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Friday, October 11, 2013


Kids and Pets-Working on it

Kids and Pets

Was it W.C. Fields who said, “Never work with kids and pets”?

No matter.   I’ve made a few realizations of late that have to do with both:

Since learning how to post photos and videos-my hits have gone was up.  Especially when I post ones of our family’s latest additions.

I’m enjoying writing about family life and being a grandma.  It seems that for whatever reason-you all are enjoying my musings.  I’ll take it and give you more.


Believe me, I’m going to add some of our handsome older “dividends” –I’m always trying to get some updates of them.  Not as easy to do when they realize that making faces and being clowns is an entertaining way to get their 15 minutes of family fame.


What I wanted to post was the proof that our Pepper really loves our Lucky.  Yes, I captured a video of what has become a morning ritual around the old ranch home-Lucky barking at Pepper to give her a bath and then being cleaned from her nose to literally her tail.  I got the entire thing! 


You haven’t seen it-why?  Because it appears that the “file” is too darn big!  Steve shrunk it down.  Still didn’t work.  I’ve tried to just get a little clip-but unlike Jackson talking and smiling at Sam and it ending with a rousing “spit” of milk-I just can’t get them to have another public performance. (Then I heard that the sound isn’t there!)


Seems that after that first show they became quite camera shy.  Maybe Pepper doesn’t want anyone of his feline contingency seeing him accepting the job of dad to a Chihuahua.  Or (hey we don’t know this isn’t what it is!) maybe he’s feeling less than loyal to his original “mom” and thinks that Sunshine might be looking down on his new life here in the desert and is hurt by his new devotion to a different canine.


Bedtime has also become a bit of a challenge.  Pepper has slept in my left armpit with his head on my chest for 10 years.  Lucky also prefers the left side-but under the sheet (we still don’t use blankets!) and in the stomach region.  I’m only 5’1-1/2” so if you think about it-this doesn’t really leave much “personal” space for either one of them.  Or me.


Plus-have you ever seen how long an 8 pound cat and a 5.7 pound Chihuahua become when they’re both trying to secure their sleeping spots????


Let me tell you-it’s a lot.


Pepper has decided the best way to “have his cake and eat it too” is to wait until he can paw at the sheet right next to Lucky and she doesn’t move, then he can sit on my chest and do his “rollover” into his usual spot. 


Since I can’t sleep on my right side do to my bad shoulder-I AM STUCK in this position until one of two things happen:

I have to desperately go to the bathroom OR the sun starts to come up which wakes both of them up and then they start their morning job of waking me up.


This too is not an easy event.  Mornings are just not my best moments.  My hands and feet do not work.  My shoulder is stabbing me.  My back, hips and the remaining joints don’t want to lubricate and move.  Lately –I’ve been letting Steve know that he’s got to get Lucky out before our “baby with a tiny bladder” can no longer hold what’s in it any longer.


Another change of note-in the mornings the temperatures have been really quite gorgeous.  So once I can move, I now take Lucky and I for a nice walk in the neighborhood.  Thankfully the thermometer doesn’t see itself hitting the 90 degree mark until around noon, so we go out for about a half hour sometime between 10 and 11.  I could go on (and usually do, but on the treadmill) but a toy-sized pooch can only go so far.  Sometimes she begs me to pick her up and carry her for the last little bit.


Lucky is very protective too.  The boys came over and we walked to the farthest park (about .6 miles from the house). While the boys played, Lucky and I kept walking around the area.  Then it happened.


First a family with two pit bulls walked by.  Then a Rottweiler and a spaniel.  A Labrador and a Scottie finished the parade.  Thankfully, Lucky was harnessed and leashed.  Believe it or not, while the other dogs just walked on by-our fierce beast was barking and baring teeth at all of those huge animals as if to say, “Just try and come near them and I’ll show you who’s boss.”

The other pet parents laughed, the boys laughed.  Ever the mom, I told Lucky I was proud of how brave she was and gave her a big kiss-just not in front of the others.  Never want to give one of my kids a complex.

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