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Thursday, March 21, 2013


As Junie B. Jones Would Say...

As Junie B Jones would say….

My grandsons love Junie B. Jones-a mischievous girl, who when the books began was 5 and entering kindergarten.  Her favorite comeback to fun and exciting events in her life is:  Wowie, wowie, wow!


That fits perfectly for me this week.


First off-a warning of TMI!


Our little baby Lucky has officially become “a woman”.  Sigh, they just grow so fast.


This is a good thing because we set her up to get spayed after we came back from vacation.  This brings me to the next items on my list:


Just had another epidural.  Here’s hoping it does something good.  Not particularly impressed with the first two.  Of course, that could be because 3 days after the last one Lucky decided to play with the boys on the “dead grass” patch and turned into a totally stinky 5 pounds of dog.  I gave her a bath.  During that few minutes I happened to hear a familiar (and awful) snap.  The opposite shoulder tore.


Only I could tear part of my rotator cuff bathing a sedate and tiny dog.  Whatever.


After I finally got to the point where I could breathe in again, I realized that I was now due for the last of this series of fun procedures.  My next question?  Hey doc, are you ever going to address my lower back and my knee???  Sure, the later no longer looks like a bat hit it, but it is still bruised, swollen and giving me grief.


Now for the good parts of the Wowies!  Sam and I are taking a quick trip to Orange County for Easter weekend.  It’s a road trip.  No laughter please, just prayers.  We have a very capable pregnant woman and a woman with no spine driving across the desert.  We’re leaving after breakfast.  Our goal is to make it to our destination in time for dinner.

Sam has a triple celebration (our main reason for the trip): a friend’s baby shower and 2 family birthdays.  My main reasons are to see my parents and sister (family too) and to get a VERY needed haircut.  Seems the people I’ve been to here in my new hometown do not understand that SAYING you love to cut short hair is NOT the same as being ABLE to cut short hair. 

I know this because despite my warnings of having more cowlicks than any other person on earth-the two “stylists” who put their scissors to my hair have made every single one of them show themselves to the world.  Wowie, wowie, wow.



When we return to eat dinner with our hubbies on Easter Sunday-we’ll have had a lot of fun and be totally exhausted.


Then a few days later-Steve and I will celebrate, big time, our 32nd anniversary.  He found a 2fer on Groupon to see Spamalot.  We love the theatre and haven’t been in years! 


And if that isn’t wonderful enough-we’ll carry our celebrating right through until Mid-April by taking off with our daughter, son-in-law and grandsons for a long awaited Caribbean Cruise!!


So after this post-I’m taking a “refresher vacation” break-I’ll surely come back with lots of new stories and anecdotes.


Until then-Happy Passover to those who celebrate, Happy Easter who celebrate! 


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