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Friday, February 07, 2014


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Sometimes I Just Want to Sigh

Sometimes I Want to Sigh


There’s always something odd about intelligent people not having, how can I put this-organizational skills. 

This week I went to a follow-up appointment with one of my pain management “team”.  I really like my doctor and the physician’s assistant but this exchange actually took place:

PA: So how’s the shoulder doing?

ME:  It took 2 weeks but I finally stopped blacking out from the spasms every time I moved my arm.  Now the spasms are less, but they are of the “rolling” kind.  When I move in a certain way the familiar stab happens and then it continues to roll down my arm ending at my hand.  I have to use my Lamaze breathing techniques to get through it.  Plus the pain is still going up through my neck and up the back of my head.  No one has done anything about my left knee AND my lower back is starting to slip back into that horrible place of not being able to either sit or stand comfortably.


PA:  Let’s look at that MRI report.  Okay-have you seen the surgeon?

ME: Yes he and Dr. Turley see no need for surgery.  I wasn’t eligible for a study the surgeon was doing but no one has told me anything since my appointment a month ago.

PA: (in exasperated shock) What do you mean no surgery?  You have a 12 mm area of fraying, edema and besides the obvious impingement-it’s encapsulated!  You need that shoulder cleaned up and the scar tissue removed!  That should have been done after 6 months-not still living with this after 15 months!

ME:  Listen, both doctors seem to agree that I didn’t need surgery.  I’d love for something to be done so I could stop having spasms and chronic severe pain.

PA:  I’ll talk to Turley about this-you call the surgeon and have him send the report to us.  He should see you!

I went home and did as told.  The surgeon’s PA said, “Oh my, someone was supposed to call you-we dropped the ball here.  Come in tomorrow.  As for sending the report-here’s our fax number, have the doctor send a requisition for release of the file.”

Called the Pain Management office and she had no idea why the report wasn’t just sent since they were the referring physician.  “Since you’re seeing him tomorrow-please sign a release form and then they’ll send it and I’ll make sure the doctor and the PA see the file.  I’m so sorry-this shouldn’t have happened.”

It seems all I really got out of this week’s appointment was half a day’s worth of phone calls to make and the uneasy feeling that my shoulder is not going to be better anytime in the near future.

My trip to the surgeon only secured that uneasy thought.

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