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Friday, July 27, 2018


Improvement? All in the Eye of the Beholder

While last week had us battling not only the extreme heat but the monsoons as well, this week we're back to only "enjoying" the extreme heat.  Okay, not quite the truth, last night around 6:30 the wind was blowing so strong that the Community Center closed the pool for the rest of the day.

Wind is akin to feeling as if you're in a dryer when it's also 115 outside.  Yes, that was in the evening.  Our younger pup, Sunshine, hates/fears two things in her life:  flies and bad weather.  Not a thunder jacket or essential oil changes the results for her.

Last night our world-weary travelers came over with the younger grands for dinner when the winds started up.  Somehow a fly got in the house as well.  That was pretty much it for Sunshine for the evening.  She loves having everyone over, it's like her pack has come together!

She used Sam's lap as a safe haven from the dreaded fly.  Wouldn't eat her dinner.  Then the sound of the howling wind began  and poor thing wanted only to get into one of her many bed choices and be hidden by a blanket.  We could see the blanket move.  Ugh, imagine wearing that Thunder jacket, under a blanket and still shaking?

I know the shaking isn't from being cold, just so you know.

The rain we smelled never came, guess it was blown out of the area with those 45 MPH winds.  Finally around 10 p.m., it died down enough and the fly had fallen asleep, Sunshine calmed down to the point where dinner was going to happen.

As for our travelers-they had a great time, lots of memories made.  Pictures are really, really great!  I've always wanted to go to Greece, so I'm living the dream through them.  On the flip side of that, poor things also had a few little blips-Sam a day of not feeling well.  Adam got stung by something at the beach and wound up with not only a swollen foot, but an eye as well.   He made it through the trip, but today he decided he'd better get in to the doctor's and have it checked.  Yep, infection there.

One of the other guests at the wedding had a pretty bad spill on his scooter (Santorini uses mainly scooters or ATVs) and broke his collar bone.  Wow, right on his first day.  Bummer for him.

Otherwise, Greece was relaxing, fun and they had a lot of things to do besides the actual wedding festivities that they went to participate in.  Rome-well let's just say they loved the architecture and the history but not the pickpockets, scam artists and the very dense population.

And now, off to my mundane world of laundry, letting the dogs in and out (they are always on the wrong side of that darned door) and sweeping up fur.

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