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Friday, December 20, 2019


End of the Year Lament

One thing is very certain-this year had extraordinary highs and lows.

Thanks to my meds from valley fever-thankfully I'm not aware of all but the most pronounced and vivid.

Definite lows:  My dad passed away at the end of March.  One year and 11 days after my mom.  He missed his 90th birthday by only 6 weeks.  There were the usual medical appointments letting me know what my "new" norms were, always fun.  In August, we lost our beloved and very missed Pepper the cat.

That one left us absolutely devastated.  To say there was a lot of crying and heartbreak would be a complete understatement.  Our girls (Lucky and Sunshine) are still looking for him.  I'd say they were going to the couch and the dining room chairs but that stopped just before Thanksgiving.

I know that it was November 22nd because that was the date we started our long, long anticipated Master bath remodel and the removal of all the floors we've hated for over 7 years.

As of this time, floors are in and looking gorgeous!  Our bathroom is in the home stretch of being finished.  But the last little bit seems to be really taking way too much time!  Mostly because Steve and I had to move into the front guest bedroom with the 10 dining room chairs, the boxed up big screen TV, our personal bathroom items, two dog beds and of course the dogs.

Despite Steve saying we could now live in a tiny house, I assure you all that I am in no way moving into anything smaller than what we live in. I can hardly wait to move back into the actual master bedroom with an actual bathtub.  Plus, 110 square feet is just too small a space for all that's in that room.

We also celebrated our 38th anniversary in April with a wonderful 11 day cruise to the "ABC" islands!  There have been lots of birthdays to enjoy and anniversaries as well.

Next is our grand-daughter Bryce's very first dance performance.  Looking forward to an adorable show.

Thanksgiving was early since Adam had to leave to help train a new store in Utah.  It was pretty nice to have it early.  Most relaxing evening we can remember.

Hanukkah is here. Steve's birthday is right around the corner and we've already purchased his traditional birthday dinner wish of a ribeye roast.  Now to just be able to get into the kitchen and have a place to sit and eat it!

Promising to post some pictures of the remodel!  For now, may you all have a fantastic holiday of whatever you personally celebrate!  Please do it in the best of health!

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