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Friday, December 30, 2011


I'm So Ready

I’m So Ready

Thank goodness, I’m ready for 2012. 2011 was a very rough year. My husband was one of the few who “kept” a job when the owners of his company retired and corporate bought them out. Our son survived the cut as well-BUT it’s not the same.

Steve was told his position wasn’t viable anymore, so he’s back to sales manager and all that entails: working nights, working weekends and making almost the same (almost being the operative word). His stress level is way too high and his satisfaction is way too low. Our son has been working 80 plus hours a week, he too needs a break.

My health was a huge issue most of this year-not pleasant and I’m still trying to work at regaining just my “life” in general. Probably won’t go back to where I was a couple of years ago, but I’m at least seeing some actual improvement. Thank goodness for my various doctors and new meds-with them on board, life will hopefully keep on an upward spiral.

Our big upheaval was the loss of our beloved Sunshine. I’m missing her terribly. I’m still trying to explain to Steve how much I need more than an 8 pound lovable tabby to make me feel secure during the nights I’m all by my lonesome. Plus, Pepper is still crying and searching-he too needs a “fill-in” canine mom.

Steve’s holding firm that between his job “insecurities” and what I’m thinking is the grief of watching life ebb away-he’s just not budging. Sigh.

We’ve also had parent health issues to deal with and major expenses with our cars. All not unexpected-let’s face it our parents are all in their 80’s and our cars are over 8 years old.

What do I hope 2012 will bring? What everyone else wants of course-some peace of mind, less stress, better health, less hatred in the world, prosperity for all, more job satisfaction for my husband and definitely more assignments or a new “day job” for me. There’s more-continued happiness and good fortune for our kids and grandkids, our son getting a hopeful different position where he’ll feel more worth and our daughter-in-law to enjoy and flourish in nursing school. I’d love for my mom not to have to worry about her eyesight and my father’s failing memory.

I’d really love for a problem we’ve had for years to move and learn to live within the person’s means.

My husband turns 55 this coming week-so I really would love it if he could find his former satisfaction and joy in the job he goes to 5 days a week.
And last, may all the same wishes on health, wealth and satisfaction carry over in to all of your lives.

Good-bye 2011 and Welcome 2012!

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