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Thursday, January 29, 2015


It's All About a Fabulous Artist

A while back I had the honor of interviewing Enzie Shahmiri for The Senior Reporter.  I interviewed her for the first time when I still wrote for the Orange County Register.  An absolutely perfect subject for my column, "My Laguna Hills".

Enzie is a portrait artiste and offered to create one of her pieces of art of my beloved grandsons, Dylan, Aidan and Jackson.

I encourage you all to take a look at the photo I sent her and see the beautiful picture that it now is!

She can do the same for your family and/or pets too!

Here's the link to the portrait she's named "Brotherly Love"

For more information on how you can also commission one of Enzie's pieces, log onto:

I can hardly wait to have it hanging in our picture area!  I get teary just looking at it.  

Where Did the Years Go?

Where did the Years Go?


Wow!  This past week we had a celebration.  Dylan, our eldest grandson, had a birthday.  Number 8.  How in the world did this happen?  A few more days and Aidan, our middle grandson and Dylan’s brother, will turn 7!


It’s amazing how the time has flown by and all the various things that have happened in the ensuing years since their births.


Besides these major happy events, we’ve seen the entire Nadel family and their families move to another state, I’ve broken two limbs, we’ve all started over (in a fashion), we’ve added another precious grandson, Steve and I have lived through my having 3 major auto “events” and all of the lawsuits (one still in the works) and medical procedures that followed.  And these are all the things off the top of my head-trying to prioritize the rest in order of either importance or what I’d like to just plain forget.


I’m not at all sure what the next few years will hold for the boys but the last few have been quite amazing, to say the least!  They came here as toddlers and now they know how to read, write, help around the house, have definite tastes in food and clothing and love their cousin Jackson.


They love playing soccer and basketball.  Aidan loves to do arts and crafts.  Dylan loves creating with Legos. 


They have hearts as big as the outdoors.  They both aren’t thrilled about doing homework (but then again, I’m not thrilled about it either) but love helping grandpa around the house and even the yard.


They’ve become little men.  Dylan is almost as tall as I am-but let’s face it, it doesn’t really take much for a boy with tall parents to overtake his 5’1/2” grandma.  Aidan is very close behind.


Yes, the past 8 years have seen wondrous changes in the boys and their lives.  Let’s hope that the next few remaining years of boyhood sees a smooth transition into the upcoming tween and teenage segment of life.

The ride so far has been interesting and filled with love-may it continue.


In the meantime, Happy Birthday to our two oldest dividends.

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