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Thursday, August 22, 2013


I'm Completely Buggy

I’m Completely Buggy


Unlike my eldest grandson, Dylan, who just is at the “bug” infatuated stage of his life-I do NOT like creepy-crawlies, flyers or any other things that find themselves under the heading of “insects”. 


Nope, not at all.


This is why we have an exterminating service.  That sounds bad.  I know.  Here I am a firm believer in rescuing animals, wishing I could just house them all and love them “forever” and on the flip side:  I do not want anything to do with bugs.


In California we always had a quarterly service.   Adam and I have a problem with spider bites.  He has had a few trips to the ER for the result of some.  I seem to recall once where one got his foot and it was first red and swollen and then black and blue to the point where wearing a shoe was not in the cards for almost a week.


During our day care years-I was bit on the forearm while serving lunch.  My arm started to go numb and had red streaks going up it.  Not exactly a “good” sign.  I immediately told my husband to call one of the kids home and I was going to urgent care.


Good thing-got a shot, had to lay there for almost an hour until they were as certain as could be that I wouldn’t die driving home and was given a two week prescription for some high powered antibiotic (same as our son would get) as well as an arm brace.  The instructions were to go home, lie down and put my feet slightly above my heart for the rest of the day.  I was also told to come back in 24 hours to be checked out.


Nope, creepy crawlers are not fun.


Here in the desert-we have numerous bugs that both Steve and I have never seen before:  strange looking blue/black/metallic spiders, cockroaches, weevils and we were warned about the various scorpions.


Nothing says “heart-pumping” like finding a scorpion fall out on the floor from the bed sheets you were about to wash!  Or seeing some creepy crawlies outside all your doorways and wonder what they are to the point where you put the dead ones into a Ziploc and ask the exterminator what they are-only to be chuckled at and told they’re “harmless American cockroaches”.




This week-Steve found very small and dead bugs in a window sill he was vacuuming and then realized they were on the floor as well.  Another call to the exterminator was made.  He came and again chuckled at our calling about “non-venomous and non-erosive weevils”.


I suppose he wouldn’t have chuckled if they were the “boll weevils” that ended the lives of cotton plants in the Midwest?


Since he was here I told him about another scorpion I found near the trash can in the breakfast nook-that the body was smaller than the first but the tail was pretty scary.


He said as long as it came in to die-the service was working on all these accounts and not to worry.  Scorpions it seems are able to flatten themselves to 1/5th of their thickness and get in anywhere at any time.


Really?  Comforting to know.  


Now I’m not only worried what is sharing our bed, but what may be wandering around the perimeters of my domicile.

I’m pretty “bugged” out.

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