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Friday, August 17, 2012


I Need an Exedrin

My head is bursting.

Truly, I’m not sure what I should do first.

Last week, my husband went for his first job interview in over 10 years. At age 55+ he beat the odds and after over 6 hours of interviews, he got the job. He’ll be moving to Arizona to work for the same company that our son went to six weeks ago.

We came back, my husband was smiling from ear to ear and I felt just plain dizzy and nauseous.

In theory, I know this is for the best – but it doesn’t make it any easier. Despite the fact, that our son, our daughter, obviously our son/ daughter-in-law and are grandsons are or will be all there, I still feel anxious.

I’ll be here until the house sells an escrow closes. My husband will be leaving on September 8. Sam will be leaving on the first to join Adam. Our daughter Sarah is thrilled. The grandkids are thrilled.

As usual, I am the hesitant one. I really hate change. I don’t want to leave my house or my doctors or the fact that I can go to the beach in under 10 minutes.  It’s not that I do this often, but if I want to I can.   I will adapt and thrive and even love it once this part is over.

My parents understand but are unhappy. They know this is for the best. My sister hasn’t said much, but she understands as well. Intellectually, I knew this was going to happen but I’m going out kicking and screaming anyway.

Whoever buys my house is getting a steal. As any of you who’ve been reading me for a while know, this house is basically brand new and model perfect. Steve won’t let me take the tub. He’s promised me I can have a new one and a new dog.

That sounds good but he can’t make good on this when we have no place to live.

Our son and daughter-in-law have just found their dream home. Both our daughter and son want us to move in with them until we find our new dream home. We’ll still have to rent for a bit. The thought is that I will be able to join my husband at the same time as both he and our son and daughter-in-law can move out of the rental.

I’ve already set up a termite inspection, an appointment for a screen repair person; I’ve put in for a change of medical insurance, made doctors’ appointments and set up an appointment for our realtors to take a tour of chez Nadel – not bad for three days work.  Oh, I had Steve throw out about a dozen vases from gifts I received and have never used.

Guaranteed, this blog will become a sounding ground for both my frustrations and insights on how I plan to adapt to being what is termed a “transplant”.  Just a fact as well as a warning.

And now, back to my scheduled nervous breakdown.

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