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Friday, March 08, 2013


Experiencing the Start of a New Life

New Experiences

Not exactly new, but new because they’re in a different state/time/life stage.


I’m talking baby shopping.  Adam and Sam asked if I’d like to tag along on their adventure to register at Babys-R-Us.


Now, I didn’t get to do this with Sarah.  I was working full-time and they lived almost 30 miles away.  Plus, Sarah was on “high risk” bed rest.  This time, I’m only working when my body allows and I’m basically about 3 miles away. 


Off we went on what appears to be the usual 25 minute jaunt to one of the “local” malls.  Remember, we live in ‘the country’, so we now think Super Wal-Mart is the lay of the land.  (Alright, we do have a Safeway and a Fry’s that aren’t too bad to get to)  Arrowhead Mall in Glendale. 


The place is huge!  There’s the “indoor” mall that the three of us agreed is larger than South Coast Plaza and then there’s the perimeter which has quite a few venues as well. 


I digress.  We went into the store, Sam got her preliminary list and one of those “guns” that you flash onto the UPC code and it adds it to you registry.  First stop-bedroom furniture.  Wow!  Most of today’s cribs are dual or even triple purposed.  Dylan and Aidan’s were like this, but that really didn’t do much good.  After they were through with the “crib” and then went into needing the junior bed-there were two of them and nowhere to put anything.


We won’t know about the sex of the baby for another 3 weeks, so the parents-to-be picked out both a light and dark wood version of the same set.   Really nice.  The crib and the dresser will work beautifully for hopefully years to come.  Then came the bed sets, extra crib sheets, receiving blankets, the questions about if the latest trends and findings mean you should lay the baby on its side (therefore needing a special apparatus to make it possible) or back.  There are now special items to put a colicky baby into to help with the acid reflux.  We saw special bottle holders to keep in the nursery that both keep the bottles chilled and warm them up. 


There were various nursing pillows, humidifiers, bouncy seats, swings and strollers that all seem to become other items.    I like products that stretch a buck. 


Sam didn’t bother adding any clothes, no matter how cute the infant snow white dress was or how cute the baby booties in the shape of lions would look.  Thank goodness for practicality!

There are now “swaddlers” for parents who would rather spend $25 to Velcro their baby in for the first few weeks-rather than do what those of us who are baby boomers did-use the receiving blankets and do it ourselves.

I did like the Playtex diaper pail that did all the work on that subject for you to keep things neat, clean and odor free.  I would have adored one (or 2) of those when I ran that day care, I tell you!

Not wanting to add any suggestions that weren’t being asked for, I did say burp cloths were great, but what really were necessary were nice big cloth diapers which would be oh-so-useful and would cover a much larger area.


We left the store with a lot of ideas and then found the Motherhood Maternity store.  That’s when we found the inside of the mall.  We didn’t really wander around.  But we’re here for life, so we have time.

Finishing off with some lunch in the food court we headed back to Anthem. 

It’s nice to be included on this wonderful time.  Thank you Adam and Sam!

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