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Friday, October 30, 2015


I'm Just Wondering

Ever had "one of those days"?  When you just shake your head at the nonsense that is happening around you?

Sometimes I feel like that photo that's been floating around on FaceBook of Lucille Ball in one of her Lucy Ricardo shots where the caption reads:  That horrible moment when you realize that "these are my monkeys and this is my circus!"

We've probably all had them.  There the ones where you find yourself talking to yourself about how you could have handled a situation much better than you did.  The ones where you think, "Why did I get mad at ____ for doing ____?"  The days where just absolutely NOTHING seemed to go right.

Those awful moments when you look at the actions of a family member (size and age do NOT matter) and just shake your head at what they were thinking and then realize you did just as stupid an act not that long ago yourself?

This past week our oldest grandson came out of school with a lot of bruises up and down his legs and was complaining about how his "nerves were hurting in my elbow".  As in most situations, I asked how he accomplished this-leading him to an answer by asking if this happened during either La Crosse or soccer practice.

"No grandma, I did nothing I just woke up like this."  He caught me shaking my head.  "Grandma, I'm telling you the truth, these weren't here until this morning". 

After a few more suggestions from Uncle Adam, Auntie Sam and Grandpa we finally wormed it out of him that he had been on some kind of a ride at our AutumnFest that must have been run on "centrifical force". 

Now it all came out-he had been thrown into the sides and some of the other kids legs and feet got tangled up with his limbs.


Dylan was still maintaining for the rest of the afternoon how that couldn't be the problem as he was having fun.

I pointed out that even when you're having fun you can still get hurt.

For a brief example, about 5 years ago I'm sure I was having fun during a power walk until I tripped over a block of sidewalk that a tree root had pushed up.  I'm still not sure that I said it out loud, but I remember thinking (screaming) "Don't fall you idiot!".

But I did.  Tore my sweatpants and my knee up, bruised my cheek, wrecked up my "good" shoulder and (wait for it) broke my dominate hand in 3 places.

It was the one and only time I took a walk without my cell phone too.  I had to get up and walk to my destination (a pharmacy to pick up meds) which was about a 1/4 of a mile away. 

They called Adam (Steve worked 30 minutes away to Adam's 10).  He took me to the urgent care.

Try explaining that you can get this hurt while walking...

What are you wondering about?

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