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Thursday, August 15, 2013


No Stupid Questions

No Stupid Questions


I’m sure we’ve all heard that there are “no stupid questions”.  Just opportunities for us all to learn and discover what we may not have had we decided it best to not ask about the reigning subject at hand.


I beg to differ.  I’ve heard plenty of questions that I wondered why on earth did the person bother asking?  They either knew the answer or by asking it made me wonder where their head was working correctly.  While the posers may not be anything close to stupid-they are irritating.


Take the innocent 2-year-old who asks you repeatedly “why?”-at first you answer politely.  Around the third time-you start feeling a tad bit tense.  At the fifth “why?”-Don’t know about you-but I just start saying the ubiquitous “because I said so.”


It’s not that “why” is stupid-but even that 2-year-old senses that they’re beginning to receive less and less of an answer and wearing people’s patience quite thin.


“How come?” is just another form of “why”.


Do we/I have too?  The fact that someone is asking for this confirmation at all means they know the answer.  If you’re the asker-just realize that whatever the task is you’re going to have to bite the bullet and get to the project. 


My example:  anyone about to have company at their home and one of the significant others asks, “Do we have to clean the house?”  That my friend says it all.  Unless you don’t mind friends and family feeling as if you didn’t care enough about their visit to at least tidy up the most “offending” areas.  The house may not be “filthy”, but even the neatest of us have areas that need a bit of tending too.


Questioning an officer of the law.  Really?  “Officer, are you sure I was speeding?”  Trust me, you were.  Even if you were a mile over the limit-speeding is speeding.  Ask most attendees of traffic school.  If the law states that if you are even that teensy smidgeon over the posted limit you can be ticketed.  The resounding reply will be “Yes”.


Ladies-most of us still have the audacity to ask whoever may be shopping with us how a particular article of clothing looks on us.  Here are my thoughts on that:  if you ask then you KNOW the outfit makes you look fantastic and you’re fishing for a compliment. 


If you still “want to go there” and say sweetly, “I’m so comfy in these pants but do you think they make me look fat?”   Then you deserve what comes next.


Asking questions is part of my life-no writer is able to create an article without them, a lot.  I really try to make mine count.  I Google my interviewees to see what their background are and how they got to the point in their lives/careers that they hit the radar of becoming the subject of a newspaper or magazine story. 


Questions are imperative to learning-so let’s make them count, not just take up time.

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