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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Meeting Needs of Dietary Restrictions

Family is on their way to spend a few days meeting our newest member-Bryce!

It's very hard to serve a good meal when I have SO MANY health restrictions to deal with!  Here are just a few:

Dairy allergies, gluten allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diverticulitis and kidney failure.

Here's one of my meals:

Pulled Asian Pork-I bought a pork shoulder and marinated it in diet ginger ale, minced garlic and a little bit of liquid smoke.  I was planning on putting it into my slow cooker, but it seems I bought a roast that was too big for anything other than my stock pot!

It's okay-I have two ovens.  I'll put it in tomorrow morning and then about an hour before everyone's due for dinner I "pull" the meat and put it into the crock to keep warm.  Serving it on rolls-of which I bought some that were gluten free, hard and even some that are whole grain.  I also bought a couple of different types of BBQ sauce and even some GF cranberry sauce for those who want to jazz up what may be some bland tasting meat.

Serving it with a slaw (with some pre-approved dressing) and plain iceberg lettuce salad with the "goodies" on the side.

I've also pre-cut a bin of crudité of (again) pre-ordained veggies.  Hummus and dressings to dip on the side.

Another meal with probably be grilled chicken breasts-totally plain.  Sides?  With the amount of salads and veggies I cut up I'll simply put those out and then add some jasmine rice made with either low sodium chicken broth or plain water and then have a lazy Susan by the stove with various salts, peppers and hot sauces.

I'm simply not going to worry about desserts.  I have no idea what I'll be doing for the third night.

Just hoping I've done a good job on keeping things delicious and not hurting anyone's health along the way!

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