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Thursday, January 03, 2013


Sharing is Caring??

Sharing is Caring


At least that’s what my grandchildren keep on telling us.  It’s a phrase they learned in pre-school.  I’m sure that it was meant to keep the kids from coming to physical blows over things like blocks, paint jars and dolls-but they like to use the phrase when their grandpa has a donut in his hand or one of them has an itch to stare in our pantry for some kind of goodie to eat.


Let’s face it though-kids tend to carry phrases like to way past what the intended meaning is-especially when it comes to germs.


I know you can see where I’m going with this opening-first Aidan had a viral infection and shared with his brother who spent the weekend with mostly me and missed out on their yearly trip to Flagstaff, The Polar Express and playing in the snow.  Poor Dylan!


His parents and brother came back Sunday afternoon.  Boy was I glad.  He was a doll, but he was running a fever, sneezing non-stop and well, he was sick. 


The result?  While Steve has a bit of the sniffles and is able to carry on-I am starting off 2013 sick as the proverbial dog.


I look awful.  My face is already raw from blowing my nose, my eyes are puffy and dripping, I am running a low-grade fever and (oh the joy) I have been coughing.  Because of the fever-my already tender contusions and joints and now feeling as if someone struck a match on them.  The congestion is making me dizzy and all I want to do is crawl into my La-Z-Boy reclina-rocker (Thank you very much Adam and Sam) and coffee myself and watch my favorite musicals today.


What’s really not fair-while our kids thankfully have the day off-I will have the boys for the rest of the week.  Yesterday, they arrived at 7:30 and left at 10.  Our son-in-law, Alex, apologized for the kids sharing this bug with me.


What are you going to do?  It was bound to happen.  I am a person with a chronic autoimmune disease-it was inevitable.


What makes this even sadder is that my husband’s birthday was this week.  The man actually looked at me as I was trying not to throw out my sciatica while coughing myself into a migraine and said he’d like to have a Rib Eye Roast with Yorkshire Pudding for dinner.  And with that-he took it out and put it in the fridge to defrost!


I made it-somehow. 


You know, I was hoping for a nice quiet and healthy 2013-it’s not starting off too well.


Oh, I forgot to mention-Pepper has been sneezing his poor little tabby head off as well.  More proof that pets are more than animals.  Why else would he put himself through this lovely week.  He didn’t even eat his tuna and sardine mix this morning-and it’s his vary favorite thing in the world to eat.


Okay-time to brew some more lemon and honey water and lie down.

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