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Friday, February 01, 2019


Is This a Real Glimmer of Hope?

Honestly, I do NOT care what it is that's causing this very slight improvement in my body, just very happy to say, "I actually feel some bit of less pain".

This is so recent that at first I wasn't even sure what difference it was-but I was able to do both my TRX class and then meet up with my friend and her dogs for a 50 minute walk after I got home!  I can't remember the last time I could entertain doing two hours of anything in a row without needing a generous rest in between one and the other.

Even Tuesday, after a 45 minute physical therapy appointment, I was able to make breakfast, do the shopping with Steve and even give the dogs about a half-sized walk!

Amazing!  No????

Even our hairdresser said it looked as if I was "perkier".

I will admit that soon after all of that activity I did collapse on my recliner and take a couple of catnaps-but you'll have to admit, this sounds as if I'm having a fairly decent week.

Obviously, I have no idea if this slight improvement is due to PT, my TRX classes, my rather horrible encounter with side effects of the "only drug I can give you" for my RA or even, quite possibly, the CBD oil I've been ingesting every morning for the last month-NOR DO I CARE!

What I do know is that I hope this upswing will keep going.  I'd hate to think that this is some kind of a joke that will soon go away.

And with this reported to whomever comes here-pray just a tad bit for me that this continues.

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