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Friday, October 19, 2012


Well, that was fun

Well, that was fun


It’s been a little over 3 weeks since my hand surgery.  While it thankfully wasn’t near as painful as the physician’s assistant who did my pre-op appointment told me it would be, it wasn’t exactly pleasant either.


The healing is typically slower than I’d like, yet the limb no longer looks “gross” as both my husband and grandsons insisted.  The extreme bruising is about 80% gone and the scar is looking much less raw and open.  So all this is a good thing.


Last week I started occupational therapy.  It took over an hour and I left with a customized splint to wear at night and a couple of sheets of exercises, as well as a “recipe” to make myself a rice heating bag.


Like the trouper I am-I did it all, every hour on the hour, I gave my scar a massage and 5 times a day I’d do the exercises-plus the 2 heat treatments.  After 2 days I was sore and my “bad” shoulder hurt from all the massaging and stretching.




Then came appointment #2.  The OT took one look and put a heating pad on my shoulder and another on my hand.  Thankfully, she was duly impressed with what I accomplished in the week since we first met.  This week, because of my shoulder, I was told to tone down the times per day, concentrate on the massage and she adapted the split to fit my less swollen hand.  She added a little piece to it to help the scar be “self-massaged” since the shoulder pain was turning me green and giving me a headache.


Since last week, our house is officially off the market, the inspection behind us and the appraisal as well.   I’ve had 3 moving companies come out to estimate the cost of the move.  I’ve also called all the utilities and given them a closing date-November 16th.


After we got the estimates and had our minor coronaries, Steve and I decided to rent a truck, hire either my nephew or one of his friends to help load and the same men who are helping our son, come and help us as well.  My sister has volunteered to help me drive out there with Pepper.  I’ll fly her home the next day.


My goal was to be in Arizona by November 1st-I’ll be there, but just for Halloween and back on the weekend. While I’m there and Pepper is at the Pet Hotel, the house will get the required tenting.  


It’s working out fairly well at the moment-seems I’ll be in my new home just in time to celebrate my birthday. 


Not a bad way to start my 55th year.

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