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Friday, September 09, 2016


My Fur Babies Understand

I'm one of those pet moms who talk to my fur kids.  I truly believe they understand. 

Here's my proof:

Our first pet together, Snowy the cat-decided that we brought Sarah home for her.  No one could go near that baby unless they were properly vetted by Snowy.  Hence, only half of the grandparents were allowed access during visits.  She seemed to know what was right for her child.  During bath time I wasn't allowed to take her out of the little tub until Snowy smelled her head!  She also ran to me as soon as I'd call her name.

Push ahead 22 years to when Sarah brought Pepper home to us with a sob story that we'll never know the veracity of, he was just a teeny, tiny 2 pound gray tabby with deformed front legs that right after our first Sunshine decided to keep, proceeded to leave the "leftovers of life" on our leather sofas, a handmade Mexican blanket that we brought back from our 20th anniversary cruise and the living room carpet.

I picked up our little ball of cuteness and quietly told him, "Listen-you're adorable, sweet and Sunshine loves you BUT I'm in no mood for THIS!"  He looked up at me, let out a little "meow" and never, ever had an accident in that house again. 

To qualify-he's never had one in our present home either, but he was so mad at us for sending him for a week's vacation at Sam and Adam's house (Lucky was there too, but at 13, he felt 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 kids were just not the serenity he's accustomed too and got mad) this past April, that he squatted and did the deed right in front of Sam.  He did it before, but poor Lucky got the blame!

Now our first Lucky, a 70 pound Shepherd mix, was adopted at 8 weeks of age and honestly only had a couple of accidents until senility crept into the picture.  Our first Sunshine came totally house broken!  Lucky #1 also understood that when she and the kids were in the yard playing and I called them in, that I meant NOW!  If the kids didn't react to my call fast enough-she'd goose them in as if to say, "Did you NOT hear mom, she said we need to go in!"

Sunshine #1, would "talk" to us constantly.  She knew that at a certain time she'd get her evening treat-we couldn't be late for even a minute past the designated time or she gave us quite the scolding!  It made us break out in giggles to listen to her.

Move ahead numerous years later, Pepper seemed to know how to handle and teach Lucky how to fit in best around the house.  And now, Lucky #2 is showing us just how smart she is by teaching Sunshine #2 what to do.

Take the house training:  Lucky goes out in the yard and does her "thing".  I swear to you, Sunshine stands right next to her watching and waiting for her to be done and then does the same thing in the same spot!

Since we now have two canines in the household and I'm limited as to how much walking my various joints can stand to do, we ordered a "dual, non-tangling" leash.  It had just arrived and I made the error of opening up the package in front of the girls.  They both seemed to know it was for them!

Both started jumping up in the air, crying and running for the laundry room where we keep the harnesses.  (I believe these are much safer than just attaching leashes to the collar as there is NO way they can finagle their heads out of their collars)  It was so sad to realize they wanted to try out their new leash that second and I had no plans to do so during the monsoon rains that had begun 15 minutes prior!

Eventually the girls curled up around my feet and desk chair-I'm being ultra-careful not to move even a toe in my shoe so they don't get hurt.

By morning, rest assured, they woke me up 10 minutes before the 5:40 a.m. alarm and let me know that I'd better take both of them on a walk with my friends.  They did beautifully!  I think it's safe to say that the 3 of us were very happy with the purchase.  We also bought each one a nylabone.  Both seem to understand that these are their personal items-as they ran off to their treat spots, licked them and then promptly took a nap on them.  Neither has tried to take the other's bone, yet.

Don't ever tell me pets don't understand!  I'm thinking they do a better job of knowing how to listen and behave than many human children!

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