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Friday, May 19, 2017


Walk in the Wind

Evidently walking in the Wind can really knock it out of a little girl  

Pepper Loves International Cuisine

Our Pepper loves gefilte fish! Who knew?  

Don't Laugh, It's Really Cold

I know that those of you who come here to read my musings realize that I usually live on what we refer to as "The face of the Sun"-Arizona.

Since moving here, we have gotten used to our March weather as hitting the triple digits, easily, during the day and in the 70's at night.  We only use blankets on our beds from about Thanksgiving until around the end of February-then we use sheets.  By the time June rolls around-we're even rolling those to the end of the bed!

This year though, we seem to be having an anomaly in the weather department!  We did have a few triple digit days, right in time to make the first Music in May Concert in the park a NO GO for Steve.  "I'm not sitting in that heat to sit with the rest of our community (we're too small to be called a city-or even a town) to listen to music with all the dogs howling and the kids running around". 

Darn-I love to do all of that social stuff.

So far though, outside of those 3 days, our temps have been in the 80's on average.  Some have even still been in the low 70's!!!  Right now, as I'm writing this, it's after 8 a.m., only 62 and the wind is blowing at about 40 MPH.  That wind is FREEZING!

Yesterday, lover of my water aerobics class that I am, I went at 9:30 to warm up for the 10 o'clock class.  It was a delightful 75 outside, sunny and almost perfect.  I say almost because that wind was coming at us at about 25 MPH and it was downright COLD!

Got into the pool.  Water was just right.  Warm enough so I could walk right in and still cool enough to calm the usual inflammation I built up the previous day and night.

The problem?  Ever see a water aerobics class?  We jump.  A LOT!  Every time we had to jump the wind seemed to want to wrap us up in a blanket of complete unpleasantness.  Nothing says "OMG" like having a cold wind hit your completely soaking wet body, over and over again.

Trust me on this-I'm not exaggerating in the least.

After class, we all hobbled over to our bath towels wrapped up and got to the showers to warm up as fast as we were humanly able to do.

While our son and his family are visiting the California crew, I'm in charge of their fur babies.  So after I took care of mine, I got dressed and walked down the block.  Okay, it wasn't so much of a "walk" as it was "being shoved by the residing morning gale".   As I mentioned at the top of the page, the temperature is well below our "normal" for this time of the year by about 30 degrees.

Supposedly we're going to hit 97 this afternoon, but for now-forgive me if I wrap this up and go get myself a second cup of coffee to warm this frozen bones.

I'll leave you with this question:  Do you prefer my complaining about not having the air conditioning set lower than 82 during the months of July/August in Orange County, CA or my wincing at the thought of walking my beloved Lucky and Sunshine in the less that 70 degrees with the high wind chill factors here in Arizona?

No matter, I'll find the perfect spot someday.  It will have average temps of 80, full sun most of the day, nights no hotter than 65 and rain only when I'm out of town.  I'm open to your suggestions.

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