of Liberty.  I’m not sure if she’s actually read the same weather channel reports I have-but not being fond of cold weather in any form, she’s going to have a hard time convincing me that these are places that sound like a plan this time of the year.

It’s another part of my “Did you ever wonder?” list.

I’m not at all sure I’ll post another blog until the 28th-as I said, I’m in for this last minute and outside of my leather coat and a pair of ear muffs, I never take a vacation in a location that deliberately has temps of under 75 degrees.


Wish us luck.  We should have a blast, except for the temps that will have me looking like Gumby.  Brrrrr.

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